The Young and Murray Families
The Murray Clan ... Elizabeth Murray and Sir Thomas James Nankivell ...

Densie Anne Nankivell

Denise Anne Nankivell was born on 25 Mar 1856 in St Kilda Melbourne and died in 1952 in Victoria at age 96.

Denise married Henry Ryan, son of Charles Ryan and Marian Cotton, in 1879 in Victoria. Henry was born on 26 Jan 1850 in Kilmore, Victoria and died in 1914 at age 64.

They had three children:

6-Denise Ryan was born on 22 Dec 1880. Denise married Hubert William Raleigh. Hubert was born in 1875 and died in 1944 at age 69. They had three children: Denise Elizabeth, George Heldon and Priscilla.

7-Denise Elizabeth Raleigh was born in 1913.

7-George Heldon Raleigh was born in 1916 and died in 1943 at age 27.

7-Priscilla Raleigh was born in 1918. Priscilla married David Ian Landale in 1948. David was born in 1917. They had four children: Peter Raleigh, Denise Anne, Keith Raleigh and Ian Raleigh.

8-Peter Raleigh Landale was born in 1949.

8-Denise Anne Landale was born in 1951.

8-Keith Raleigh Landale was born in 1952.

8-Ian Raleigh Landale was born in 1955.

6-Eleanor Mary Ryan was born on 28 Dec 1882 in "Titanga" via Lismore, Victoria and died on 23 Feb 1967 at age 84.  Eleanor married Dr. Patrick Henry Lang, son of Patrick Lang and Henrietta Currie, in 1911. Patrick was born in 1875 in "Titanga" via Lismore, Victoria and died in 1947 in "Titanga" via Lismore, Victoria at age 72. They had two children: Patrick Sellar and Henrietta Mary.

7-Dr. Patrick Sellar Lang Ph. D. was christened in 1912. Patrick married Nell Barrow. Nell died in 2001. They had two children: Christopher and Andrew.

8-Christopher Lang was born in 1946.

8-Andrew Lang was born in 1948.

7-Henrietta Mary Lang was born in 1916.

6-Ellis Dorothy Ryan was born on 1 Feb 1885.