John and Sarah Cocker

Ancestors of Nathaniel Bennett

1-Samuel Bennett. Samuel married Mary Cooper on 5 Nov 1785 in Wymeswold, Leicestershire, England.  They had a son: Nathaniel.

2-Nathaniel Bennett was born in 1800 in Blunham, Bedfordshire, England and died before 1851 in Bedfordshire, England. Nathaniel married Tamar Osborne, daughter of Thomas Osborne and Elizabeth Fatherston, on 31 Oct 1826 in Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire, England. Tamar was born on 16 Feb 1802 in Cambridge, England and died on 18 Feb 1882 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 80. They had nine children: Joseph, Ann, Mary Ann, Jane, Nathaniel, William Mansley, Thomas, Elizabeth and Joseph.

3-Joseph Bennett was born on 6 Jan 1828 in Huntingdonshire, England.

3-Ann Bennett was born in 1829 in Graffham, Huntingdonshire, England and died in 1911 in Malvern, Victoria at age 82.

3-Mary Ann Bennett was born in 1832 in Woburn, Bedfordshire, England and died on 3 Nov 1912 in Redfern, New South Wales at age 80. Mary married Frederick Goodman, son of Thomas Goodman and Ruth Horne. Frederick was born in Mar 1831 in London, England, died on 14 Aug 1892 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 61, and was buried on 16 Aug 1892 in Rockwood Cemetery, New South Wales. They had four children: Mary Ann Ruth, William Thomas George, Frederick Nathaniel Bennett and Augustus Claud Melvin Laurie.

4-Mary Ann Ruth Goodman was born in Oct 1851 in Bedfordshire, England and died in 1920 in Rockdale, New South Wales at age 69. Mary married John Frederick Knight. John was born in 1847 in New South Wales and died in 1917 in Alexandria, New South Wales at age 70.

4-William Thomas George Goodman was born in 1852 in London, England and died in 1928 in Australia at age 76. William married Sarah Tempest Wiles. Sarah was born in 1860 in Camperdown, Victoria and died on 10 Aug 1943 in Kogarah, New South Wales at age 83.

4-Frederick Nathaniel Bennett Goodman was born in Oct 1857 in Lancashire, England and died on 7 Jan 1915 in Balmain, New South Wales at age 57. Frederick married Florence Emily Eliza Cartledge.

4-Augustus Claud Melvin Laurie Goodman was born on 2 Jun 1861 in Adelaide, South Australia and died on 12 Aug 1933 in Granville, New South Wales at age 72. Augustus married Clara Hall.

3-Jane Bennett was born in 1832 in Graffham, Huntingdonshire, England.

3-Nathaniel Bennett was born in 1833 and died in 1923 in Australia at age 90. Nathaniel married Charlotte Eliza McKay, daughter of William McKay and Eliza Grist. Charlotte was born on 10 Jan 1847 in Campbell Town, Tasmania. They had seven children: Alice, Lilian, Percy Edgar, Leslie Ernest, Mansley Mackay, Arthur Gordon and Melvin.

4-Alice Bennett.

4-Lilian Bennett died on 31 Jan 1945.

4-Percy Edgar Bennett was born on 19 Dec 1875 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 10 Jul 1942 in Pretoria, South Africa at age 66.

4-Leslie Ernest Bennett was born on 5 Feb 1878 in Hobart.

4-Mansley Mackay Bennett was born in 1881 in Clunes, Victoria and died in 1959 in Sandford, Victoria at age 78.

4-Arthur Gordon Bennett was born in 1885 in warracknabeal, Victoria and died on 6 Oct 1891 in Ardale, Victoria at age 6.

4-Melvin Bennett was born in 1890 and died on 21 Sep 1943 in Prahran, Victoria at age 53.

