The Young and Murray Families
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Alexander and Margaret Annie Reid

4-Alexander Reid was born on 13 Jun 1829 in Macquarie River, Campbell Town, Tasmania and died on 14 Apr 1877 in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania at age 47.

Alexander married Margaret Annie Turnbull, daughter of Francis Moira Turnbull and Elizabeth Cameron, on 3 Oct 1861 in Launceston. Margaret was born on 23 Apr 1833 in Perth and died on 7 Feb 1912 in Sandy Bay, Hobart at age 78.

One of the leaders of public life in Van Diemen's Land was Adam Turnbull, M.D. of Edinburgh, who came to Tasmania in 1825. He was connected with the Murray family through his marriage with Margaret Young, niece of Mrs. Thomson and daughter of George Young and Christian Beverley. He was private secretary to Sir George Arthur, Clerk of the Executive Council and Treasurer during Sir John Franklin's term as Governor. In 1852 he refused to support the Government in the continuance of transportation and was forced to retire, and lost the large pension to which he was entitled after twenty years of public service. In 1854 he became in a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania and lived in Ivy Cottage, Campbell Town, till his death. A fine Presbyterian Church at Campbell Town with its hall, is his monument. Dr. Turnbull brought out his mother and brother Frank (Francis Moira) father of  Margaret.

Alexander and Magaret had five children:

5-Francis James Reid

Francis James Reid was born on 12 Jul 1862 in George Town, Tasmania and died on 7 Jul 1946 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 83. Francis married Rachel Isabell Badcock, daughter of John Badcock and Esther Elmer, on 24 Jul 1882 in Westbury, Tasmania. Rachel was born on 11 May 1864 in Tasmania and died on 1 Mar 1951 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 86. They had nine children: Cyril John, Ethel Marion, Francis Charles Gordon, Mona Isobel, Gertrude Margaret, Vera Maude, Alexander Stanely, Doris Esther and Myra Louise.

6-Cyril John Reid was born on 9 Sep 1882 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 15 Feb 1921 at age 38, and was buried on 18 Feb 1921 in Carr Villa, Launceston.

Hobart Mercury 17 February 1921

 ANOTHER MAIN ROAD TRAGEDY. MOTOR-CYCLIST KILLED. A TIRE COMES OFF THE WHEEL. LAUNCESTON, February 16. A fatal motor-cycle accident occurred this morning on the Hobart-road near Symmons Plains. Cyril J. Reid, who for some years past has been the Stanley manager of Messrs. Cumming Bros., Burnie, was proceeding on a motor-cycle to see his wife, who is ill at Bagdad, when his front wheel tire blew out, and he was thrown off the machine, and fatally injured. The inquest on the body was held at the Perth Hotel this evening, before the Coroner (Hon. J. W. Cheek, M.L.C.). Inspector Dwan, of Longford, represented the police. Robert Peachie, carter, of Perth, gave evidence that he was near Poor Man's Corner, on the Hobart-road, about 9 o'clock this morning, when he saw a man on a motor-cycle about 150 yards away, and travelling at an ordinary speed. He saw the man fall off the cycle. When witness got up to him he was lying on his side, with the machine on his leg. It appeared to witness that the tire on the front wheel had blown out. He remained with the man for about an hour, until assistance arrived. A motor-car came along, and deceased was put into it, and taken to Perth. There was nothing on the road to cause the accident, but the wheel appeared to have skidded about a yard in the sand before the fall. Lance Hudson, dentist, residing at Longford, stated that he was proceeding along the Hobart-road on his way to Campbell Town, between 10 and 11 a.m., and when near Poor Man's Corner saw a motor-cycle lying in the middle of the road, with the tire off one wheel. The witness Peachey was supporting the deceased, who was unconscious, and bleeding at the nose and also breathing heavily. It appeared to witness that the cyclist had run into some sand, and, in trying to get out of it, had pulled the tire off. The deceased was taken to Mr. Lowe's, and a Mr. Taylor went to Evandale for a doctor. Witness stayed with the deceased, but the latter did not regain consciousness, and ceased to breathe 20 minutes after the doctor arrived. In witness's opinion, the tire coming off in the heavy sand was the cause of the fall. There was no sign of a collision. Mr. Peachey's car was on the side of the road, and witness met no one on the road. The deceased man was the Stanley correspondent of "The Mercury," and was very popular in that town. He leaves a widow and five young children. STANLEY, February 16. " Word was received at Stanley yesterday afternoon of the death of Mr. Cyril J.- Reid while proceeding on a motor bicycle to Bagdad to see his wife, who was unwell. Mr. Reid has been manager at Stanley for Messrs. Cumming Bros, for some years, and was a popular citizen. He was a good sport, and news of his sudden death came as a great shock. He was for some years connected with the State Railways. The deceased leaves a widow and five young children. As a tribute to his memory the Stanley Cricket Club's social gathering, which was to have been held last night, was postponed.; iv.

