The Young and Murray Families

John Cross and Lillias Purdie

1-John Cross was born on 22 Sep 1719 in Glasgow, Scotland and died on 24 Jan 1784 in Scotland at age 64. John was a merchant in Glasgow. John married Lillias Purdie. Lillias was born in 1734 and died on 30 May 1818 in Glasgow, Scotland at age 84. They had six children: Lillias, Jean, Thomas, Martha, Marion and Lillias.

2-Lillias Cross was born on 3 Feb 1753 in Glasgow, Scotland. Lillias married Andrew Carmichael on 2 Feb 1784 in New Kirk, Glasgow, Scotland. Andrew was born in 1750 in Glasgow, Scotland and died on 10 Jul 1828 in Joppa, Portobello, Scotland at age 78. They had six children: Lillias, Jean, Thomas, John, Martha and Marion.

3-Lillias Carmichael was born on 16 Jun 1785 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and was christened on 25 Jun 1785. Lillias married George Imlach on 10 Nov 1806 in Church of Scotland Cannongate, Edinburgh.

3-Jean Carmichael was born on 7 Jan 1788 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, died on 11 Oct 1871 in Geelong, Victoria at age 83, and was buried in Geelong Western Cemetery. Jean married Hugh Murray, son of Hugh Murray and Anne Young, on 1 Dec 1813 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. Hugh was born on 20 May 1789 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, died on 21 Dec 1845 in Colville Street, North Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land at age 56, and was buried on 24 Dec 1845 in St Andrews Presbyterian Cemetery, Hobart. They had eight children: Hugh, Lillias Cross, Ann Young, Margaret Stewart, Andrew, Jane, Agnes Hunter and Elizabeth.

3-Thomas Carmichael was born on 5 Mar 1789 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

3-John Carmichael was born on 23 Sep 1790 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and died on 16 Oct 1798 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland at age 8.

3-Martha Carmichael was born on 5 Feb 1793 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and died in 1865 in Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 72. Martha married James Hume on 6 Feb 1819 in St Cuthberts Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. James was born in 1795 in Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scotland and died on 17 Jun 1856 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 61. They had two children: Martha Carmichael and Lillias Carmichael. James had a son, Richard Hume, prior to his marriage to Martha.

4-Richard Hume was born on 16 Dec 1812 in Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland and died on 7 Oct 1887 in Springfield, Glen Du, Launceston at age 74. Richard married convict Harriet Eliza Manners in 1838 in Campbell Town, Tasmania. Harriet was born in Jul 1815 in Lewes, Sussex, England and died on 14 Jun 1897 in Glen Dhu, Launceston, Tasmania at age 81.

4-Martha Carmichael Hume died in 1821.

4-Lillias Carmichael Hume was born in 1826 and died on 14 May 1890 in Glen Gala, Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 64. Lillias married John Lyne MHA, son of William Lyne and Sarah Bishop, on 21 Jun 1843 in Fingal, Tasmania. John was born on 5 Feb 1810 in Lambeth, England, died on 14 Sep 1900 in Tamar Street, Launceston at age 90, and was buried in 1900. They had five children: William John, Charles, Bishop, Clarence James Quartus and Carmichael Imlach.

5-Sir William John Lyne was born on 6 Apr 1844 in Great Swanport, Tasmania and died on 3 Aug 1913 in Double Bay, New South Wales at age 69.

Sir William John Lyne was protectionist Member of the House of Representatives 1901–10 and Independent member 1910–13 (Hume). He was the first Minister for Home Affairs in the Barton government (1901–03), Deakin's Minister for Trade and Customs (24 September 1903 – 27 April 1904 and 5–30 July 1905) and Treasurer (30 July 1907 – 13 November 1908) in Deakin's second government. William had been Premier of New South Wales 1899–1901.

William married Martha Coates Shaw, daughter of Sir Edward Carr Shaw on 29 Jun 1870. Martha was born on 22 Jun 1843 in Great Swanport, Tasmania and died in 1903 in Mossman, Sydney, New South Wales at age 60.

5-Charles Lyne was born in 1846 and died in 1934 at age 88.

5-Bishop Lyne was born in 1848 in Great Swanport, Tasmania and died in 1908 in Narrabi, New South Wales at age 60.

