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Wilhelmina Olive Chilcott

4-Wilhelmina Olive Chilcott was born on 15 Sep 1889 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 7 May 1979 at age 89. Another name for Wilhelmina was Minnie.

Wilhelmina married Henry Alvora Westbrook, son of Harry Fookes Westbrook and Sarah Anne Pearce, on 14 May 1912 in Holy Trinity Church, Launceston, Tasmania. Henry was born on 10 Aug 1872 in Campbell Town, Tasmania.

They had eight children:

5-Clyde Westbrook was born in 1912 and died in 1979 at age 67. Clyde married Leila Woodberry They had two children: Darryl and Peter.

6-Darryl Westbrook. Darryl married Janice Holden They had one son: Scott.

7-Scott Westbrook.

6-Peter Westbrook.

5-Harry Westbrook was born in 1915 and died in 1980 at age 65. Harry married Iris Skelton in 1942.  They had two children: Patreena and Frances.

6-Patreena Westbrook. Patreena married Peter Warren in 1967.  They had two children: Michael and Charles.

7-Michael Warren.

7-Charles Warren.

6-Frances Westbrook. Frances married Craig Searle They had four children: Robyn, Tanya, Kate and Angela.

7-Robyn Searle.

7-Tanya Searle.

7-Kate Searle.

7-Angela Searle.

5-Jack Fletcher Westbrook was born on 18 Feb 1919 in Upper Burnie, Tasmania. Jack married Audrey Cox They had two children: Barbara and Rhonda.

6-Barbara Westbrook.

6-Rhonda Westbrook. Rhonda married Hai Kepene They had two children: Deeanne and Trent.

7-Deeanne Kepene.

7-Trent Kepene.

5-Olive Westbrook was born on 8 Nov 1922 in King Island, Tasmania and died on 7 Mar 2016 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 93. Another name for Olive was Polly. Olive married Harry Luke Poke, son of Harry John Poke and Irene Elizabeth Ramskill. Harry was born on 5 May 1914 in Myalla, Tasmania and died on 22 May 1985 in Burnie, Tasmania at age 71. They had four children: Raymond Luke, Brian, Pauline and Joan.

6-Raymond Luke Poke was born on 8 Nov 1943 in Wynyard, Tasmania and died on 4 Aug 2010 in Burnie, Tasmania at age 66. Raymond married Nita Joan Smith. Nita was born on 9 Oct 1943 in Wynyard, Tasmania and died in 2006 in Smithton, Tasmania at age 63. They had two children: Leanne and Darren.

7-Leanne Poke.

7-Darren Poke.

Raymond next married Lorraine Hayward.  They had two children: Brian and Pauline.

7-Brian Poke. Brian married Vicky Brown.  They had two children: Sharon and Dale.

8-Sharon Poke.

8-Dale Poke.

7-Pauline Poke. Pauline married John O'Neill.

6-Brian Poke was born about 1944 in Wynyard, Tasmania.

6-Pauline Poke.

6-Joan Poke was born about 1950. Joan married Les Finearty. Les was born about 1950. They had three children: Jace, Trish and Deanne.

7-Jace Finearty.

7-Trish Finearty.

7-Deanne Finearty.

5-Ida Westbrook was born in 1925. Ida married Bert Fist They had two children: Suzanne and Judith.

6-Suzanne Fist.

6-Judith Fist. Judith married Brian Sheriff. They had two children: Leanne and Nicole.

7-Leanne Fist.

7-Nicole Fist.

Judith next married Graeme Rigney They had three children: Darren, Jodie and Jane.

7-Darren Rigney.

7-Jodie Rigney.

7-Jane Rigney.

5-Hilda Westbrook was born in 1927. Hilda married Stanley Wilson in 1948.  They had two children: Cynthia and Glenda.

6-Cynthia Wilson. Cynthia married Russell Anderson They had two children: Learnda and Samanda.

7-Learnda Anderson.

7-Samanda Anderson.

6-Glenda Wilson. Glenda had a son: John.

7-John Lockett. John had four children: Troy, Jayne, Jack and Zane.

8-Troy Lockett.

8-Jayne Lockett.

8-Jack Lockett.

8-Zane Lockett.

5-Hilton Westbrook was born in 1928 and died in 1968 at age 40. Hilton married Betty Smith They had two children: Tony and Ricky.

6-Tony Westbrook. Tony married Helen Barrett

6-Ricky Westbrook. Ricky married Vicki Bessell

5-Sarah Jean Westbrook was born in 1933. Sarah married Geoffrey Preece in 1952.