 Cyril married Ruby Isola Bedford, daughter of William Joseph Bedford and Mary Thelma Eliza Jackson, in 1909 in Tasmania. Ruby was born on 24 Jan 1887 in Brighton, Tasmania, died on 9 May 1950 in the Launceston General Hospital at age 63, and was buried in May 1950 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had five children: Laurence Bedford, Clarice Isobel, Nancy Margaret, Reginald Francis and Kathleen Thelma.

7-Laurence Bedford Reid was born on 22 Apr 1911 and died on 4 Jul 1988 at age 77. Laurence married Jean Maria O'Donnell. Jean was born in 1909 and died in 1971 at age 62. They had four children: Michael Francis, John Hepburn, Geraldine and David.

8-Michael Francis Reid was born in 1939. 8-John Hepburn Reid was born in 1939.

8-Geraldine Reid. 8-David Reid. 7-Clarice Isobel Reid was born on 26 Nov 1913 and died on 28 Apr 1989 at age 75. Clarice married Rhonsley Percival. Rhonsley was born on 25 Jan 1920 and died on 21 Jul 1975 at age 55. They had four children: Heather, Christine, Judith and Rhonda.

8- Heather.

8- Christine.

8- Judith.

8- Rhonda.

7-Nancy Margaret Reid was born on 30 Mar 1915 in Colebrook, Tasmania and died on 14 Jul 1988 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 73. Nancy married Ardley Leonard Crooks, son of James Alexander Leonard Crooks and Elsie Olive Pearl Tolson. Ardley was born on 16 Feb 1916 in Trevallyn, Tasmania and died on 15 Sep 1999 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 83. They had five children: Ian, David, Robert, Alan and Andrew.

8-Ian Crooks. 8-David Crooks.

8-Robert Crooks.

8-Alan Crooks.

8-Andrew Crooks.

7-Reginald Francis Reid was born on 18 Nov 1917 in Bagdad, Tasmania and died on 25 Aug 1994 at age 76. Reginald married Miriam Lorraine Andrews, daughter of Tasman Cleaver Andrews and Pearl Kathleen Frances Goodyer. Miriam was born on 10 Feb 1925 and died on 11 Nov 1968 at age 43. They had four children: Karen Isola, Deborah, Michelle and Mark.

8-Karen Isola Reid was born on 3 Jun 1957.

8-Deborah Reid. 8-Michelle Reid.

8-Mark Reid.

7-Kathleen Thelma Reid was born on 5 Jan 1920. Kathleen married Harold John Jones, son of Harold Percival Jones and Ann Crump Partington. Harold was born on 15 Feb 1921. They had five children: Christopher, Lynne, Robert, Richard and John.

8-Christopher Jones.

8-Lynne Jones.

8-Robert Jones.

8-Richard Jones.

8-John Jones.

6-Ethel Marion Reid was born on 8 Jun 1884 in Westbury, Tasmania.

6-Francis Charles Gordon Reid was born on 4 Jun 1886 in Port Sorell and died on 6 Feb 1938 in Tasmania at age 51. Francis married Viola May Mitchell, daughter of Arthur Mitchell and Mary Stammers, on 6 Jul 1914 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. Viola was born on 18 Aug 1895 in Emu Bay, now Burnie, Tasmania and died on 15 Feb 1969 at age 73. They had two children: Molly and Audrey.

7-Molly Reid died on 16 Mar 1944.

7-Audrey Reid was born on 27 Aug 1926 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia and died on 19 May 1997 at age 70. Audrey married Douglas Edwin Burgess, son of Arnold Burgess and Susan Caldwell, on 13 Nov 1951 in Presbyterian Church, Burnie. Douglas was born on 3 Apr 1925 in Wynyard, Tasmania. They had two children: Anne Frances and Lyndal Ruth.

8-Anne Frances Burgess was born on 2 Nov 1956 in Burwood, Victoria. Anne married Scott Aubrey Canning on 20 Sep 1980. Scott was born on 22 Aug 1952.

Anne next married Michael Bernard Geard on 30 Jun 1995. Michael was born on 21 Jun 1951.

8-Lyndal Ruth Burgess was born on 28 May 1959. Lyndal married Clinton John Ayers on 6 Feb 1982. Clinton was born on 21 May 1953 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Mona Isobel Reid was born on 7 Jul 1888 in Westbury, Tasmania.

