John and Sarah Cocker

Edwin Leslie Bennett and Grace Melvina Keep

Edwin Leslie Bennett was born on 18 Jun 1883 in Port Sorell, died on 15 Jan 1978 in Devonport at age 94, and was buried in 1978 in Devonport. Edwin married Grace Melvina Keep, daughter of William Henry Keep and Clara Jane Butler, on 4 Oct 1914 in South Spreyton. Grace was born on 9 Apr 1891 in Sheffield and died on 11 Mar 1956 in Devonport at age 64. They had two children: Joyce Lesley and Loris.

4-Joyce Lesley Bennett was born on 1 Jul 1917 in Latrobe and died on 27 Jul 1996 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 79. Joyce married her second cousin Frank Reginald Moore, son of Malcolm Samuel Moore and Annie Louisa Cocker. Frank was born in 1913 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 12 Apr 1994 at age 81. They had eight children: John Leslie, Enid Ruth, Shirley Ann, Heather June, Rita Francis, Robyn Joy, Ian Timothy and Peter Brian.

5-John Leslie Moore was born on 17 Jul 1943. John married Gaylene McPherson.  They had two children: Graeme John and Gary Kevin.

6-Graeme John Moore. Graeme married Joy Pryce.

6-Gary Kevin Moore was born on 17 Apr 1964 and died on 28 Jul 2010 at age 46. Gary married Trish.  They had one son: Jack.

7-Jack Moore.

5-Enid Ruth Moore was born on 26 May 1945. Enid married Ross Smith.  They had four children: Theresa Joy, Bernadette Ann, Lindel Maree and Carolyn Judith.

6-Theresa Joy Smith was born about 1966. Theresa married David Storey.  They had two children: Thomas Michael and Benjamin Ian.

7-Thomas Michael Storey was born on 3 Dec 1992.

7-Benjamin Ian Storey was born on 7 Dec 1994.

Theresa next married Michael Anderson.  They had one son: Rory Caelen.

7-Rory Caelen Anderson was born on 4 Sep 2001.

6-Bernadette Ann Smith was born on 4 Oct 1969.

6-Lindel Maree Smith.

6-Carolyn Judith Smith was born on 10 Jan 1973. Carolyn married Terry Sampson.  They had four children: Jessica Lily Grace, Caitlin Lesley Pearl, Emily Hannah Rose and Angela Meredith Joy.

7-Jessica Lily Grace Sampson was born on 28 Oct 2006.

7-Caitlin Lesley Pearl Sampson was born on 14 May 2007.

7-Emily Hannah Rose Sampson was born on 10 Nov 2008.

7-Angela Meredith Joy Sampson was born on 10 Nov 2008.

5-Shirley Ann Moore was born on 26 Nov 1946. Shirley married Franklin Browne.  They had four children: Jacquie Anne, Curtis Franklin, Philip Charles and Louise Narelle.

6-Jacquie Anne Browne. Jacquie married Darren John Lord, son of Graeme Leslie Lord and Janette Harriette Irving, on 17 Apr 1993 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. Darren was born on 5 Jan 1970 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. They had two children: Hannah Louise and Jordan Thomas.

7-Hannah Louise Lord was born on 17 Jun 1997 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.

7-Jordan Thomas Lord was born on 26 Apr 2000 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.

6-Curtis Franklin Browne.

6-Philip Charles Browne. Philip married Melissa Townsend.  They had one son: Kayden Charles.

7-Kayden Charles Browne.

6-Louise Narelle Browne was born about 1964. Louise married Phillip Ostopowicz.

5-Heather June Moore was born on 4 Jan 1948.

5-Rita Francis Moore was born on 11 Jan 1949. Rita married John Gilbert Husband. John was born on 12 Mar 1946 and died on 1 Feb 2010 at age 63. They had three children: Stuart Leslie, Michael John and Robert Leslie.

6-Stuart Leslie Husband was born about 1973.

6-Michael John Husband was born about 1975.

6-Robert Leslie Husband was born about 1980.

5-Robyn Joy Moore was born in 1953. Robyn married Philip Ellis.  They had two children: Ben and Peta Joy.

6-Ben Ellis.

6-Peta Joy Ellis.

5-Ian Timothy Moore.

5-Peter Brian Moore was born in 1961.

4-Loris Bennett was born on 6 Jun 1925. Loris married Jack Reeves on 29 Jan 1946. Jack was born on 1 Feb 1923 and died on 23 Jul 1996 at age 73. They had three children: Kaye, Carol and Phillip.

5-Kaye Reeves was born on 16 Sep 1946. Kaye married Warren Thompson on 11 Dec 1965. Warren was born on 22 Nov 1944. They had two children: Paul Warren and Lisa Kaye.

6-Paul Warren Thompson was born on 14 Nov 1970 and died on 16 Feb 1991 at age 20.

6-Lisa Kaye Thompson was born on 9 Feb 1971. Lisa married Chris Denholm on 4 Mar 1995. Chris was born on 15 Jul 1967. They had two children: Ben Paul and Jemma Lee.

7-Ben Paul Denholm was born on 22 Jun 1998.

7-Jemma Lee Denholm was born on 10 Jan 2000.

5-Carol Reeves was born on 17 Oct 1947. Carol married Ian Collins on 11 Nov 1967. Ian was born on 4 Mar 1944. They had two children: Brett Ian and Jacqui Carol.

6-Brett Ian Collins was born on 29 Oct 1969. Brett married Andrea. Andrea was born on 28 Jan 1972. They had three children: Ruby Lee, Ebony Grace and Lily May.

7-Ruby Lee Collins was born on 29 Nov 1998.

7-Ebony Grace Collins was born on 1 Oct 2001.

7-Lily May Collins was born on 13 Jun 2006.

6-Jacqui Carol Collins was born on 28 Aug 1972. Jacqui married Paul Richardson. Paul was born on 21 Feb 1968. They had four children: Georgia Lee, Mackenzy Jayde, Jack Fletcher (Twin) and Jazmin Skye (Twin).

7-Georgia Lee Richardson was born on 24 Apr 1998.

7-Mackenzy Jayde Richardson was born on 11 May 2001.

7-Jack Fletcher (Twin) Richardson was born on 28 Apr 2005.

7-Jazmin Skye (Twin) Richardson was born on 28 Apr 2005.

5-Phillip Reeves was born on 1 May 1951. Phillip married Stepheny Ward on 27 Feb 1971. Stepheny was born on 1 Aug 1951. They had three children: Chelsea, Holli and Kelly.

6-Chelsea Reeves was born on 9 Jan 1978. Chelsea married Wayne Gale on 5 May 2000. Wayne was born on 23 Sep 1969. They had two children: Bailee Tasma and Jameson Thomas.

7-Bailee Tasma Gale was born on 24 Nov 2001.

7-Jameson Thomas Gale was born on 11 Jun 2003.

6-Holli Reeves was born on 15 Apr 1980.

6-Kelly Reeves was born on 12 May 1983.