3-William Mansley Bennett was born in Aug 1834 in Graveley, Cambridgeshire, England and died in 1916 in Brighton, Victoria at age 82. William married Jane Owen, daughter of William Owen M.P. on 27 Mar 1861 in South Australia.  They had five children: Millicent Mary, William Owen, Beverley Mansley, Lina Ashley and Evan Owen.

4-Millicent Mary Bennett was born on 25 Jan 1862 in Adelaide, South Australia and died on 28 Nov 1862 in Clarendon, South Australia.

4-William Owen Bennett was born on 2 May 1863 in Clarendon, South Australia and died in 1931 in Fitzroy, Victoria at age 68.

4-Beverley Mansley Bennett was born in 1864 in Kapunda, South Australia and died in 1935 in Western Australia at age 71.

4-Lina Ashley Bennett was born in 1866 in Kapunda, South Australia and died on 29 Aug 1915 in Batavia at age 49.

4-Evan Owen Bennett was born on 25 Jul 1868 in Clare, South Australia and died in 1869 at age 1.

3-Thomas Bennett was born in 1838 in Gaddesden, Hertfordshire England, was christened on 31 Jul 1842 in Wesleyan Chapel, Luton, Bedford, Engand, died on 21 Jul 1918 in Barrington, Tasmania at age 80, and was buried in 1918 in Methodist Cemetery, Barrington, Tasmania. Thomas married Ann Fox on 7 Apr 1862 in Wesleyan Mission House, Clarendon, Tasmania. Ann was born about 1843. They had four children: Herbert Fox, Christopher Thomas, Edith Jane and Marion Jane.

4-Herbert Fox Bennett was born on 31 Mar 1863 in South Australia and died on 1 May 1864 in South Australia at age 1.

4-Christopher Thomas Bennett was born on 31 Jan 1865 in Hindmarsh, South Australia and died on 18 Oct 1913 in Latrobe, Tasmania at age 48.

4-Edith Jane Bennett was born on 5 Dec 1867 in Magill, South Australia and died on 24 Feb 1868 in Adelaide, South Australia.

4-Marion Jane Bennett was born on 13 Apr 1869 in Adelaide, South Australia and died on 13 Jun 1869 in Norwood, South Australia.

Thomas next married Emma Best, daughter of John Best and Mary Taylor, on 3 Mar 1871 in Port Sorell. Emma was born on 11 Feb 1847 in Longford and died on 24 Apr 1872 in Port Sorell at age 25. They had one daughter: Annie Emma Best.

4-Annie Emma Best Bennett was born on 23 Apr 1872 in Port Sorell, died on 20 Sep 1947 in New Norfolk at age 75, and was buried on 23 Sep 1947 in Hobart, Tasmania. Annie married William Elder Faulds on 10 Aug 1892 in Sheffield. William was born on 28 Aug 1902 in Launceston and died in 1902.

Annie next married Charles Edward Brimfield, son of John Edwin Brimfield and Ellen Hales, on 25 Oct 1905 in Latrobe. Charles was born on 11 May 1863 in Bothwell, Tasmania, was christened on 8 Dec 1873 in Bothwell, Tasmania, died on 7 Jul 1939 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 76, and was buried on 10 Jul 1939 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Thomas next married Sarah Cocker, daughter of John Cocker and Sarah Elizabeth Briggs, on 27 Feb 1873 in Home of John Cocker, Barrington, Tasmania. Sarah was born on 26 Apr 1848 in Campbell Town, Tasmania, died on 1 Jul 1932 in Barrington, Tasmania at age 84, and was buried in 1932 in Barrington, Tasmania. They had eight children: John Osborne Osee, Mary Ann Olive, Lillian Sarah Elizabeth, Hedley Mansley (Ted), Edwin Leslie, Frances Essie Alice, Laura Amy May and William Marson.

3-Elizabeth Bennett was born in 1839 in Gaddesden, Hertfordshire England. Elizabeth married John S. Greer on 9 Apr in Adelaide, South Australia.

3-Joseph Bennett was born in 1841 in Gaddesden, Hertfordshire England.