Francis French and Mary Oliver ...

John French and Sarah Jane Hodgetts

3-John French was born on 24 Jun 1821 in Pelynt, Cornwall, England and died on 9 Jul 1890 in Longford, Tasmania at age 69. John married Sarah Jane Hodgetts on 9 Sep 1848 in Launceston, Tasmania. Sarah was born in 1823 and died on 3 Jun 1911 at age 88.  They had five children.

4-John Harry French was born on 31 Mar 1851 and died on 1 Jan 1942 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania, Australia at age 90. John married Catherine Ferns.

John next married Margaret Wilding. Margaret was born on 4 Dec 1864 and died on 5 Nov 1935 at age 70. They had two children: Madge Irene (Pearl) and Harold George.

5-Madge Irene (Pearl) French was born on 3 Apr 1897 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania, Australia. had one daughter: Patricia Margaret.

6-Patricia Margaret Mahoney was born on 9 Sep 1918 and died on 11 Apr 2004 at age 85. Patricia married Stanley Raydon (Geoff) Haberle on 30 Jun 1942 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania, Australia. Stanley was born on 1 Sep 1909 in Caveside, Tasmania, Australia, died on 10 May 1996 in Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia at age 86, and was buried on 13 May 1996 in Claude Road, Tasmania, Australia.

5-Harold George French was born on 24 Jul 1898 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania, Australia, died on 29 Sep 1985 at age 87, and was buried on 1 Oct 1985 in Mersey Vale Memorial Park Lawn Cemetery, Tasmania, Australia. Harold married Winifred Eva Mary Wootton on 6 Feb 1936 in Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia. Winifred was born on 18 Nov 1910 in Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia, died on 8 May 2004 in Karingal, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia at age 93, and was buried on 12 May 2004 in Mersey Vale Memorial Park Lawn Cemetery, Tasmania, Australia.

4-Charles William French was born on 18 May 1854 and died on 2 Aug 1925 at age 71. Charles married Ellen Maybelle Rayner on 23 Sep 1880. Ellen was born on 14 Nov 1861 and died on 17 Aug 1950 at age 88. They had two children: Elva Mary and Alfred Charles.

5-Elva Mary French was born on 29 May 1888 and died on 5 Aug 1961 at age 73. Elva married William Watts. William was born on 27 May 1868 and died on 3 Aug 1942 at age 74. They had two children: Mavis Elvena and Dulcie Georgina.

6-Mavis Elvena Watts was born on 29 Apr 1913 in Sisters Creek, Tasmania, Australia, died on 2 Mar 2000 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 86, and was buried on 4 Mar 2000 in Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia. Mavis married Claude Owen King on 24 Jun 1933 in Rulla, Tasmania, Australia. Claude was born on 1 Oct 1911 in Myalla, Tasmania, Australia, died on 19 Nov 1987 in Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia at age 76, and was buried on 23 Nov 1987 in Wynyard Cemetery, Tasmania, Australia.

6-Dulcie Georgina Watts was born on 11 Nov 1916 and died on 10 Jan 2001 at age 84. Dulcie married Ivan Laurence King. Ivan was born on 2 Feb 1915 and died on 3 Dec 2008 at age 93. They had one daughter: Judith Wilma.

7-Judith Wilma King was born on 6 Apr 1940 in Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia and died on 1 Apr 2011 at age 70.

5-Alfred Charles French was born on 2 Jan 1892 and died on 18 Jul 1973 at age 81. Alfred married Alice Annie Elizabeth Beattie. Alice was born on 13 Nov 1904. They had one son: Alfred Douglas.

6-Alfred Douglas French was born on 9 Jun 1929 and died on 20 Dec 1987 at age 58.

4-Mary Louisa French. Mary married George Bradmore.