John and Sarah Cocker

Captain Robert William Hepburn R.N. J.P. and Jacobina Hosie

1-Captain Robert William Hepburn R.N. J.P. was born on 28 Jan 1782 in Wilkins Estate, St Dorothy, Jamaica and died on 7 Feb 1886 in Fingal, Tasmania at age 84. He was a Captain in the Royal Navy from which he retired on 13 March 1827 - 3. He built a house at Waterloo Point, next to the old school, where he set up a store. He was made a J.P. on 2 Jan 1833.

Robert married Jacobina Hosie on 18 May 1805 in South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. Jacobina was born on 3 Jul 1784 in South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, died on 13 Apr 1871 in Roys Hill, Fingal, Tasmania at age 86, and was buried on 14 Apr 1871 in Swanport, Tasmania. They had nine children:

2-William Hepburn was born on 24 Apr 1806 in South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, died on 11 Jan 1880 in Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 73, and was buried in Gala Kirk, Tasmania. William married Sarah Eliza Makepeace. Sarah was born on 2 Sep 1826 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 5 Mar 1908 at age 81.  They had five children:

2-Elizabeth Hepburn was born on 2 Jan 1809 in South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. Elizabeth married John Amos, son of Adam Amos and Mary Tait, on 8 Mar 1833 in Hobart, Tasmania. John was born on 4 Jan 1806 in Heriot, Midlothian, Scotland and died on 22 Apr 1880 in Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 74. They had a daughter: Mary Ann.

3-Mary Ann Amos was born on 20 Jan 1835 in Glen Heriot, Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania and died on 11 Jul 1898 in Glen Heriot, Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 63. Mary married her first cousin Adam James Amos, son of James Amos and Ellen Amos, on 16 Nov 1855 in Great Swanport, Tasmania. Adam was born on 3 Dec 1836 in Gala Mill, Cranbrook, Glamorgan and died on 20 Apr 1894 at age 57. They had two children: Malcolm and Ellen Elizabeth.

4-Malcolm Amos was born on 30 Aug 1857 in Swansea and died in 1926 in Latrobe at age 69. Malcolm married Jessie Davidson, daughter of John Davidson, on 20 Feb 1886 in Swansea. Jessie was born on 17 Sep 1866 in Campbell Town, Tasmania and died on 4 Feb 1944 in Latrobe at age 77. They had one son: Walter.

5-Walter Amos was born on 15 Sep 1895 in Mersey and died on 7 Nov 1981 in Circular Head, Tasmania at age 86. Walter married Annie Murray Reid, daughter of Henry Murray Reid and Hannah Maria Saward, on 15 Jul 1918 in Smithton. Annie was born on 20 Nov 1897 in Stanley and died on 17 Jan 1934 in Tasmania at age 36. They had three children: Walter, Jean and Claire.

6-Walter Amos was born on 16 Jul 1919 in Stanley and died on 23 Oct 1992 in Smithton at age 73.

6-Jean Amos. Jean married Johnson.

6-Claire Amos was born in 1927 and died on 20 Feb 2009 at age 82. Claire married Luttrell.

4-Ellen Elizabeth Amos was born on 5 Oct 1859 in Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania and died on 2 Nov 1930 in Cressy, Tasmania at age 71. Ellen married John Shelton Cotton, son of Henry Cotton and Lavinia Amos, in 1183. John was born on 14 Sep 1856 in Barrington, Tasmania and died on 8 Jul 1946 in Beaumaris Point at age 89. They had a son: Raymond Gordon.

5-Raymond Gordon Cotton was born in 1884 in Port Sorell. Raymond married Eleanor Annie Reid, daughter of William John Coombs Reid and Margaret Sarah Palmer, on 23 May 1905 in Tasmania. Eleanor was born on 31 Jul 1883 in Horton, now Circular Head and died on 12 Jul 1968 at age 84. They had four children: Margaret Ellen, William John, Leslie Gordon and Francis Raymond.

6-Margaret Ellen Cotton. Margaret married William Patrick Irwin on 24 Dec 1925.

6-William John Cotton. William married Leila V. Ferguson. Leila was born on 20 Nov 1912. They had four children: Jillian Claire, Madge Lillian, Helen Gael and Gaye Maree.

7-Jillian Claire Cotton was born on 9 Jul 1939. Jillian married John Shackloth.  They had three children: Karen, Claire and Helen.

8-Karen Shackloth was born on 26 Dec 1966.

8-Claire Shackloth was born on 6 Dec 1967. Claire married Darren Tatlow.

8-Helen Shackloth was born on 4 Dec 1968.

7-Madge Lillian Cotton was born on 28 Apr 1941 and died on 29 Jan 1942.

7-Helen Gael Cotton was born on 9 Mar 1943. Helen married Graham Thurley.  They had two children: Matthew and Andrea.

8-Matthew Thurley was born on 26 Oct 1971.

8-Andrea Thurley was born on 9 May 1974.

7-Gaye Maree Cotton was born on 24 Jan 1945. Gaye married Kerrin O'Halloran.  They had three children: Catherine, Lynne and Anita.

8-Catherine O'Halloran was born on 16 Apr 1965.

8-Lynne O'Halloran was born on 24 Dec 1966.

8-Anita O'Halloran was born on 26 Jan 1968.

6-Leslie Gordon Cotton.

6-Francis Raymond Cotton.

2-Lillias Hepburn was born on 7 May 1817 in Scotland and died in 1913 in Brighton, Tasmania at age 96. Lillias married convict ↑Matthew Frederick Pearce.  They had one daughter: Jacobina Elizabeth.

3-Jacobina Elizabeth Pearce was born on 18 May 1846 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 10 Apr 1896 in Brighton, Tasmania at age 49. Jacobina married William Isaac Jackson on 22 Mar 1865 in Brighton, Tasmania.  They had one daughter: Mary Thelma Eliza.

4-Mary Thelma Eliza Jackson was born on 23 Dec 1865 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 3 May 1898 in Brighton, Tasmania at age 32. Mary married William Joseph Bedford, son of Joseph Bedford and Sarah Briggs, on 24 Apr 1886 in St Marks Anglican Church, Pontville. William was born on 8 Oct 1865 in Brighton, Tasmania, was christened on 19 Nov 1865 in St  Marks, Pontville, and died on 1 Sep 1949 in Royal Hobart Hospital at age 83. They had six children: Ruby Isola, Vera Warburton, William Robert Hepburn, Leslie Vivian, Clarice Robina and Clarence Reginald.