6-Gertrude Margaret Reid was born on 13 Jul 1890 in Westbury, Tasmania. Gertrude married Gordon Keith Chalmer.

6-Vera Maude Reid was born on 25 Oct 1892 in Westbury, Tasmania.

6-Alexander Stanely Reid was born on 14 Nov 1894 in Ringarooma.

6-Doris Esther Reid was born on 12 Sep 1896 in Ringarooma.

6-Myra Louise Reid was born on 27 Mar 1899 in Westbury, Tasmania.

5-Alexander Murray Reid

Alexander Murray Reid was born on 29 Oct 1864 in George Town, Tasmania. Alexander married Louisa Belinda Shakepseare, daughter of George Shakepseare and Julia Belinda Cook, on 8 Sep 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania. Louisa was born on 10 Sep 1873 in Victoria and died on 17 Oct 1947 at age 74. They had two children: Minnie Hermoine and Louisa Janet.

6-Louisa Janet Reid was born on 22 Aug 1892 in Dunedin, New Zealand and died on 16 Dec 1962 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 70.

 6-Minnie Hermoine Reid was born on 13 Jan 1895 in Hobart, Tasmania.  Minnie married Ronald Harry Ward, son of Harry Ward and Jessie Jones, on 2 Oct 1919 in St Johns Church, Hobart. on 10 Mar 1897 in Zeehan, Tasmania. Ronald was born on 20 Jun 1890 in Sorell and died on 19 Nov 1954 in Bellerive, Tasmania at age 64.  64.

5-Ethel Alexandra Reid

Ethel Alexandra Reid was born on 14 Apr 1866 in George Town, Tasmania, died on 6 Feb 1906 in Hawthorn, Victoria at age 39, and was buried on 11 Feb 1906 in Booroondarra Cemtery, Kew, Victoria. Ethel married John James Burns in 1890 in Melbourne, Victoria. John was born on 29 Nov 1857 in Glasgow, Scotland and died on 5 Sep 1946 in Pymble, New South Wales at age 88. They had seven children: Robert Bell, Margaret Turnbull, John, Alexander, Alexander Reid, Andrew and Ethel Alexandra.

6-Robert Bell Burns was born on 8 Aug 1891.

6-Margaret Turnbull Burns was born on 9 Mar 1893. Margaret died unmarried and without children.

6-John Burns was born on 13 Jan 1895.

6-Alexander Burns was born in 1897 and died in 1897.

6-Alexander Reid Burns was born on 10 Jun 1899 in Melbourne, Victoria, died on 6 Oct 1968 in Concord, New South Wales at age 69, and was buried in Oct in Ryde, News South Wales. Alexander Reid Burns served aboard HMAS Australia.  He saw war service in the North Sea at age 18 years.  In 1939 he joined the 2nd. Australian Imperial Forces and he served in the Middle East as well as in Papua New Guinea.  He later became a Woodturner. Alexander married Florence May Hanagan. Florence was born on 29 Aug 1901 in The Tower of London, Middlesex, England. They had four children: John James, Robert Reid, Margaret May and Helen Alexandra.

7-John James Burns was born on 15 Oct 1926. John married Elsie Allen in 1948.  They had four children: Janice May, Allen Reid, Kristine Anne and Robert James.

8-Janice May Burns was born on 2 Jun 1949.

8-Allen Reid Burns was born on 23 Apr 1951.

8-Kristine Anne Burns was born on 30 Jul 1955.

8-Robert James Burns was born on 24 Apr 1959.

7-Robert Reid Burns was born on 14 Aug 1931. He was an accountant.  Robert married Hilda Knobel on 6 Mar 1960.  They had two children: Judith and Susan.

8-Judith Burns was born on 1 Feb 1962 in London, England. Juidith was a onsulting engineer.

8-Susan Burns was born on 6 Feb 1965 in Edgeware, Middlesex, England.  Susan wa solicitor.

7-Margaret May Burns was born on 3 Aug 1934 in St. Leonards, New South Wales.  Margaret was a school teacher.  She married John Richard Hale on 28 Jun 1957. John was born on 12 May 1930 in Tamworth, New South Wales. They had four children: David John, Richard James, Elizabeth Margaret and Susan Jane.

8-David John Hale was born on 1 Nov 1957 in Caringbah, New South Wales. David married Amanda Ruth Herklotis 28 Jun 1986. Amanda was born on 15 Nov 1964 in Sydney, New South Wales. They had two children: Alexander George and Phoebe Adelaide.

9-Alexander George Hale was born on 9 Nov 1990 in Wollongong, New South Wales.

