John and Sarah Cocker

William Handley and Mary Kenny

1-William Handley was born on 20 Feb 1825 in Yorkshire, England, died on 22 May 1877 in Fingal, Tasmania at age 52, and was buried in Cullenswood Anglican Cemetery, Fingal, Tasmania. William Handley was a convict, arriving on the Duchess of Northumberland in 1843.

William married Mary Kenny on 28 Mar 1853 in St Josephs Church, Launceston, Tasmania. Mary was born about 1832 in Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland, died on 31 Jul 1900 in Fingal, Tasmania aged about 68, and was buried in Cullenswood Anglican Cemetery, Fingal, Tasmania. They had eleven children:

2-James George Handley was born about 1854 and died on 12 Apr 1906 in the New Town Charitable Institution, Hobart, Tasmania aged about 52. James married Susannah Luckman on 8 Feb 1876 in Fingal Anglican Cemetery. Susannah was born about 1855 and died on 7 Mar 1889 in Fingal, Tasmania aged about 34. They had six children: William, Carrol Susannah, Rubina Amelia, Zulu Hannah, Fanny and Baby.

3-William Handley was born on 7 Dec 1876 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Coral Susannah Handley was born on 21 Apr 1879 in Fingal, Tasmania. Carrol married Joseph Edward Hepburn Porte on 16 Jul 1907.

3-Rubina Amelia Handley was born on 13 May 1881 in Clarence, Tasmania.

3-Zulu Hannah Handley was born on 24 Feb 1883 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Fanny Handley was born on 18 Sep 1885 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Baby Handley was born on 14 Feb 1889 and died on 15 Feb 1889 in Fingal, Tasmania.

2-Jane Handley was born about 1855 in Fingal, Tasmania. She married Benjamin Barter Welsh in 1886 in Aomaru, New Zealand.

2-Mary Hannah Handley was born on 17 Feb 1856 in Fingal, Tasmania. Mary married George Deas Brown on 3 Apr 1878 in Launceston, Tasmania. George was born about 1838. They had nine children: Elizabeth An, James Edward, George Deas, Mary Margaret, Robert, Euphemia Isabel, Jane Hutton, Ellen Holmes and Ellen Holmes.

3-Elizabeth Ann Brown was born on 11 Mar 1879 in the Launceston General Hospital.

3-James Edward Brown was born on 20 Apr 1880 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-George Deas Brown was born on 6 Feb 1882 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 5 Jul 1941 at age 59. He served in the First World War. George married Lizzie Robertson Callander. Lizzie was born on 28 Feb 1894 in Moama, New South Wales and died on 23 Jun 1991 in Battery Point, Tasmania at age 97. They had one son: George Deas.

4-George Deas Brown AM was born on 6 Aug 1922 and died on 1 Jan 2014 at age 91.

The Mercury 2 Feb 2014

BROWN, George Deas AM. Born 6 September 1922, and died peacefully in his sleep on 1 January 2014. Ever loving and loved husband of Norma (died 1999). Much loved father, father-in-law and Grandpa of Anne; Jenny, Paul, Sarah and Patrick, and Matthew; Edwina, Peter, Jonathan and Toby; and Kathryn, Mike, Sophie and Tommy (Ireland). Thank you to all who brought joy into Dad's life. George married Norma. Norma died in 1999.

3-Mary Margaret Brown was born on 30 Jun 1884 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Robert Brown was born on 14 Dec 1886 in Portland, Tasmania.

3-Euphemia Isabel Brown was born on 10 Dec 1888 in Portland, Tasmania.

3-Jane Hutton Brown was born on 24 Dec 1890 in Portland, Tasmania.

3-Ellen Holmes Brown was born on 6 Dec 1892 in Portland, Tasmania and died on 1 May 1893 in Portland, Tasmania.

3-Ellen Holmes Brown was born on 2 Aug 1897 in Portland, Tasmania. Ellen married Ernest Edward Le Fevre.  They had one son: Edward Deas.

4-Edward Deas Le Fevre was born on 30 Jun 1919 in 163 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

2-Elizabeth Handley was born on 6 Jan 1858 in Fingal, Tasmania. Elizabeth married Robert Speers on 13 Jul 1877 in Fingal, Tasmania. Robert was born about 1855. They had 14 children: Mary, Andrew, William, Robert John, Sarah Frances, Henry, Thomas, Elizabeth Daisy, Leslie, Erick Samuel, James Barry, Eliza Linda, Everard Frederick Redvers and Ivy Irene. 

