The Young and Murray Families

Ancestors of Richard Horace Sams

1-William George Gardner Sams was born in 1792 in England and died on 23 Sep 1871 in Richmond, Victoria at age 79. William married Katherine Field. Katherine was born in 1796 in England and died on 6 Oct 1869 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 73. They had a son: William George Gardiner.

2-William George Gardiner Sams was born in 1819, died on 27 Jan 1870 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 51, and was buried in St Marys Anglican Cemetery, Hagley.

Cornwall Chronicle Saturday 26 Feb 1870


This gentleman, who died at his residence at Quamby, on the 26th ultimo, after a brief illness, was the eldest son of W. G. Sams, Esq of Launceston, who has held various high offices in this colony during the past forty-six years, such as- Sheriff, Commissioner of Insolvent Court, Immigration Officer, &c &c. Mr W. G. G. Sams was in the commission of the peace for twenty two years, when he died at the early age of fifty years, apparently a robust able man in the prime of life. He lived a very retired life near Carrick, for a gentleman who had been introduced to the courts of Louis Philippe and William the IV, as he was. His father was residing on his farm on the banks of the Derwent in 1831 , and on a bright Saturday morning in July 1831, father and son were paddling down in a little dingy to the estate of Mr Gellibrand, at whose hospitable mansion they intended to spend the Sunday, when they saw the French ship of war, La Favorite, of 32 guns, coming up the river, and they went alongside. They were courteously received by Captain La Place, who lowered a ladder and invited them on board. The arrival of any vessel was, at that early period of the settlement of the colony an event, and the arrival of a French war vessel, with a commissioner standing as high in the world of service as Captain La Place, marked quite a new era. The leading class in the colony, then the governing class, were thoroughly aristocratic, thoroughly British, and they knew how to dispense hospitality with dignity and decorum, quite as well then as now. During the brief stay of the 'La Favorite,' her officers were entertained in a round of polished gaieties, and her commander and Mr Sam's family had become such fast friends that Master W. G. G. Sams, then only eleven years of age, was entrusted to the care of Captain La Place to be conveyed in London to complete his education in England. Captain La Place gladly undertook the care of Master Sams,, who was his pupil, companion, and playmate on the voyage, and for some time in Paris, where young Sams was introduced at the Court of Louis Philippe, and, as a bright handsome lad, - a British-Tasmanian, - he was a favorite everywhere, and1 especially with Madame La Place and her family. Captain La Place, prior to proceeding on his next voyage, completed his mission by placing Master Sams safe in the hands of his English relatives, by whom he was introduced, as his father had been to the sailor King, William the IV. The beginning of life, the first introduction of the late Mr W: G. G. Sams to the great world was very bright and hopeful, and it is surprising that he was content to return to the hum-drum duties of colonial life. His affection for his excellent parents alone ac- counts for this. He returned to the land which had been almost the land of his birth, and we regret to say his unobtrusive but useful life, as a colonist, a magistrate, and a coroner, terminated at the close of the last month. These reminiscences of the past have been called up since reading the following paragraph from the 'Tasmanian and Southern Literary and Political Journal' of Saturday 13th of August, 1831.

 LA FAVOURITE.- The Citizen's and King's ship La Favourite left this port for Sydney, on Sunday last. Captain La Place and his officers were most hospitably entertained during their short slay here, and their gentlemanly manners procured for them general esteem. Captain La Place has taken the young son of Mr. Sams (the gentleman who fills the office of Under-Sheriff, we hope, only until a better is open for him) under his protection, as his companion de voyage, and we have no doubt that such auspices will tend materially to the furtherance of his fortunes in life.

William married Sarah Rose Archer, daughter of John Archer and Mariann Kinder, on 5 Dec 1845 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Sarah was born in 1825 in Hertfordshire, England and died on 17 Sep 1916 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 91. They had six children: George Frederick, William Thomas, Herbert Albert, Percy Henry Winter, Louis Robert and Richard Horace.

3-George Frederick Sams was born on 1 Jun 1849 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died from of injuries caused by a fall from a horse on 22 Jul 1859 in Waiapu, New Zealand at age 10.

