John and Sarah Cocker

Emma Louisa Cocker and John James Curtis

Emma Louisa Cocker was born on 13 Mar 1872 in Launceston, Tasmania, was christened on 10 Apr 1872 in Launceston, Tasmania, died on 19 Jan 1939 in home, 36 Margaret Street, Launceston at age 68, and was buried on 20 Jan 1939 in Carr Villa C11/296. Emma married John James Curtis on 15 Jun 1891 in St. Peter's Church Fingal.

John was born on 11 Mar 1861 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 16 Jun 1943 in Launceston General Hospital, Launceston at age 82. He was the son of John and Mary Ann Brown but John died before the birth of his son John James, who was raised as John James Curtis by Thomas Curtis and his mother.

Emma and John had nine children: Albert James, Fanny Matilda, Ethel May, Frederick Lesley Wilmot, Evangeline (Eva) Alice Maude, Amy Grace, Percy Tasman, Lucy Lavinia and Emma Irene.

4-Albert James Curtis was born on 14 Sep 1891 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 18 Dec 1891.

4-Fanny Matilda Curtis was born on 26 Sep 1892 in Fingal, Tasmania. Another name for Fanny was Fanny Emily Matilda. Fanny married Walter Coker, son of John William Coker and Elizabeth Turnbull,  on 23 Jun 1915 in Mathinna, Tasmania. Walter was born on 14 Oct 1895 in Fingal, Tsmania and died on 3 Feb 1976 at age 80. They had one daughter: Lavenia Dorrean.

5-Lavenia Dorrean Coker was born on 3 Jun 1916 in Mathinna, Tasmania. Lavenia married Royce Hodgetts They had five children: Delma Dawn, Kerry James, Garry John, Maurice Wayne and Janice Margaret.

6-Delma Dawn Hodgetts was born on 9 Feb 1940 in Braemar Hospital, Burnie.

6-Kerry James Hodgetts was born on 10 Dec 1942 in Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie.

6-Garry John Hodgetts was born on 10 Dec 1942 in Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie.

6-Maurice Wayne Hodgetts was born on 3 Nov 1945 in Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie.

6-Janice Margaret Hodgetts was born on 23 Sep 1949 in Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie and died on 23 Sep 1949 in Darwin Private Hospital, Burnie.

4-Ethel May Curtis was born on 12 Oct 1895 in Fingal, Tasmania, died on 28 May 1974 at age 78, and was buried on 30 May 1974 in Carr Villa Northern wall 24/E1. Ethel had a son: Reginald Laurence.

5-Reginald Laurence Curtis was born on 10 Apr 1919 in Connaught Crescent Salvation Army Home for Unwed mothers, died on 4 Jan 1993 at age 73, and was buried in Carr Villa, Launceston. Reginald served in the Second World War. He married Elsie Houston on 28 Mar 1942 in St Pauls Church, Launceston.

4-Frederick Lesley Wilmot Curtis was born on 7 Apr 1899 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, died on 14 Nov 1971 at age 72, and was buried on 16 Nov 1971 in Monumental  Cemetery, C10/11. Frederick served in both World Wars

First World War Embarkation Roll

Frederick Leslie Curtis aged 19 occupation miner.

Number:  63251

Rank:  Private

Unit:  1 to 3 (WA) and (TAS) Reinforcements (May-October 1918)

Ship Name:  SS Zealandic

Date of embarkation:  5 October 1918

Place of embarkation:  Melbourne

Next of Kin, father James Curtis, Mangana Tasmania

Service Record


 Service: Australian Army

 Service Number: T43248

 Date of Birth: 27 Mar 1899

 Place of Birth: WILMOT, TAS

 Date of Enlistment: 9 Jul 1941

 Locality on Enlistment: Unknown

 Place of Enlistment: LAUNCESTON, TAS

 Next of Kin: CURTIS, EDITH

 Date of Discharge: 12 Aug 1943

 Rank: Corporal

 Posting at Discharge: SIGS TAS FORCE

Frederick married Edith Elizabeth Barbara Watson on 15 Apr 1923 in Church of England, Mangana, Tasmania. Edith was born about 1905 in Ringarooma and was buried on 2 Dec 1944 in Monumental  Cemetery, C10/11.

4-Evangeline (Eva) Alice Maude Curtis was born on 13 Dec 1903 in Stanley (Wilmot), died on 3 Oct 1993 at age 89, and was buried on 6 Oct 1993 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Evangeline married Alfred Robert Jones, son of Alfred Jones and Hester Ann Davison, on 25 Mar 1936. Alfred was born on 4 Dec 1901 and died on 30 May 1988 in Highfield, Stanley, Tasmania at age 86. They had one son: Robert.

5-Robert Jones.

4-Amy Grace Curtis was born on 6 Feb 1907 in Wilmot, Tasmania, died on 1 Dec 1983 at age 76, and was buried in Wynyard General Cemetery.

4-Percy Tasman Curtis was born on 15 Nov 1909 in Fingal, Tasmania, died on 25 Mar 1974 at age 64, and was buried on 26 Mar 1974 in Monumental  Cemetery, Carr Villa.

Percy served in World War 2:

Service Record

Service: Australian Army
Service Number: TX13533 (T34151)
Date of Birth 15 Nov 1909
Place of Birth FINGAL, TAS
Date of Enlistment 24 Feb 1943
Locality on Enlistment LAUNCESTON, TAS
Place of Enlistment ROSS, TAS
Date of Discharge 7 Dec 1945
Rank Private
Posting at Discharge 123 A G TPT COY

 Percy married Lorna Saltmarsh They had one son: Raymond John.

5-Raymond John Curtis was born in 1947 and died in 1972 in St Kilda, Melbourne at age 25.

4-Lucy Lavinia Curtis was born on 5 Nov 1912 in Mathinna.

4-Emma Irene Curtis was born on 7 Jan 1916 in Mathinna. Emma married Maxell Henry Cadman, son of George Joseph Cadman and Evelyn Mary Stearnes, on 23 Dec 1911 in Launceston, Tasmania. Maxell was born on 17 Oct 1916 in 102 York Street Launceston, Tasmania.  He served in the Second World War: