The Young and Murray Families
The Murray Clan ... David and Marion Murray ... Isabella and Charles Harris ...

Rosalie Dove Harris

5-Rosalie Dove Harris was born on 4 Jan 1857 in Launceston and died in 1955 in Blackwood, Western Australia at age 98. Rosalie married Joseph Henry Ozanne, son of Joseph Ozanne and Jane Christina Carpenter, on 22 Nov 1878 in Westbury, Tasmania. Joseph was born on 16 Apr 1854 in Liverpool, England and died on 28 Nov 1930 in Bridgetown, Western Australia at age 76. They had six children: Isabella Mary, Charles Henry Edgar, Emily Grace, Lester Franklin, Joseph Eric Murray and Annie Louise Carpenter.

6-Isabella Mary Ozanne was born on 14 Nov 1879 in Morven. Isabella married Albert Arkle on 2 Sep 1914. Albert was born about 1879.

6-Charles Henry Edgar Ozanne was born on 30 Jun 1881 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 20 Jul 1973 in Perth, Western Australia at age 92. Charles married Jessie Giblin Shoobridge, daughter of William Ebenezer Shoobridge and Ann Benson Mather, on 5 Jul 1911 in Tasmania. Jessie was born on 25 Dec 1881 in Bushy Park, Tasmania and died in 1965 in Western Australia at age 84. They had six children: Brian Henry, Boyd, Margaret Rose, Nancy, Peter and Theodora.

7-Brian Henry Ozanne was born on 1 Jul 1912 in Bridgetown, Western Australia and died in Oct 2002 in Perth, Western Australia at age 90.

7-Boyd Ozanne.

7-Margaret Rose Ozanne.

7-Nancy Ozanne. Nancy married Scott.

7-Peter Ozanne.

7-Theodora Ozanne. Theodora married Richardson.

6-Emily Grace Ozanne was born on 10 Feb 1885 in Westbury, Tasmania and died in Oct 1885.

6-Lester Franklin Ozanne was born on 12 Jul 1886 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 26 Jul 1886 in Westbury, Tasmania.

6-Joseph Eric Murray Ozanne was born on 24 Nov 1887 in Westbury, Tasmania.

6-Annie Louise Carpenter Ozanne was born on 24 Mar 1893 in Launceston.