Francis French and Mary Oliver ... Elizabeth French and Isaac Diprose

James Children Diprose and Anne Reeves

4-James Children Diprose was born on 27 May 1852 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 11 Mar 1932 in Yolla, Tasmania at age 79.

James married Anne Reeves, daughter of John Reeves and Mary Ann McMasters, on 27 Jan 1876 in Port Sorell. Anne was born on 1 Oct 1854 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 3 Jan 1928 in Yolla, Tasmania at age 73. They had eleven children:


5-John Diprose  1876 - 1891

5-Isaac Diprose  1878 -

5-Percy James Diprose  1880 -

5-Albert Edgar Diprose was born on 9 Jun 1882 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 11 Apr 1970 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 87. Albert married Gertrude Ida Terry, daughter of Unknown and Unknown, on 17 Sep 1913 in Mount Hicks, Tasmania. Gertrude was born on 8 Sep 1891 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 7 Jan 1980 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 88. They had one son: Maxwell Terry.

6-Maxwell Terry Diprose was born on 15 Aug 1917 in Wynyard, Tasmania and died on 14 Jul 2006 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 88. Maxwell married Lillian Mary Thurlow. Lillian was born on 8 May 1920 and died on 11 Jan 2010 at age 89. They had one son: David John.

7-David John Diprose was born on 17 Apr 1944 in Hobart, Tasmania, died on 23 Jun 2011 in Taroona, Tasmania at age 67, and was buried on 28 Jun 2011 in Hobart, Tasmania. David married someone.  They had a son: Edward.

8-Edward Diprose died before 2011.

5-Walter Thomas Diprose was born on 7 Aug 1884 and died on 31 Oct 1935 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 51. Walter married Catherine Johnson. Catherine was born in 1890 and died on 3 Jul 1931 in Henrietta, Tasmania at age 41. They had one son: William James.

6-William James Diprose was born on 27 Aug 1921 and died on 4 Feb 1978 at age 56.

5-Mercy Pearl Diprose was born on 27 Mar 1890 in Yolla, Tasmania. Mercy married someone.  She had one daughter: Eileen Mercy.

6-Eileen Mercy Pegus was born on 23 Dec 1912 in Tasmania, died on 3 Nov 1971 in Tasmania at age 58, and was buried on 6 Nov 1971 in Launceston, Tasmania. Eileen married Louis James Brumby on 18 Jun 1932 in Yarraville, Victoria, Australia. Louis was born on 2 Apr 1908 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 3 Jun 1974 in Tasmania at age 66, and was buried on 5 Jun 1974 in Launceston, Tasmania.

5-Bennie Owen Diprose was born on 25 Apr 1886 in Ringarooma and died on 2 Jun 1947 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 61. Bennie married Evelyne May Edwards on 28 Aug 1913 in Wynyard, Tasmania.  They had one son: Colin.

6-Colin Diprose was born on 23 Jul 1917 in Nurse Reynolds Hospital, Wynyard. Colin married Kathleen Alice Walker, daughter of Tasman William Walker and Emma Jane Pinkard. Kathleen was born on 20 Feb 1923 and died on 7 Jul 2007 in Seven Mile Beach at age 84. They had two children: Susan Helen and Fran.

7-Susan Helen Diprose was born on 17 Aug 1953. Susan married Graeme Huxley. Graeme was born on 19 Oct 1952. They had two children: David and Benjamin.

8-David Huxley was born on 12 Mar 1972.

8-Benjamin Huxley was born on 29 Sep 1975.

7-Fran Diprose was born on 16 Jun 1955. Fran married Peter Krause. Peter was born on 16 May 1954. They had four children: April Kathryn, Simon George Gunter, Paul Colin Peter and Martyn Marc Alexander.

8-April Kathryn Krause was born on 6 May 1981.

8-Simon George Gunter Krause was born on 7 Mar 1985.

8-Paul Colin Peter Krause was born on 18 Mar 1987.

8-Martyn Marc Alexander Krause was born on 26 Oct 1989.

5-Victor Diprose  1888 -

5-Grace Ruby Diprose  1890 -

5-Mercy Pearl Diprose  1890 -

5-Spencer Marcus Diprose was born on 9 Sep 1892 in Yolla, Tasmania and died on 18 Jun 1978 in Stowport, Tasmania at age 85. Spencer married Myrtle Nellie Dobson on 20 Oct 1913 in Yolla, Tasmania. Myrtle was born on 1 Sep 1889 in Flowerdale, Tasmania and died on 11 May 1975 at age 85. They had one son: Reginald Spencer.

6-Reginald Spencer Diprose was born on 3 Dec 1914 and died on 6 Dec 1975 at age 61. Reginald married Muriel Jean Chilcott. Muriel was born on 14 Nov 1911 in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia and died on 22 Jun 1954 at age 42. They had one daughter: Cheryl Rae.

7-Cheryl Rae Diprose was born on 4 Apr 1950, died on 17 Dec 2006 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 56, and was buried on 20 Dec 2006 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania.

5-Eva Annie Diprose