John and Sarah Cocker

Frances Essie Bennett and Lindon William Thompson

Frances Essie Alice Bennett was born on 12 Sep 1885 in Port Sorell, died on 31 Jul 1978 in Williamstown, Victoria at age 92, and was buried on 3 Aug 1978 in Memorial Park, Altona. Frances married Lindon William Thompson, son of Martin Thompson and Caroline Harrison, on 9 Jun 1909 in Methodist Church Port Sorrel. Lindon was born on 6 Jul 1885 in Port Sorell and died on 29 Dec 1961 in Mordialloc, Victoria at age 76. They had three children:

Leslie Lindon

Arley May and

Allan Mansly

4-Leslie Lindon Thompson was born on 2 Mar 1911 in Glenmaggie, Victoria, died on 1 Dec 1981 in Williamstown, Victoria at age 70, and was buried on 4 Dec 1981 in Altona Memorial Park, Victoria. Leslie married Alma Linda Beazley, daughter of Thomas Beazley and Linda Jenkin, on 10 Feb 1962 in Newport Methodist Church. Alma was born on 28 Jan 1919 in Brunswick, East Victoria, died on 15 May 2001 in Footscray, Victoria at age 82, and was buried on 19 May 2001 in Memorial Park, Altona. They had one son: Allan Leslie.

5-Allan Leslie Thompson was born on 14 Aug 1963 in Williamstown, Victoria and was christened in 1963 in Newport Methodist Church. Allan married Laurel Patricia Shugg, daughter of Peter Shugg and Patricia Miles, on 30 Oct 1993 in Maidstone, Victoria. Laurel was born on 10 Dec 1961 in Footscray, Victoria. They had one daughter: Michaela Louise.

6-Michaela Louise Thompson was born on 26 Jul 1997 in Werribee Mercy Hospital , Victoria and was christened on 5 Oct 1997 in Werribee, Victoria.

4-Arley May Thompson was born on 15 Aug 1912 in Cowwarr, Victoria, died on 4 Nov 1993 in North Sydney, NSW at age 81, and was buried in Nov 1993 in Rockwood Cemetery. Arley married Ronald Young.

4-Allan Mansly Thompson was born on 29 Jun 1916 in Brighton, Victoria, died on 18 Jun 2003 at age 86, and was buried on 23 Jun 2003 in Springvale. Allan married Pearl Burns.  They had two children: Barry Allan and Darren.

5-Barry Allan Thompson was born in 1961. Barry married Julie.  They had two children: Travis and Jacqueline.

6-Travis Thompson.

6-Jacqueline Thompson was born in 1997.

5-Darren Thompson was born on 1 Dec 1963.