William Swanston and Sarah Young

Nathaniel Lucas and Olivia Gascoigne

 Convict No: 43657, Nathaniel Lucas was born in 1764 in England and died in 1818 in Liverpool, NSW at age 54. The story of Nathaniel Lucas and Olivia Gascoigne is well documented in many books and websites including the Australian Dictionary of Biography.   

Nathaniel, joiner, carpenter and builder, was living in Red Lion Street, Holborn, London, in July 1784 when he was convicted at the Old Bailey of having stolen clothing from his neighbour; he was sentenced to transportation for seven years and sailed in 1787 on the Scarborough in the First Fleet. After his arrival in New South Wales, he and Olivia Gascoigne whom he later married, were among fifteen convicts specially selected for their character and vocation to pioneer Norfolk Island, where they arrived on the Supply on 6 March 1788. In April 1805 he returned with his family to Sydney on the Investigator.

In Sydney Lucas became a private builder, but in 1808 after the rebellion against William Bligh, he was appointed superintendent of carpenters at a salary of £50, with the extra privileges of victualling from the government stores and using assigned servants. In 1813 he was appointed superintendent of the government lumber yard, and had sixty-one men under him. He was associated with the Rum Hospital in Sydney and in 1816 he was the builder of the parsonage at Liverpool and was associated with that at Parramatta (both demolished). In 1818 he gained the contract for building St Luke's Church, Liverpool, which Francis Greenway designed, and was present when Macquarie laid its foundation stone on 7 April. Greenway, who had quarreled with Lucas over the hospital, quarreled with him also over the foundations of the church, alleging that Lucas was much addicted to the bottle, and that he was using very poor stone at the church. On 5 May his body was found in the mud of the river at Liverpool; his death was said 'to have proceeded from his own act, owing to mental derangement'.

Nathaniel married Olivia Rose Gascoigne in 1792 in Norfolk Island. Olivia was born in 1761 in Worcestershire, England, died on 10 Jun 1830 in Launceston at age 69, and was buried in Cypress Street Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had thirteen children

2-Olivia Lucas was born on 18 Apr 1795 in Norfolk Island and died on 22 Jun 1851 in Longford, Tasmania at age 56. Olivia married John Hodgetts, son of convict Thomas Hodgetts and Harriet Luce, on 8 Apr 1811 in St Phillips Church of England, Sydney. John was born on 25 Oct 1791 in Sydney, New South Wales and died on 13 Aug 1871 in Longford, Tasmania at age 79. They had two children: Elizabeth and Sarah.

Thomas Hodgetts was born in 1761 in Staffordshire, England and was sentenced at Stafford Assizes to seven years transportation in March 1788, arriving in Australia in the Second Fleet on the Scarsborough. In 1790 he married Harriett Luce of Staffordshire, England. Harriet Hodgetts came free to New South Wales, aboard Neptune, the so called death ship of the second fleet.  Thomas and Harriet Hodgetts had seven children:

She died on 3 Jun 1850 at Longford, Tasmania and he died on 24 Oct 1823 at Longford, Tasmania.

3-Elizabeth Hodgetts was born in 1827 in Norfolk Plains, Van Diemen's Land and died on 5 Dec 1884 in Longford, Tasmania at age 57. Elizabeth married John Saltmarsh, son of William Butler Saltmarsh and Elizabeth Riley Stevens, on 15 May 1844 in Launceston. William Butler Saltmarsh was the son of convicts William Saltmarsh and Mary Butler.  Elizabeth Riley Stevens was born in 1796 on Norfolk Island, the daughter of convicts Thomas Stevens and Mary Philips. John Saltmarsh was born on 21 Aug 1821 in Launceston and died on 6 May 1891 in Longford at age 69. They had two children: Emma and Joseph.

