John and Sarah Cocker

Ada Mary Cocker and Archie Manton Hedley Morey

Ada Mary Cocker was born on 9 Oct 1883 in Port Sorell. Ada married Archie Manton Hedley Morey, son of Charles Morey and Emma Maria (Susannah) Jackson, on 9 Dec 1903 in the Methodist Church Lower Barrington. Archie was born on 31 Mar 1873 in Port Sorell.

Burnie Advocate Monday 7 March 1932, page 4

BARRINGTON. An Unusual Tribute:

Quito a remarkable tribute was paid to Cr. Arch. Morey at the Kentish Council meeting on Saturday, following his intimation that he intended to retire, owing to not being able to give the time to the work he would like to do, and to the fact that most of his section of the ward did not come under his frequent oversight. The Warden at once expressed the hope that Cr. ' Morey would not resign. He regarded him as a most valuable colleague, and he felt sure the ratepayers were of a like opinion. It meant some sacrifice to be in the council, as they all knew, but it was a public duty. Nearly every councillor at the table spoke in like strain, testifying that the independence of thought of Cr. Morey, his fearlessness of expression and his usefulness as a member. Cr. Doyle confessed that he was often "chipped at" by Cr. Morey, but he regarded him as "absolutely one of the finest councillors who had over sat at the table." This seemed to be a general view. Cr. Williams reminded Cr. Morey that he had a duty to the ratepayers, who had reposed confidence in him. Cr. Morey was somewhat taken aback by the general eulogy, and said he recognised the truth of Cr. Williams' remark that he owed a duty to the ratepayers, but he felt that as he could not devote the time to the position he decided he ought to retire. It was then suggested that as Cr. Morey had but 12 months to go before his three years were up, he should withhold his resignation for that time. Cr. Morey gave a noncommittal reply, but said if he thought there was no one else willing to take the position he would continue to act

Ada and Archie had five children:

4-Saidie Tasma Morey was born on 12 Nov 1904 in Barrington, Tasmania. Saidie married Donovan Henry Charles Packett, son of Charles Packett and Caroline Cruttenden Mace. Donovan was born on 18 Feb 1904 in Barrington, Tasmania.

4-Jessie Eileen Morey was born on 21 Jan 1906 in Sheffield.

4-Nellie Edna Morey was born on 19 Feb 1907 in Barrington, Tasmania and died on 19 Jun 1988 at age 81. Nellie married Harold John Solomon, son of Albert Edgar Solomon and Una Alice Hannah Mary Scott. Albert Edgar Solomon was the great grandson of convict Joseph Solomon.   Harold was born on 23 Apr 1907 in 15 Maitland Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

4-Joan Marjorie Morey was born on 19 Mar 1911 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania. Joan married Horace George Crisp, son of Frederick Henry Crisp and Emma Blundstone. Horace was born on 7 Nov 1899 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had one daughter: Sally.

5-Sally Crisp died about 1951. Sally married Frank Brain.  They had two children: Andre and Sara.

6-Andre Brain.

6-Sara Brain.

4-Roland Archie Morey was born on 13 Feb 1914 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania. Roland married Rita May Crowden, daughter of Job Cartwright Crowden and Ruby Gordon Harding. Rita was born on 5 Jul 1916 in Deloraine, Tasmania. They had four children: Jennifer Anne, Judy, Robin and Peter.

5-Jennifer Anne Morey. Jennifer married John Nicholls.  They had four children: Tim, Terisa, Paula and Philip John.

6-Tim Nicholls.

6-Terisa Nicols. Terisa married Andrew Richardson.  They had two children: Kate and Elisa.

7-Kate Richardson.

7-Elisa Richardson.

Terisa next married Christopher Riely.  They had two children: Susan and Ryan.

7-Susan Riely.

7-Ryan Riely.

6-Paula Nicholls.

6-Philip John Nicholls.

5-Judy Morey. Judy married Maurice McGuire.  They had one son: Martin.

6-Martin McGuire.

Judy next married Peter Miller.

5-Robin Morey. Robin married Ron Fife.  They had three children: Karen, Robert and Joanne.

6-Karen Fife.

6-Robert Fife.

6-Joanne Fife.

5-Peter Morey. Peter married Emmy.  They had three children: Raylene, Shane and Jason.

6-Raylene Morey.

6-Shane Morey.

6-Jason Morey.