The Young and Murray Families
The Murray Clan ... Annabella and James Reid ...

Susannah Cameron and James Ure Russell

4-Susannah Cameron Reid was born on 9 May 1833 in Richmond Hill, West Tamar, Launceston, was christened on 9 Apr 1834 in Scot's Church, Launceston, and died on 29 Apr 1898 in Ravensbourne, New Zealand at age 64. Susannah married Captain James Ure Russell, son of Russell and Jane Henderson, on 26 Oct 1854 in Richmond Hill, Sidmouth. James was born on 8 Nov 1823 in Tulliallan, Perthshire, Scotland and died in Aug 1887 in Rothesay, New Zealand at age 63.

They had nine children:

5-Susan Jane Russell. Susan married W. Irvine.

5-Murray Russell.

5-John Reid Russell.

5-Andrew Russell.

5-Eliza Russell. Eliza married A. Kidston Hunter.

5-Jemima Russell was born in 1856 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died in 1933 in St Kilda Melbourne at age 77.  Living with her were her husband Farouharson Snr, a tea blender, and children, Farouharson Jnr, a clerk, Anna Farouharson, a hairdresser and James McPherson Proctor, a printer Jemima married Farouharson Proctor, son of Farouharson Proctor and Margaret Maitland. Farouharson was born about 1855 and died in 1914 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 59. They had four children: Anna Farouharson, Farouharson, James McPherson and Ernest Russell.

6-Anna Farouharson Proctor.

6-Farouharson Proctor.

6-James McPherson Proctor.

6-Ernest Russell Proctor was born about 1822 and died in 1937 in Victoria at age 115. Ernest married Essie Barton Brooks. Essie was born in 1880 in Williamstown, Victoria and died in 1949 in Elsternwick, Victoria at age 69.

5-Henry Miller Russell was born in 1861 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died in 1862 in Victoria at age 1.

5-Anna Russell was born in 1866 in New Zealand. Anna married Leonard Montague Harris, son of Charles Harris and Isabella Murray, on 8 Mar 1892 in Ravensborne, New Zealand. Leonard was born on 20 Dec 1855 in Spring Bay, was christened on 27 Apr 1856 in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Swansea, and died on 27 Apr 1947 in Durban, Natal, South Africa. at age 91. They had three children: Isabella Reid,one son: Leonard Montague and Amy Russell.

 6-Isabella Reid Harris was born in 1893 in New Zealand.

6-Leonard Montague Harris was born on 21 Dec 1895 in New Zealand and died in Kwa-Zulu, Natal, Durban, South Africa. Leonard married Jane Todd Milligan. Jane died in 1990 in Kwa-Zulu, Natal, Durban, South Africa.

6-Amy Russell Harris was born in 1898.

5-James Ure Russell was born in 1867.  James drowned on 4 Jan 1912 on the SS Tathra. He was a marine engineer. James married Minnie Jane Wakefield, daughter of George Edward Wakefield and Rozelle, on 9 Oct 1895 in Annandale, Perth, Tasmania. Minnie died on 26 Jun 1948 in her residence, Cammeray.