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Mary and Bernard Conolan

Mary Reid was born on 24 Apr 1824 in Green Hill, Campbell Town, Tasmania, was christened on 28 Apr 1824 in Hobart, died on 8 Mar 1851 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 26, and was buried in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Hobart.

Mary married Bernard Conolan on 29 Mar 1845 in Richmond Hill, Sidmouth. Bernard was born in 1811 in Scotland.

Bernard next married Elizabeth Tindall Murray. 

Mary and Bernard had two children:

5-Annabella Conolan

Annabella Conolan was born about 1846 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, died on 25 Jul 1850 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land at age 4, and was buried in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Hobart.

5-George James Conolan

George James Conolan was born on 11 Apr 1849 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, died on 9 Jul 1925 in Stanley at age 76, and was buried in Old Cemetery, Stanley. He was an artist. He married Agnes Pentreath, daughter of Peter Pentreath and Anne Leggo Mann, on 18 Mar 1875 in All Saints Church, Hobart, Tasmania. Agnes was born on 16 Oct 1842 in Paul, Cornwall, England and died on 12 Apr 1893 in Malvern, Victoria at age 50. They had one son: Ernest George Murray.

Circular Head Chronicle Wednesday 15 July 1825 page 2


Mr. George James Reid Conolan passed away peacefully at Smithton on Thursday last, at the age of 77 years. He had been in very good health up till, six months ago, when he was overtaken by a seizure, and for the last, three months was confined to his, bed till his death. Mr. Conolan was loved by everybody who knew him and respected by all. He had a very happy and bright disposition, which earned, for him the fitting title of "Happy Daddy." He was a highly educated, man having spent 9 years in college at Hobart, and he was very gifted. He was a man who practically lived for music and art. He won a second prize and a certificate of merit in the famous Christchurch (New Zealand) Exhibition, and prizes in other exhibitions. These, unfortunately, with many other large and valuable paintings were destroyed by fire at his home at Forest some seven years ago.  He was much sought after in musical circles and at one time was the leading figure in Stanley in all entertainments. He was also well versed in the art of decorating and painting theatrical scenes and produced many illuminated addresses. He was a Freemason.
It was 101 years ago when the late Mr. Conolan's father and mother landed in Tasmania from Victoria on the "Urania." His parents died when he was quite young. Mr. Conolan himself was born in Tasmania, and returned here about 30 years ago from Victoria, where he had been meanwhile. Since then, he has spent his days in Stanley, Black River and Forest (where he was in the Post Office) and it was about two years ago he came to live in Smithton. Mr. Conolan has been twice married as also has his wife, who is a sister to Mrs. C. T. Smith of Stanley. He leaves two sons to mourn, their loss. Ernest, by his first wife, is in Victoria, and Bernard is of Hobart. Bernard, who proved to be a real hero at Gallipoli, where he lost a leg, came through for the funeral. Mr T. Reid, of Irishtown, Mr. W. J. C. Reid of Devonport and the late Mr J. H. Reid are cousins of the deceased. The funeral took place at Stanley on Saturday morning, the Rev. A. Thompson conducting the service. Word of Mr. Conolan's death was brought by Cr. H. F. Ford, a very old friend, to the Municipal Council, which was sitting at the time, and carried a vote of condolence, all standing. Mr. Conolan's father, the late Mr. Bernard Conolan, assisted the last of the Irish exiles, Mitchell, to escape from Tasmania, disguised as a priest, and he received a presentation and letter of thanks from Ireland for his services.

6-Ernest George Murray Conolan was born on 1 Feb 1876 in Sandhurst, Victoria and died on 14 Dec 1952 in Broken Hill, New South Wales at age 76. Ernest married Mabel Maude Minnie Manuel on 4 Feb 1900 in Broken Hill, New South Wales. Mabel was born on 7 Jun 1881 and died on 9 May 1960 in Kurrajong Nursing Home, Victoria at age 78. They had five children: Allan Ellsmere, Doris, Lawrence, Lancelot and Francis George.

7-Allan Ellsmere Conolan.

7-Doris Conolan. Doris married Albert Wilfred Sommerlad.  They had three children: Neil, Elaine and Nanette.

8-Neil Sommerlad.

8-Elaine Sommerlad.

8-Nanette Sommerlad.

7-Lawrence Conolan. Lawrence married Margaret Frances Hall.  They had four children: Roger Lawrence George, Bernard Francis, Noni Margaret and Arthuer E. E..

8-Roger Lawrence George Conolan. Roger married Dorothy Fenton.  They had two children: Paula Lee and Anthony John.

9-Paula Lee Conolan.

9-Anthony John Conolan.

8-Bernard Francis Conolan.

8-Noni Margaret Conolan. Noni married James Forrest.  They had three children: David, Christopher and Louise.

9-David Forrest.

9-Christopher Forrest.

9-Louise Forrest.

