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Children of Andrew Oliver and Sarah Fair

6. Isabella Oliver and Andrew Davidson

1-Andrew Oliver was born on 11 May 1784 in Ellingham, Northumberland, England and died after 1832 in Berwickshire, Scotland. Andrew married Sarah Fair, daughter of Thomas Fair and Elspeth Mather. Sarah was born on 30 Mar 1786 in Oxnam, Roxborough, Scotland, was christened on 28 Apr 1786 in Jedburgh Associate Congregation Church, Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland, and died in 1832 in Scotland at age 46. They had ten children: Walter, Thomas, William, Andrew, Elizabeth, Isabella, Elspeth, James, Sarah and Thomas.

2-Isabella Oliver was born on 29 Jan 1818 in Innerwick East Lothian Scotland, was christened on 6 Apr 1823 in Cranshaws Berwick Scotland, and died on 12 Aug 1886 in Dunbar East Lothian Scotland at age 68. Isabella married Andrew Davidson on 26 Jun 1855 in Spott Innerwick Berwick Scotland. Andrew was born in 1826 in Chirnside Berwick Scotland and died on 5 Oct 1890 in Haddington Dunbar Scotland at age 64. They had three children:

3-Andrew Davidson was born on 1 Nov 1856 in Innerwick East Lothian Scotland and died on 11 Apr 1858 in Innerwick East Lothian Scotland at age 1.

3-Walter Davidson was born on 16 Feb 1859 in Innerwick East Lothian Scotland. Walter married Elizabeth Combe on 24 Jun 1887 in Dunbar Haddington Scotland. Elizabeth was born on 11 Oct 1861 in Morham Roxburgh Scotland. They had six children: Andrew Oliver, Euphemia Cowe, Isabella Oliver, Margaret (Maggie) Combe, George Combe and Sarah Fair.

4-Andrew Oliver Davidson was born in 1888 in Dunbar Scotland and died on 22 Sep 1899 in Custom House Square Dunbar Scotland at age 11.

4-Euphemia Cowe Davidson was born on 21 Jul 1889 in Hedderwick Hill Dunbar Scotland. Euphemia married Robert Mc Adam.

4-Isabella Oliver Davidson was born on 3 Sep 1890 in Scotland. Isabella married William R McColgin.

4-Margaret Combe Davidson was born on 9 May 1892 in Hedderwick Hill Dunbar Scotland. Margaret married Walter Hope Hardie on 17 Dec 1916 in 4 Viewforth Forth St South  Berwick Scotland. Walter was born in 1890. He was a Private in the Canadian Scottish Forces ist Canadian Division.

4-George Combe Davidson was born on 23 Nov 1893 in Hedderwick Hill Dunbar Scotland. George married Jeannie Blackwood Kerr on 15 Jul 1915 in Saint Giles Edinburgh Scotland. Jeannie was born about 1877 .

4-Sarah Fair Davidson. Sarah married Alfred Blyth.

3-Sarah Fair Davidson was born on 2 May 1862 in Innerwick East Lothian Scotland and died on 21 Feb 1926 in Morningside Edinburgh Scotland at age 63. Sarah married William Combe on 17 Feb 1888 in Hedderwick Hill Dunbar Scotland. William was born in 1879 in Haddington Dunbar Scotland and died on 18 Mar 1917 in 21 Forth Street North Berwick Scotland at age 38. They had one son: George Cowe.

4-George Cowe Combe was born on 25 Apr 1888 in Hedderwick Hill Dunbar Scotland and died on 7 Aug 1944 in Riddle Street Lodge Lilliesleaf Roxburgh Scotland at age 56. George married Harriet Grogan Watson in 1921 in St Andrew Scotland. Harriet was born about 1888. They had one son: Hugh.

5-Hugh Combe was born about 1881 in Scotland.