The Young and Murray Families

McCure and Shirley Families

1-John Bunyan McCure was born about 1778 in England and died in Mar 1857 in London, England aged about 79.  He was a bootmaker. John married Frances Anne Elizabeth Richardson on 1 Oct 1820 in Islington St Mary, London, England. Frances was born about 1799 and died in Jan 1839 in Shoreditch, England aged about 40. They had six children: George, John Bunyan, Joseph Enoch, Henry George, Edward and Ann Elizabeth.

2-George McCure.

2-Reverend John Bunyan McCure was born on 5 Aug 1822 in Camberwell, England and died on 29 Apr 1883 in Edmonton. Middlesex, England at age 60. John Bunyan McCure, his wife and family, arrived 1852 on the ship Hydrabad from England. He was a Baptist Missionary to Australia. John married Jane Hedges on 15 Mar 1840 in Islington St Mary, London, England. Jane was born in 1821 in Tedington, Middlesex, England and died on 23 Feb 1869 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 48. They had ten children:

3-George McCure  1837 London - 1902

3-Jane Elizabeth McCure 1841 - 6 Apr 1917, Ashfield, Sydney NSW

3-Sarah Ann McCure 1843 Halfred Place, England - 1869 Geelong, Victoria.  Married James Matthews

3-Esther McCure 1845, Sumeng Dale, Berkshire, England  - 25 Aug 1871

3-Jemima Bunyan McCure 1847, Ludgat St, London, England  - 1917

3-John Bunyan McCure 1849, Hadlow, Kent, England  - 1883

3-Joseph John McCure 23 Sep 1851, Hadlow, Kent, England, - 30 Oct 1932, Goulburn, NSW

3-George Edwin McCure 18 May 1856, Geelong, Victoria- 1858

3-Lydia Mary McCure 25 Jun 1858 -

3-Arthur Stephen McCure 1861, Geelong, Victoria -

3-George McCure was born in 1837 in London, England and died on 5 Jan 1902 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 65. George married Elizabeth Setford.  They had a son: George.

4-George McCure was born in 1864 and died on 24 Nov 1888 at age 24.

Oakleigh Leader Sat 24 Nov 1888 Page 6

On the arrival of the 10 p.m. train from Melbourne to Elsternwick station last Wednesday evening, a young man named Geo. McCure was found dead on the floor of a second-class carriage. No person was found in the compartment, nor was it known that anybody travelled in the same carriage with the deceased. There were by his side a walking stick, as also a parcel containing a pair of boots. The body was removed to the morgue where it was viewed by Dr. Stuart of Bay street, Brighton, who identified the deceased as having been in his employ as groom for the past two months. He had been suffering from heart disease, and the Doctor stated that only the morning of that day he had examined the deceased professionally. This being the case the Doctor certified as to the cause of death and therefore an enquiry was unnecessary. Deceased was a native of Geelong, in which place a brother of his is now resident, but his parents have some time ago taken up their abode in Sydney. McCure, no doubt was returning home after paying a visit to Melbourne, and was seized with an attack of the disease from which he had been ailing.

2-Joseph Enoch McCure was born in 1824 in Surrey, England. Joseph married Caroline Birt. Caroline was born in 1829. They had seven chidren:

3-Caroline Ruth Mccure  1846 -

3-Ann Elizabeth McCure  1848 -

3-Esther Mccure  1853 -

3-Joseph Henry McCure  1855 -

3-John McCure  1856 -

3-Alfred Ernest McCure  1859 -

3-Ann Elizabeth McCure was born in 1848. Ann married Ernest McClennan Forbes in 1879 in New South Wales. They had seven children.

2-Henry George McCure was born about 1826 in London, England and died in 1883 in Geelong, Victoria aged about 57. Henry married Mary Ann Fletcher on 6 Sep 1847 in Holborn, London, England.

2-Edward McCure was born in 1832 in Camberwell, London, England and died in Jul 1839 in Shoreditch, England at age 7.

2-Ann Elizabeth McCure was born in 1832 in East Dulworth, Surrey, England and died in May 1889 in Geelong, Victoria at age 57. Ann married Richard Shirley, son of Richard Shirley and Charlotte Phillips, on 26 Dec 1853 in Hoxton St John, Hackney, England. Richard was born about 1826 in London, England and died of a self- inflicted gunshot on 16 Jun 1879 in Parkington Street, Geelong, Victoria aged about 53. He was a shoemaker. They had three children: Oliver, Henry Richard and Laura Ann.

3-Oliver Shirley was born in 1856 and died in 1882 in Geelong, Victoria at age 26. Oliver married Charlotte Russell in 1881. Charlotte was born in 1859 in Ashby, Victoria.

3-Henry Richard Shirley was born in 1863 in Chiltern, Victoria and died in 1940 in Geelong West, Victoria at age 77. Henry married Caroline Thurrowgood, daughter of George Thurrowgood and Emily Maria Chappell, on 30 Mar 1888 in Murroon, Victoria. Caroline was born on 12 Feb 1866 in Mt Duneed and died on 18 Jun 1950 in Geelong, Victoria at age 84. They had four children: (No Given Name), Ada Annie, Henry Richard and Vera Ethel.

Their story is told here:

3-Laura Ann Shirley was born on 12 Jun 1866 in Geelong, Victoria and died on 25 Oct 1942 in 6 Avon Street, Geelong, Victoria at age 76. Laura married Thomas Carmichael Harris, son of Charles Harris and Isabella Murray, on 26 Feb 1890 in Weller Street, Geelong West, Victoria. Thomas was born in 1871 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 25 Oct 1942 in Home, 6 Avon Street, Geelong, Victoria at age 71. They had six children: Gladys Bertha Annie, Reginald Shirley, Edith Lillian, Leonard Charles, Clinton Thomas and Charles Burgess.

Their story is told here:

Ann next married William Benjamin Harris, son of Thomas William Harris and Louisa Lawrence, in 1881 in Geelong, Victoria. William was born on 8 Apr 1821 in Deptford, Kent, England, was christened on 29 Apr 1821 in Saint Paul, Deptford, Kent, England, died on 22 Feb 1904 in His residence, 49 Weller St, Geelong West, Victoria at age 82, and was buried in Geelong Western Public Cemetery. They had no children.