8-Arthuer E. E. Conolan. Arthuer married Miriam Eddy.  They had two children: Faye and Annette.

9-Faye Conolan.

9-Annette Conolan.

7-Lancelot Conolan.

7-Francis George Conolan was born on 8 Jun 1907 in Broken Hill, New South Wales and died on 20 Aug 1982 in Quakers Hill Nursing Home, New South Wales at age 75. Francis married Gladys Bax, daughter of William Bax and Minnie Beard, on 20 May 1939 in Wollongong, New South Wales. Gladys was born on 9 Mar 1909 in Adelaide, South Australai and died 29 3 19999 in Lithgow, Victoria. They had four children: Elisabeth, Michael Francis, Jeffrey and Jennifer Clair.

8-Elisabeth Conolan was born on 6 Nov 1940 in Wollongong, New South Wales. Elisabeth married Hugh Middleton.  They had three children: Hugh, Rebecca and Catriona.

9-Hugh Middleton.

9-Rebecca Middleton was born on 6 Oct 1968. Rebecca married Gary on 6 Jan 1996 in Swing Bridge, Yarra River, Warburton, Victoria.  They had one daughter: Lara.


9-Catriona Middleton was born on 14 Nov 1973.

8-Michael Francis Conolan was born on 24 Jul 1944 in Wollongong, New South Wales. Michael married Bettina Hayes.  They had four children: Bridgit, Benjamen Francis, Catherine and Rachel.

9-Bridgit Conolan was born on 2 Nov 1965 in Bathurst, Victoria. Bridgit married Lynton Howarth on 31 Mar 1990 in Fremantle, Western Australia.  They had two children: Madeline Rachel and Tamberlin Lorraine.

10-Madeline Rachel Howarth.

10-Tamberlin Lorraine Howarth was born on 31 Mar 1992 in Bathurst, Victoria.

9-Benjamen Francis Conolan was born on 17 Apr 1967. Benjamen married Orlagh on 26 Aug 1989 in England.

9-Catherine Conolan was born on 18 Aug 1969 in Bathurst, Victoria. Catherine married someone.  She had one daughter: Ruby Rose.

10-Ruby Rose.

9-Rachel Conolan was born on 11 Nov 1970 in Bathurst, Victoria. Michael married Joanne Jacket.  They had one daughter: Sarah.

9-Sarah Conolan was born on 12 Mar 1984 in Bathurst, Victoria.

8-Jeffrey Conolan was born on 23 Jan 1946 in Wollongong, New South Wales. Jeffrey married Lola Jean Kerr, daughter of John Kerr and Eileen Phillips, on 15 Apr 1972 in Kurrajong, Victoria. Lola was born on 10 Apr 1946 in Cootamundra, Victoria. They had two children: Bernard Matthew and Guy Francis.

9-Bernard Matthew Conolan was born on 8 Sep 1974 in Nepean District Hospital, Penrith, New South Wales.

9-Guy Francis Conolan was born on 12 Mar 1978 in Nepean District Hospital, Penrith, New South Wales. Guy married Amanda Sutcliffe.  They had one son: Bradley James.

10-Bradley James Sutcliffe was born on 19 Aug 1996 in Katoomba District Hospital, New South Wales.

8-Jennifer Clair Conolan was born on 14 Sep 1950 in Broken Hill, New South Wales. Jennifer married Stephen Talidu on 14 Feb 1971 in Greek Othodist Church, Parramatta, New South Wales.  They had two children: Vangelika and Michael Francis.

9-Vangelika Talidu was born on 22 Sep 1975 in Windsor, Victoria. Vangelika married Van Esch in Windsor, Victoria.

9-Michael Francis Talidu was born on 23 Nov 1978 in Windsor, Victoria.

George next married Margaret Ann Maguire, nee Collett, daughter of Arthur Thomas Collett and Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable, on 16 May 1896 in Stanley. Margaret was born about 1855 in Ridgeside, Evandale and died on 1 Sep 1939 aged about 84. They had one son: Bernard Arthur Murray.

6-Bernard Arthur Murray Conolan was born on 15 Feb 1897 in Stanley and died in 1972 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 75.  He served in the 15th Batallion in the First World War. Bernard married Doris Emma Sibley on 16 Sep 1922 at Kempton, Tasmania. They had a son: Bernard Leslie Conolan.

7-Bernard Leslie Conolan was born about 1925 and died about 1945.

Hobart Mercury 17 Feb 1945 page 4


Flt-Sgt Bernard Les lie Conolan, RAAF, missing, believed killed while on an operational flight in a Wellington aircraft which crashed into the sea near Gibraltar. Aged 20 years, he is a son of Mr and Mrs B. A. Conolan, 17 Maning Ave., Sandy Bay. He was educated at Clemes College, and was an outstanding athlete. He was stroke of the Clemes College crew for three consecutive years and led the crew to victory in 1940. He was a brilliant footballer.