John and Sarah Cocker

So many of our families arrived as convicts; a few scoundrels to be sure but many were simply victims of circumstances and, ovewhelmingly, they adapted to their new life, they worked hard to create a future for their families and they helped create our wonderful island state.  And so many more selflessly fought and some made the ultimate sacrifice, , protecting their families and their future. 


and those who served in the:

Boer War

First World War

Second World War

Korean War

We salute them all.

Vietnam War

Norman James Cairns 1 Apr 1948 James (Jim) Harvey Cairns and Gloria Joan Freudenstein
Alvin Conache 19 Oct 1942 Thomas Clifford Conache and Beryl Constance Walker
Kevin Donald Dobson 20 Sep 1949 Dudley Albert Dobson and Lorna Williams
Phillip Leslie Lee 8 Ap 19 48 Maxwell Raymond Lee and Vera Mary French
Ronald Hudson Thomas Lee 23 May 1946 Ronald Hudson Thomas Lee and Doris Cleary
Wiliam Henry Winter 19 Sep 1946 Henry Arthur Winter and Mary Agar Walker

Count: 6

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