5-Clarence James Quartus Lyne was born on 19 Aug 1855 in Spring Bay and died on 2 Mar 1923 in Stowell Hospital, Battery Point at age 67. Clarence married Lillias Childe Murray, daughter of David Murray MHA and Clara Childe Reid, on 1 Oct 1878 in Trinity Church, Hawthorn, Melbourne. Lillias was born on 24 Dec 1856 in Launceston, died on 3 Sep 1936 in St. Marys at age 79, and was buried in Sep 1936 in Bicheno Cemetery. They had no children.

5-Carmichael Imlach Lyne was born on 30 Jul 1861 in Apslawn, Glamorgan, Tasmania and died on 28 Nov 1929 in New Town at age 68.


Mr. Carmichael Lyne

A Prominent Pastoralist

The death of Mr. Carmichael Imlach Lyne, one of the most prominent pastoralists in the State, and an ex-Minister of the Crown, occurred yesterday at his residence, Heatherley, Cross Street, New Town. The late Mr. Lyne belonged to one of the oldest Tasmanian families, which two years ago celebrated the centenary of the arrival of their forbears in the colony, and during his lifetime took an active interest in the public life of the State, particularly in matters relating to agriculture and wool growing. He had been in ill-health for nearly twelve months prior to his death.

The late Mr. Lyne was the youngest son of Mr. John Lyne, and was born in 1861 near Swansea (Tasmania), where his grandfather and father settled after their arrival from England in October, 1827. From his early youth he followed agricultural and pastoral pursuits, and was one of the most successful wheat growers and graziers in Tasmania. He had unbounded confidence in the State, and up to quite recently was an active member of various organisations connected with the primary industries. He received his education at Horton College after which he entered into pastoralist pursuits, acting as manager of his father's property in the Glamorgan district. During his residence on the East Coast he took an active interest in municipal affairs, and for a number of years was a councillor, and also Warden of the municipality. He was also chairman of the Police Court Bench, chairman of the Court of Petty Sessions, chairman of the Road Trust, and chairman of the Medical Board (a local body formed for the purpose of securing medical service when required). In fact, so widespread were his activities in the district that there was not a public organisation with which he was not connected. In 1898 he left the East Coast and leased the Trevallyn Estate, near Launceston. A year later he contested the Ringarooma seat in the House of Assembly elections, and was returned. He continued his political associations until 1905, when he voluntarily retired, in the Propsting Ministry, which was in power from April 9, 1903, to July 11, 1904, he administered the offices of Lands, Works, Mines, and Railways. In 1907 he was appointed a member of the commission which was deputed to divide the whole of Tasmania into municipalities, his widespread knowledge of the State being of invaluable assistance to that body in its arduous work.

In 1909 he removed to Campbell Town, where he took over the Riccarton Estate, which he later purchased. The estate, which is now managed by his son, Mr. Crosby Lyne, under his direction, won a reputation for its fine class of wool and the quality of the fat Iambs produced there. While residing at Campbell Town he was appointed a member of the Tasmanian Wheat Pool and a Coroner for Tasmania.

The late Mr. Lyne left Campbell Town in 1919, and up to the time of his, death resided at New Town. He, however, did not relinquish his activities in matters relating to primary production. He became associated with the Farmers', Stockowners', and Orchardists' Association, and until quite recently was a most active member of that organisation. He held a seat on the general council for a period, and in 1922 was elected president, a position which he held until August last, when failing health compelled him to relinquish office. At the recent annual conference he was elected a life member of the association, it being the first occasion the distinction had been conferred. He was also presented with an illuminated address, bearing the signatures of 45 office-bearers. The association's appreciation of Mr. Lyne's services as president was embodied in the wording of the address, which was as follows:

On behalf of the members of the Tasmanian Farmers', Stockowners', and Orchardists' Association, we have been deputed by the twenty-first annual general meeting, to express to you their sincere sympathy in your severe illness, which prohibits you from again accepting the presidency. We tender you our sincere thanks for, and appreciation of, the invaluable services you have generously rendered during the seven consecutive years you have held the office as president of the association.

The keen interest which you have invariably taken, and the zeal displayed in connection with all matters affecting the welfare and prosperity of your fellow members, also of the rural industries generally, have proved an immense benefit to all connected with primary production in Tasmania. Your eminent leadership, your ability and tact, have enabled you to maintain a dignity that reflects credit on yourself and tho association alike.