4-Emma Saltmarsh was born on 18 Mar 1845 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 10 Aug 1934 in Winnaleah, Tasmania at age 89, and was buried on 12 Aug 1934 in Moorina Cemetery, Tasmania. Emma married Joseph William Torley on 19 Jan 1869 in Launceston, Tasmania. Joseph was born on 14 Jul 1849 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England and died in 1928 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 79.

Emma had a relationship with an unnamed person and had one daughter: Clara Elizabeth.

5-Clara Elizabeth Saltmarsh was born on 11 Jul 1866 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 17 Jun 1950 in Yolla, Tasmania at age 83. Clara was reared by her grand-parents John & Elizabeth Saltmarsh. Clara married Herbert Daniel Neal, son of Daniel Neal and Emma Jane French, on 30 Jul 1888 in Ringarooma, Tasmania. Herbert was born on 2 Jul 1866 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 8 Apr 1955 in Yolla, Tasmania at age 88.

At her Golden Wedding celebration she talked about her wedding day. She was married at the new Methodist Church at DERBY. She was given away by her husband's cousin Mr Sam Diprose, Mr Charles Diprose was best man, Miss Annie Diprose was bridesmaid, and the wedding breakfast was held at the home of Mr Edgar Diprose. The wedding cake was made in a camp-oven. They walked through the snow to the Church and she wore a dress of pink & grey satin with a tight-fitting bodice and a very full skirt, 'bustled' at the back. She had a tulle veil and orange blossom and carried a bouquet. She weighed 7 stone at the time and wore a size 2 shoe and measured 19 inches around the waist. (She still has her wedding frock 50 years later and not one of her grand-daughters can fit into it). The married couple started their life together then moved to YOLLA in a Bullock Dray. They lived in a two-roomed shanty while the land was cleared and (known as Gran) bought comfort to families when help was needed. She was an active member of the Country Women's Association & Red Cross. Clara was presented with a medal from the Red Cross Society in recognition of her work during the 'Great War'. She walked and drove for miles getting items for the parcels for the boys serving at the Front.

They had a son: Herbert Daniel.

6-Herbert Daniel Neal was born on 22 Mar 1890 in Ringarooma, Tasmania, died on 6 Aug 1968 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 78, and was buried in Aug 1968 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Herbert married his first cousin Elizabeth Myrtle Diprose, daughter of Adolphous Alfred Edgar Diprose and Caroline Neal, on 26 Dec 1912 in Burnie Baptist Church. Elizabeth was born on 24 Jul 1887 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 31 Jan 1925 in Yolla, Tasmania at age 37. They had two children: Rex Aubrey and Peggy Aileen.

7-Rex Aubrey Neal was born on 8 Aug 1917 and died on 23 Jan 1920 at age 2.

7-Peggy Aileen Neal was born on 7 Jan 1920 and died on 9 Jun 2011 at age 91. Peggy married Richard Ambrose. Richard was born in 1866 and died in 1973 at age 107.

Herbert next married Sylvia Cecila Lockett, daughter of John Francis Lockett and Catherine Louisa Hetherington, on 12 Nov 1929 in Methodist Church, Yolla, Tasmania. Sylvia was born on 18 Feb 1910 and died on 2 Oct 1990 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 80. They had two children: Betty May and Maureen Elizabeth.

7-Betty May Neal was born on 20 May 1930 and died on 10 Feb 1933 at age 2.

7-Maureen Elizabeth Neal was born on 19 Apr 1944 and died on 20 Jan 2000 at age 55. Maureen married Barry Leslie Walker, son of Ronald Leslie Walker and Nita Carr.  Barry was born on 10 Oct 1942. They had three children: Michelle, Grant Leslie and Andrew John.

4-Joseph Saltmarsh was born on 21 Oct 1872 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 12 Jan 1945 in Tasmania at age 72, and was buried on 13 Jan 1945 in Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania. Joseph married Elizabeth Matilda Dennis, daughter of William Dennis and Isabella Grainger, on 20 Jul 1904 in Perth. Elizabeth was born on 25 Jan 1883 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 2 Oct 1957 in Longford, Tasmania at age 74, and was buried in Oct 1957 in Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania. They had three children: Leita Dennis, Norman and Reginald William.

