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Hannah Catherine and William Riley

Hannah Catherine Lucas was born on 16 Oct 1885 in Longford, Tasmania. Hannah married William Riley on 10 Aug 1903 in Launceston, Tasmania. William was born in 1876 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 24 Feb 1949 in Railton, Tasmania, Australia at age 73.

 They had two children:

5-Jack Riley.

5-Olive Mills Riley. Olive married Ralph James Baker They had one daughter: Marie Betty.

6-Marie Betty Baker was born on 7 Feb 1934 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Marie married Kevin Ralph Hope. Kevin was born on 11 Sep 1932 in Wynyard, Tasmania. They had five children: Christine Anne, Tony Kevin, Darren John, Debra Maree and Phillip Leigh.

7-Christine Anne Hope was born on 19 Apr 1957 in Geelong, Victoria. Christine married Gregory Eric Harding They had three children: Jodie Maree, Mandy Jane and Jade.

8-Jodie Maree Harding was born on 31 Dec 1975 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Jodie married Phillip Hampson

8-Mandy Jane Harding was born on 24 Jan 1976. Mandy married Darren Tedman. They had one son: Maddison.

9-Maddison Harding.

8-Jade Harding was born on 20 Oct 1978 in Burnie, Tasmania.

7-Tony Kevin Hope was born on 26 Mar 1960 in Geelong, Victoria. Tony married Dianne Frawley They had three children: Justin, Melanie and Stacey.

8-Justin Hope.

8-Melanie Hope.

8-Stacey Hope.

7-Darren John Hope was born on 27 Jun 1961 in Geelong, Victoria. Darren married Joanne Lowrie They had four children: Nicholas John, Shantelle, Rechelle and Ammie.

8-Nicholas John Hope was born on 24 Mar 1981.

8-Shantelle Hope was born on 10 Dec 1982.

8-Rechelle Hope was born on 8 May 1992.

8-Ammie Hope was born on 18 Jun 1994.

7-Debra Maree Hope was born on 14 Aug 1963 in Geelong, Victoria. Debra married Rick Vernon French. Rick was born on 27 May 1962. They had four children: Christy Lee, Felicity Ann, Sammy Jo and Zack Ricky.

8-Christy Lee French was born on 21 Oct 1980.

8-Felicity Ann French was born on 4 Dec 1982.

8-Sammy Jo French was born on 11 Mar 1987.

8-Zack Ricky French was born on 2 Mar 1993.

7-Phillip Leigh Hope was born on 14 Aug 1971 in Burnie, Tasmania. Phillip married Elizabeth Grace Blair