The members feel that they cannot allow you to retire from the presidency without some recognition, and they have therefore conferred upon you the first life membership of the association. We have great pleasure, on behalf of the members of the association in asking your acceptance of this address as a token of their appreciation and esteem.

When the Government in 1927 decided to institute an inquiry into the position of soldier settlers, advantage was taken of Mr. Lyne's services, and he was appointed a member of the Closer Settlement Board, with which body he was associated up to the time of his death. He represented the pastoralists on the Estate Employment Advisory Board, and was also a member of the executive of the Agricultural Bureau of Tasmania. He also took an active interest in the displays of stock and agricultural societies, and was a member of the first executive of the National Agricultural and Pastoral Association of Launceston.

The late Mr. Lyne was a brother of the late Sir William Lyne, who for a number of years was one of the most prominent politicians in Australia. Sir William Lyne, after leaving Tasmania, entered the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, and became Premier of that State. He was elected a member of the first Federal Parliament, and was the first to hold the portfolio of Minister for Home Affairs. He was Federal Treasurer on one occasion, and Minister for Trade and Customs twice. His death occurred in 1913.

Mr. Lyne married Alice Jane, daughter of the late Mr. J. H. B. Walch, of Hobart, who survives him. He leaves

a family of one son and four daughters, namely, Mr. Crosby Lyne, of Riccarton, Campbell Town; Mrs. N. A. Nicolson, of Egleston, Campbell Town; Mrs. G. M. Eddie, of Summerfield, Broadmarsh, and Misses Lilias and Marjorie Lyne, of Hobart.

The funeral will take place to-day, leaving, his late residence, Cross Street, New Town, at 2.30 for Cornelian Bay Cemetery.


Mr. A. J. Honey, secretary of the Tasmanian Farmers', Stockowners', and Orchardists' Association, who for a number of years had been intimately associated with the late Mr. Carmichael Lyne, expressed regret at his death on behalf of members of the association. He stated that it had come as a great shock to all connected with the association. Prior to his election as president, in August, 1922, Mr. Lyne was a prominent member of the general council, and took a very active part in the activities of the association. He held the office of president for seven consecutive years, and only recently retired on account of ill health. Notwithstanding his serious illness, Mr. Lyne kept closely in touch with the affairs of the association right up to the time of the annual conference last August.

"The late Mr. Lyne," said Mr. Honey, "possessed exceptional ability, and was a leading authority on almost every branch of primary production. His opinions on matters of vital importance to the landed interests were highly respected and esteemed, not only in Tasmania, but in the other States. He was a hard worker in the interests of the association and the man on the land, and hardly a day passed by without he called at the office and closely associated himself with the various activities of the organisation."


A tribute was paid to the late Mr. Carmichael Lyne in the House of Assembly yesterday by the Premier (Hon. J. C. McPhee), who expressed the sympathy of the House with Mrs. Lyne and family. Mr. Lyne, he said, had had a memorable career in Tasmania. He was a Minister of the Crown in a former Administration, and his services had freely been placed at the disposal of previous Ministries; also at that of the present Ministry. The assistance he had rendered in connection with primary production was greatly appreciated, and in many other ways he had done a great deal for the communal life of the State. He moved that a vote of condolence be passed.

The Deputy-Leader of the Opposition (Mr. G. Becker), in seconding the motion, associated himself with the Premier's remarks, saying that Mr. Carmichael Lyne was imbued with one motive, to do all he could for the State. He had rendered valuable service on the Closer Settlement Board, and was one whom the State could ill afford to lose.

The Speaker (Sir John Evans) spoke similarly, recalling his Parliamentary association with Mr. Carmichael Lyne over many years, and the motion was carried in silence, members standing.

Carmichael married Alice Jane Walch. Alice was born on 18 Sep 1860 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 24 Jul 1943 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 82. They had two children: Marjorie and Arthur Crosby Carmichael.

6-Marjorie Lyne was born in Swansea.

6-Arthur Crosby Carmichael Lyne was born on 12 Feb 1887 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 17 Apr 1952 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 65.

Examiner 18 Apr 1952


ONE of Tasmania's best-known pastoralists, Mr. Arthur Crosby Carmichael Lyne, Riccarton, Campbell Town, died suddenly at Hobart yesterday morning.