3-Sarah Hodgetts was born on 16 Apr 1829 in Launceston and died on 29 Apr 1886 in Longford, Tasmania at age 57. Sarah married John Miller, son of James Miller and Mary Inman, on 23 Oct 1848 in Christ Church Anglican, Longford, Tasmania. John was born on 26 Jan 1823 in Launceston and died on 4 Feb 1861 in Longford, Tasmania at age 38. They had one daughter: Elizabeth.

4-Elizabeth Miller was born on 27 Jul 1850 in Cressy, Tasmania and died on 27 May 1875 in Cressy, Tasmania at age 24. Elizabeth married Jonas Uriah Williams, son of Uriah Williams and Elizabeth Beech, on 28 Apr 1869 in Cressy, Tasmania. Jonas was born on 6 Dec 1847 in Little Hampton, Longford and died on 19 Mar 1907 in Longford, Tasmania at age 59. They had five children:

5-William Jonas Lucas Williams was born on 6 May 1870 in Little Hampton, Cressy, Tasmania and died on 6 Oct 1947 in Invermay, Launceston at age 77. William married Mary Louisa Forsyth, daughter of William Forsyth and Mary Ann Mahr, on 20 Apr 1898 in St. Augustine's Church, Longford, Tasmania. Mary was born on 28 Dec 1877 in Bishopsbourne, Tasmania and died on 8 Jun 1965 in Nazareth House, Launceston at age 87. They had eleven children:

6-John Edward Williams was born on 22 Jul 1907 in 22 William Street, Launceston, Tasmania, died on 18 Sep 1968 in Nazareth House, Launceston at age 61, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. John married Edith Honorine Mackey, daughter of Constable Michael Martin Mackey and Bridget Mary Hally, on 26 Jan 1932 in Karoola, Tasmania. Edith was born on 7 Jan 1904 in Patersonia, died on 19 Oct 1984 at age 80, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had five children: Helen Patricia, John Michael, Mary Josephine Nancy, Robert James and Edith Anne.

2-George Lucas was born in 1800 in Norfolk Island, died on 23 Jul 1868 in Longford, Tasmania at age 68, and was buried in Christ Church Anglican, Longford, Tasmania. George married Elizabeth Hodgetts, daughter of Thomas Hodgetts and Harriet Luce, on 24 Feb 1823 in Launceston. Elizabeth was born on 25 Nov 1801 in Norfolk Island, was christened on 29 Dec 1801 in St. Phillips Church, Norfolk Island, and died on 23 Mar 1887 in Longford, Tasmania at age 85. They had a son: Thomas.

3-Thomas Lucas was born on 20 Mar 1828, was christened on 30 Mar 1828 in Launceston, and died on 29 Aug 1878 in Longford, Tasmania at age 50. Thomas married his first cousin Susannah Brumby on 11 Apr 1854 in Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania.  They had five children: Osmond, Alfred, Arthur John, Anne Elizabeth, Edward and Wilfred Thomas.

4-Arthur John Lucas was born on 12 Mar 1857 in Cressy, Tasmania. Arthur married Sarah Fair Young, daughter of William Swanston Young and Sarah Oliver, on 27 Jun 1879 in Wesleyan Church, Cressy. Sarah was born on 23 Mar 1857 in Park Foggo, Coldingham, Scotland and died on 14 Nov 1926 at age 69. They had 12 children: Sarah Olivia, Christina Marion, Susan Rose, Hannah Catherine, Thomas Arthur, William George, Lewis Edwin, Angus Charles, Lily Florence, Arthur, Winifred Vera and Vernon Andrew.

4-Wilfred Thomas Lucas was born on 12 Aug 1860 in Longford, Tasmania.