3-William Thomas Sams was born about 1852 in Quamby's Plains, Tasmania, died on 31 Mar 1931 in New Zealand aged about 79, and was buried on 1 Apr 1931 in Waimairi, Christchurch, New Zealand. William married Annie Maria Home, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Home, on 6 May 1880 in Church of St Mary, Hagley. Annie was born about 1859, died on 17 Apr 1931 in New Zealand aged about 72, and was buried on 18 Apr 1931 in Waimairi, Christchurch, New Zealand.  They had five children: William Montague Home, George Rodham Home, William Herbert Home, Frank Douglas Home and Not recorded.

4-William Montague Home Sams was born on 17 Aug 1881 in New Zealand and died on 4 Feb 1965 in Timaru, New Zealand at age 83. He served in the First World War.  His New Zealand records state:

Eldest son of William Thomas & Annie Maria (nee HOME) SAMS, of Balmoral, Fairlie. Brothers Frank Douglas Home SAMS & Herbert William Home SAMS also served in WWI. Educated at Lower Shotover & George Street Dunedin schools, then in Timaru. In March 1915 Montie registered as a recruit for service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Europe. Returned home by the Maunganui in June 1919.

William married Doris Mabel Dobson in 1922 in New Zealand. Doris was born on 31 Jul 1888 in New Zealand and died in 1973 in New Zealand at age 85.

4-George Rodham Home Sams was born on 17 May 1886 in New Zealand and died on 26 Nov 1888 in Deloraine, Tasmania at age 2.

Launceston Examiner 28 November 1888


DELORA1NE, Nov. 27. An inquest was held to-day before Mr. J. Hart, Coroner, and a jury, of whom Mr. F. Pitt was foreman, on the body of George Rodham Horne Sams, two and a half years old. Amy Boag, a servant of Mr. Sams, deposed that at half-past 10 yesterday morning she was cleaning a bed-room, and removed two bottles, one containing carbolic acid and the other glycerine, from the washstand to the dressing table; deceased came into the room and Mrs. Sams came and took him out, and in two or three minutes she heard him crying in the passage and running to Mrs. Sams; Mrs. Sams tried to give him soap and water to make him sick; she (witness) got him some milk, which he tasted; she called Mr. Sams from the paddock, and when they were returning met Mrs. Sams with the child in her arms; Mr Sams got the buggy and drove with the child to the doctor's; when witness returned to the room the bottles were in the fire place ; Some acid was spilt and the child was spitting something out and some acid was on his arm ; as soon as he tasted the milk he fainted. William Thos. Same, father of deceased, said that about 11 a.m. yesterday he received a message that his son was dead; hastening to the house he met Mrs. Sams carrying the child; it was then unconscious. Mrs.Sams told him she thought the child had swallowed carbolic acid; he proceeded with all haste to Dr. Dickenson's with his wife and child; the latter was unconscious for a long time after reaching the doctor's; in fact he could not say that he ever recovered consciousness ; the child died between 12 and 1 o'clock this morning. Dr. Dickenson said deceased was brought to him in a state of unconsciousness; he was reported to have swallowed carbolic acid, and by the odour from his breath he found that to be the case ; he treated him accordingly, but he died about midnight. A verdict was returned of "accidentally poisoned by taking carbolic acid."

4-William Herbert Home Sams was born on 10 Sep 1889 in Deloraine, Tasmania. In 1935 migrated to New York, USA on Santa Maria

4-Frank Douglas Home Sams was born on 25 Feb 1891 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 10 Apr 1961 in Dunedin, New Zealand at age 70, and was buried on 12 Apr 1961 in Andersons B Cemetery, Dundedin, New Zealand. He served in World war 1.  His New Zealand records state:

Second son of William Thomas & Annie Maria (nee HOME) SAMS, of Balmoral, Fairlie. Brothers Herbert William Home SAMS & William Montague Home SAMS also served in WWI. Educated at Lower Shotover & George Street Dunedin schools, then at Timaru Main (& TBHS?). Medically rejected in NZ for war service. In 1916 he gained the Royal Aero Club Aviators' Certificate. In 1916 he was accepted for the Royal Flying Corps & went into training at Oxford, England. Prisoner of War by October 1916, in Osnabruck, Hanover, Germany; still POW in March 1918. After liberation he worked for the R.A.F. in England, before returning to NZ. [See BIO.]