MR. LYNE was the son of the late Hon. Carmichael Lyne and Mrs. Lyne, who bought Riccarton in 1909. Mr. Lyne has been associated with Riccarton since1910.He also owned several other properties in the Midlands, including Auburn, Ross. He was educated at the Launceston Church Grammar School. He married Miss Nora Dickson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Dickson, Coroonboon Station, River in N.S.W. Mr. Lyne was a well-known breeder of Corriedale sheep and was one of the largest wheat growers in Tasmania. For many year she held the acreage record for the state.  He was Warden of the Campbell Town municipality from 1937 to 1947 and a member of the council from 1934 until his death.  He was known throughout the state for his famous hunters. In later years his horses, Lynette, Moonray, Zara, Red Shadow, King, Riccarton, Georgette and Golden Glimpse, have won major prizes at most of the shows in Tasmania. King, bought in Melbourne in 1948, won several sections at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1949 and 1950. Mr. Lyne considered him the best jumper he ever had .Mr. Lyne was a past master of the Midland Hunt Club. He judged hack and hunting events at two Royal Melbourne shows and also at Adelaide Royal Show.

He was associated with every phase of the pastoral industry. He was a past president of the Midlands Agricultural Society and the Midlands Bowling Club. He was president of the Campbell Town Golf Club, president of the Campbell Town Rifle Club, and patron of the Campbell Town Band. Mr. Lyne was made a J.P. in 1935 and was the coroner for the district and a member of the Licensing Court. He was a director of the Tasmanian Wool Growers' Agency Company Limited and the Wool Growers' Trustee and Executor Company Limited. He leaves a widow, a son (Mr. Ronald Lyne) and two daughters (Miss Bae Lyne and Mrs. W. Youl, Elsdon, Perth).The funeral will leave Riccarton this afternoon for Carr Villa.

19 Apr 1952 EXAMINER

Mr. Crosby Lyne

PEOPLE from all parts of the state attended the funeral of the late Mr. Crosby Lyne at Carr Villa yesterday afternoon. The service was conducted by the Rev. L. E. Dando, Campbell Town. More than150 wreaths covered the coffin, which was borne by six men of the Riccarton estate. Chief mourners were Mr. Ronald Lyne (son), and Mr. William Youl (son-in-law).Pall bearers were Messrs. K. Roxburgh, G. Meredith, B. Gibson, F. Lakin, K. H. Davis, J. T. Warring, R. Keith, E. Walker and T. K. Clarke.  The Midlands Agricultural Society, of which Mr. Lyne had been president, was represented by Mr. L. A. Burbury, the present president. Funeral arrangements were by W. Lockett and Sons, Campbell Town.

Arthur married Agnes Dora Dickson. Agnes was born in Coroonboon Station, Riverina, New South Wales. They had three children: Constance Maureen, Ronald and Kathleen Alice Dickson.

7-Constance Maureen Lyne was born in Riccarton, Campbell Town.

7-Ronald Lyne was born on 24 Apr 1919 in Riccarton, Campbell Town and died on 12 Nov 1961 at age 42. Ronald married June Taylor on 30 Jun 1949 in Sydney, New South Wales.

7-Kathleen Alice Dickson Lyne was born in 1920 in Riccarton, Campbell Town. Kathleen married Frank William Baird Youl, son of Francis Victor Mansell Youl and Geraldine Alice Fairthorne. Frank was born in 1920 in Perth and died on 13 Oct 1985 in Elsdon, Perth, Tasmania at age 65.

3-Marion Carmichael was born on 19 Jul 1795 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, was christened on 15 Aug 1795 in Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scotland, died on 8 Jan 1877 in Launceston at age 81, and was buried in Charles Street Cemetery, now Ockerby Gardens, Tasmania. Marion married David Murray, son of Hugh Murray and Anne Young, on 17 Feb 1819 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. David was born on 22 Jan 1786 in Old Greyfriars, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and died on 4 Sep 1837 in Launceston at age 51. They had eight children: Elizabeth Molyneaux Hagart, Marion Elizabeth, David, Andrew Carmichael, Isabella, Anne Thomson, Martha and Margaret Annabella.

2-Jean Cross.

2-Captain Thomas Cross EIC.

2-Martha Cross.

2-Marion Cross.