John Badcock

1-John Badcock was born on 8 Jul 1745 in Cornwall, England. John married Charity Glanville on 2 Jan 1772 in Landrake, Cornwall, England. Charity was born on 8 Dec 1747 in Menheniot, Cornwall, England. They had a son: John.

2-John Badcock was born on 17 Jun 1774 in St Germans, Cornwall, England and died on 23 Jul 1848 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England at age 74. John married Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Peter Mitchell and Jane Rean, on 24 Dec 1801 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England. Elizabeth was born on 10 Jan 1776 in Duloe, Cornwall, England and died on 25 Dec 1859 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England at age 83. They had one son: John.

3-John Badcock was born in 1807 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England and died on 28 Apr 1890 at age 83. John married Ann French, daughter of Francis French and Mary Oliver, on 26 Oct 1831 in St John's Church of England, Launceston. Ann was born on 7 Feb 1813 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England and died on 4 Oct 1850 in Longford, Tasmania at age 37. They had 11 children:

John next married, in 1855, Esther Elmer, daughter of John Elmer and Frances Kemp. Esther was born on 24 Oct 1830 in Barnham, Suffolk, England and died on 2 Oct 1905 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 74. They had 12 children:

John arrived in Van Diemen's Land on the barque Mary Ann on 23 Aug 1831; the same ship as the French family.   And less than two months after their arrival John and Ann married. Ann died on 4 October 1850, just few weeks after the birth of Emma Jane. John next married Esther Elmer in 18855.  He had another twelve children with Esther

The story of John and Ann is told here.

4-Frederick Ernest Arthur Badcock was born on 20 Jun 1856 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 3 Jul 1934 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 78. Frederick married Susanna Dando on 14 Aug 1878 in Westbury, Tasmania. Susanna was born in 1858 in Collingwood, Victoria and died on 10 Nov 1944 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 86. They had one son: Edward Ernest.

5-Edward Ernest Badcock was born on 5 Mar 1882 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 19 Feb 1969 at age 86, and was buried in Feb 1969 in General Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania. Edward served in the Boer War and the first World War. Edward married Rosalie Walker, daughter of Thomas Walker and Rebecca Badcock, on 23 Dec 1930 in Westbury, Tasmania. Rosalie was born on 9 Oct 1893 in Spring Rises, Exton, died on 10 Nov 1974 at age 81, and was buried in Nov 1974 in General Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania. They had two children: Wilbert Edward and Eric Thomas.

6-Wilbert Edward Badcock was born on 3 Oct 1931.

6-Eric Thomas Badcock was born in 1933 and died in 1933.

4-Harriet Badcock was born in 1857. Harriet married John Crawford.

4-Robert Badcock was born in 1859. Robert married Lilian Hortle.

4-Frances Badcock was born in 1862.

4-Charles Badcock was born in 1864. Charles married Clara Viney.

4-Rachel Isabell Badcock was born on 11 May 1864 in Tasmania and died on 1 Mar 1951 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 86. Rachel married Francis James Reid, son of Alexander Reid and Margaret Annie Turnbull, on 24 Jul 1882 in Westbury, Tasmania. Francis was born on 12 Jul 1862 in George Town, Tasmania and died on 7 Jul 1946 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 83. They had nine children: Cyril John, Ethel Marion, Francis Charles Gordon, Mona Isobel, Gertrude Margaret, Vera Maude, Alexander Stanley, Doris Esther and Myra Louise.

The story of Rachael and Francis James Reid is told here in the Murray family.

4-Ellen Badcock was born in 1866.

4-Selena Badcock was born in 1867.

4-Isabella Badcock was born in 1869. Isabella married William Peters.

4-Henry Badcock was born in 1871.

4-George Badcock was born in 1873.

4-Richard Badcock was born in 1875. Richard married Mary Robinson.