9-Phoebe Adelaide Hale was born on 5 Nov 1994 in Wollongong, New South Wales.

8-Richard James Hale was born on 1 Oct 1961.

8-Elizabeth Margaret Hale was born on 8 Aug 1963. Elizabeth married someone.  She had three children: Matthew Allan, Ryan John and Isabel May.

9-Matthew Allan was born in 1986.

9-Ryan John was born on 17 Aug 1990.

9-Isabel May was born on 17 Feb 1993 in Gosford, New South Wales.

8-Susan Jane Hale was born on 27 Jul 1965 in Caringbah, New South Wales.

7-Helen Alexandra Burns was born on 19 May 1937.

6-Andrew Burns was born on 28 Mar 1901 and died in 1975 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 74.  He wa fencer and land clearer. Andrew married Mary Reilly.  They had two children: Maurice and Jean.

7-Maurice Burns.

7-Jean Burns.

6-Ethel Alexandra Burns was born on 26 Jul 1904 and died on 23 Sep 1989 in Hornsby, New South Wales at age 85. Ethel died unmarried and without children.

5-Elizabeth Mary Reid

Elizabeth Mary Reid was born on 30 Mar 1869 in George Town, Tasmania and died on 14 Oct 1929 at age 60. Elizabeth married Thomas George Jones, son of Robert Jones and Ellen Ashton, on 12 Jul 1905 in Launceston.  Robert Jones was the son of convicts Robert Jones andHarriet Davis. Thomas was born on 26 May 1855 in Brighton, Tasmania. They had four children: Vera May, Gordon Thomas, Dorothy Ellen and Edna Elizabeth.

6-Vera May Jones was born on 6 Apr 1906 in Sandhill, Launceston.

6-Gordon Thomas Jones was born on 18 May 1909 in Kings Meadows, Launceston.

6-Dorothy Ellen Jones was born on 22 May 1917 in 19 Glen Dhu Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

6-Edna Elizabeth Jones was born on 15 Oct 1919 in 50 Melbourne Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

5-Margaret Anne Reid 

Margaret Anne Reid was born on 28 Jun 1871 in Launceston and died on 24 Mar 1947 in Launceston at age 75. Margaret married John Manson, son of John Manson and Martha Botton, on 27 Jun 1892 in Launceston. John was born on 24 Nov 1867 in Rocky Lead, Victoria and died on 28 Jul 1949 in Launceston at age 81. They had four children: Mary, Winifred Edith, John Alexander and Walter St Clair.

6-Mary Manson was born on 24 Nov 1892 in Launceston and died on 23 Jun 1955 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America at age 62. Mary married William Wallace Horne on 28 Nov 1923 in Launceston. William was born on 24 Jun 1897 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. They had five children: Shirley Margaret, Mary Lorille, Wallace Turnbull, William Reid and Esther.

7-Shirley Margaret Horne was born on 18 Sep 1924 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. Shirley married Eugene William Pearson on 16 Mar 1943 in Utah, United States of America. They had 8 children. Shirley died on 24 Oct 1994 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

7-Mary Lorille Horne, known as Lorille, was born 5 Oct 1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. Lorille died 16 Oct 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. Lorille married Howard Hanley West in 1944 in Salt Lake City and they had two children. They divorced. In June 1948 Lorille married Frank Soren Miller and they had two children. Frank adopted Lorille's children from her previous marriage. 

 8- Lawrence Horne Miller, known as Larry, was born 26 Apr 1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Larry died on 20 Feb 2009. Until his death in 2009 Larry was the owner of the Utah Jazz team, a franchise of the NBA.

9 - Roger Lawrence Miller was born on 21 Aug 1968 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States and died on 18 Aug 2013. 

7-Wallace Turnbull Horne was born on 8 Apr 1928 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America and died on 6 Oct 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America at age 17.

7-William Reid Horne, known as Reid, was born on 19 Jun 1930 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. In May 1949 Reid married Rhea Mae Maxfield. They had 5 children and later divorced. In January 1970 he married Dawn Louise Westhoof. They later divorced.  He died on 13 May 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. 

7-Esther Horne was born on 17 Jan 1934 and died on 18 Jan 1934 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America.

6-John Alexander Manson was born on 3 Feb 1896 in Launceston and died on 11 Sep 1973 at age 77. John married Clare Nancarrow on 29 Oct 1919. Clare was born on 29 Oct 1893 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 7 Aug 1966 at age 72.

6-Walter St Clair Manson was born on 3 Mar 1901 in 10 Cleveland Street, Launceston, Tasmania. Walter married Dorothy Violet Upcher on 1 Nov 1922 in St Georges Church, Battery Point.