4-Name not recorded Sams was born on 26 Apr 1894 in Westbury Anglican Cemetery.

3-Captain Herbert Albert Sams was born in 1854 in Westbury, Tasmania. Herbert married Frances Ethel Ross Lamb on 28 Oct 1855 in Launceston, Tasmania. Frances was born in 1862 in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria and died on 27 Mar 1917 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 55.

21 Feb 1936


The death occurred yesterday morning, after a few days' illness, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J. S. Game, Upper Calder, of Captain Herbert Albert Sams, a respected and well-known resident of the Wynyard district. Born atQuamby, near Hagley, the late Captain Sams went to sea in his early, days, and served his time on sailing vessels trading between Australia and England. Captain Sams was very well known in Launceston, being captain for many years on the Pateena, trading between Launceston and Melbourne, Upon retiring about 20 years ago, he went to Wynyard, and had been a resident of the district ever since. For the past eight years he has re- sided with his daughter at Upper Calder. He was at one time harbour master at Wynyard. Councillor J. S. Game, a member of the Table Cape Council, is a son-in-law. The late Captain Sams' wife died many years ago. He leaves a daughter and six sons. One son was killed at the Great War. The funeral will take place at the Old Public Cemetery, Wynyard, to-day.

24 FEB 1936

Late Captain H. A. Sams. The funeral of the late Capt. Her- bert Albert Saums on Friday was at-tended by a very large gathering of relatives and friends. The cortege leaving the home of his son-in-law, Mr. J. S. Game, Upper Calder, proceeded to St. Stephen's Church of England ,Wyn- yard, where in the absence of the rec- tor (Rev. J. W. Bethune) the service was conducted by Mr. R. L. Marsden. The "Dead March in Saul" was played, Miss D. Game being the organist. Burial was in the Wynyard cemetery, the service at the graveside also being conducted by Mr. Marsden. The chief mourners were two sons, Messrs. Keate and Reginald Sams, and son-in-law, Mr. J. S. Game, the casket was borne by Messrs. H. Kiinch, Robert Whitsitt, E. J. Mc Namara and Chas. Kinch. The pall-bearers were Messrs. E. Lewis, C. V. Drake, J. T. Butler and A. T. Walker. Many beautiful floral tributes were received.

3-Percy Henry Winter Sams was born in 1861 in Quamby Plains, Tasmania and died on 5 Jul 1953 in Cremorne, New South Wales at age 92. Percy married Alice Henrietta Harcourt Vernon on 18 Oct 1900 in St Kilda Melbourne. Alice died in 1949 in Sydney, New South Wales. They had four children"

4- Alice H. (Lallie) Sams

4-Donald Sams

4-Nancy Sams

4-Mercy Sams  1901 - 1911

3-Louis Robert Sams was born in 1863 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 6 Jul 1941 in Redcliffe, Queensland at age 78.

3-Richard Horace Sams was born in 1864 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 5 Mar 1933 in Roseville, Sydney, New South Wales at age 69. Richard married Ellen Blanche Murray, daughter of David Murray MHA and Clara Childe Reid, on 22 Jan 1890 in St Peters Church, St Leonards, Launceston. Ellen was born on 18 May 1868 in Tasmania and died on 20 Jun 1907 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 39. They had six children: John Clive, Dorothea Rose, Clara Murray, Emily Ellen, Vida and Bijou.

4-John Clive Sams was born on 30 Mar 1891 in Launceston, was christened on 12 Apr 1891 in Holy Trinity Church, Launceston, Tasmania, and died on 21 Jul 1915 in World War 1 at age 24. Another name for John was Jack.

4-Dorothea Rose Sams was born on 3 Jun 1893 in Launceston. Dorothea married William R. Beecraft in 1916 in Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales.

4-Clara Murray Sams MD of Sydney University was born on 5 Aug 1896 in Hobart, Tasmania. Clara married Robert C. Wilson in 1923 in Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales.

4-Emily Ellen Sams was born in 1907 in St Leonards, Launceston.

4-Dr. Vida Sams Sydney University.

4-Bijou Sams.

Richard next married Dorothy Gordon.  They had two children: Filmer and Gordon.

4-Filmer Sams was born in 1918.

4-Gordon Sams.