The Young and Murray Families
The Murray Clan ... Elizabeth Murray and Sir Thomas James Nankivell ...

Lena Nankivell

Lena Nankivell was born on 15 Jun 1865 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 5 Aug 1955 in Kew, Victoria at age 90. Lena married Dr. Henry St. John Mitchell on 28 Jul 1885 in Kew, Victoria. Henry was born on 21 Jul 1851 and died on 4 Aug 1953 at age 102.

They had three children:

6-Dorothy Mitchell was born on 19 May 1886 in Kew, Victoria and died in 1969 in Malvern, Victoria at age 83. Dorothy married Charles William Henry Coulter on 22 Aug 1927. Charles was born on 16 May 1943.

6-Hugh William Fancourt Mitchell was born on 15 Jan 1888 and died on 14 Jan 1957 at age 68. Hugh married Florence Agnes Manning, daughter of Robert Manning and Unknown, on 25 Apr 1917 in London, England. Florence was born on 24 Apr 1889 and died in 1949 at age 60. They had four children: Donald Fancourt, Kathleen Eleanor, Mary Benet and Hugh Fancourt.

7-Dr. Donald Fancourt Mitchell was born on 2 Apr 1920. Donald married Nancy Philp on 2 Apr 1946 in Scotch College Chapel, Scotch College, Hawthorn, Victoria. Nancy was born on 26 Feb 1921. They had two children: David Manning and Peter Charles.

8-David Manning Mitchell was born on 8 Mar 1854.

8-Peter Charles Mitchell was born on 18 Jan 1957.

7-Kathleen Eleanor Mitchell was born on 7 Jun 1921. Kathleen married Ronald Pearse.  They had four children: Eric, Mark, Sally and Derek Kennedy.

8-Eric Pearse was born on 27 Dec 1951.

8-Mark Pearse was born on 28 Jul 1955.

8-Sally Pearse was born on 2 Nov 1956.

8-Derek Kennedy Pearse was born on 29 Oct 1959.

7-Mary Benet Mitchell was born on 23 Jan 1926. Mary married John Patterson Hutchinson Welch on 29 Sep 1959.  They had two children: Sally Benet and Michael.

8-Sally Benet Welch was born on 11 Aug 1962.

8-Michael Welch was born on 7 Feb 1961.

7-Hugh Fancourt Mitchell was born on 14 May 1928. Hugh married Faith Dillon.  They had two children: Theresa Jane and Scott Fancourt.

8-Theresa Jane Mitchell was born on 5 Nov 1954.

8-Scott Fancourt Mitchell was born on 31 May 1963.

6-Eleanor St. John Mitchell was born on 22 Sep 1980 and died in 1988 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 8.