3-Mary Speers was born on 31 May 1878 in Fingal, Tasmania, was christened on 4 Aug 1878 in Christ Church, Cullenswood, Tasmania, died on 23 Mar 1918 at the Residence of Mrs. Cameron, Mangana at age 39, and was buried on 26 Mar 1918 in Gray, Tasmania.  Mary married Joseph George Cocker, son of Joseph Cocker and Euphemia Lawson, on 21 Apr 1902 in Church of England, Gray, Tasmania. Joseph was born on 1 Aug 1877 in Evandale, Tasmania, died on 12 Nov 1945 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 68, and was buried on 14 Nov 1945. They had six children: Violet Amelia, Harold Joseph George, Muriel Mary, Daisy Elizabeth Fanny, Florence Madge and Phyllis May. Their story is told here:

3-Andrew Speers was born on 28 Sep 1879 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-William Speers was born on 4 Nov 1880 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Robert John Speers was born on 27 Feb 1882 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Sarah Frances Speers was born on 29 Jan 1884 in Fingal, Tasmania, died on 21 Oct 1915 at age 31, and was buried in Gray, Tasmania.

3-Henry Speers was born on 4 Sep 1886 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Thomas Speers was born on 30 Jan 1888 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Elizabeth Daisy Speers was born on 6 May 1890 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Leslie Speers was born on 30 Jun 1892 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Erick Samuel Speers was born on 4 Nov 1893 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-James Barry Speers was born on 22 Jul 1895 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Eliza Linda Speers was born on 2 Apr 1897 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Everard Frederick Redvers Speers was born on 4 Mar 1900 in Mangana, Tasmania, died on 18 Jul 1943 in a Prison Camp, Thailand at age 43, and was buried in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. He served in the Second World War. Everard married Mary Jane Florence Jacobs on 6 Jan 1930 in 96 Margaret Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Ivy Irene Speers was born on 12 Jul 1902 in Mangana, Tasmania and died on 23 Oct 1930 in Public Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania at age 28. Irene did not marry but had one son, Roy Berkand.

4- Roy Berkand Speers was born on 8 Jul 1917 in the Connaught Crescent Salvation Army Home for Unwed mothers, Launceston

2-Henry Thomas Handley was born on 17 Mar 1859 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 13 Jan 1952 in Gladstone, Queensland at age 92. Henry married Fanny Eliza Griffiths on 28 Sep 1891 in Strahan, Tasmania, Australia. Fanny was born on 12 May 1867 in Lilydale, Victoria and died on 13 Jan 1952 at age 84.

2-William Terence Handley was born on 30 Jun 1862 in Fingal, Tasmania. William married Sophia Maria Page on 12 May 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania.  They had three children: Edward William, Beatrice Olive and Erle Hepburn.

3-Edward William Handley was born on 16 Mar 1892 in Hobart, Tasmania. Edward married Muriel Gertrude Street on 22 Dec 1925 in St James Church New Town, Tasmania.

3-Beatrice Olive Handley was born on 19 Sep 1893 in Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Erle Hepburn Handley was born on 21 Jun 1895 in Zeehan, Tasmania.

2-Richard Kenny Handley was born on 22 Mar 1864 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 5 Jan 1930 in Moorina, Tasmania at age 65. Richard married Jane Emma Wagner on 22 Jul 1915 in Bradshaws Creek, Tasmania. They had one son: Mentyn or Mervyn Richard.

 3-Mentyn Richard Handley was born on 28 Jun 1916 in Moorina, Tasmania.

2-Margaret Handley was born on 17 Feb 1866 in Fingal, Tasmania. Margaret married Albert George Smith on 18 Dec 1886 in Fingal, Tasmania. Albert was born about 1861.

2-Sarah Fanny Handley was born on 27 Dec 1867 in Fingal, Tasmania, died on 27 Feb 1942 in Wellington, New Zealand at age 74, and was buried on 28 Feb 1942 in Karori Cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand. Sarah married Frederick James Cocker, son of Joseph Cocker and Euphemia Lawson,  on 23 Apr 1901 in The Manse Fingal Tasmania. Frederick was born on 8 May 1881 in Gatehouse Perth, was christened on 5 Nov 1881 in The Manse, Evandale, died on 26 May 1953 in Karori, Wellington, New Zealand at age 72, and was buried on 29 May 1952 in Karori, Wellington, New Zealand. They had five children: Clarence (Clarrie) Frederick, Eileen Frances, Myrtle Marie, Lionel Royce and Eric Ernest.  Their story is told here.

2-Annie Handley was born on 27 Jul 1869 in Fingal, Tasmania.

2-Mathias Handley was born on 23 Apr 1872 in Fingal, Tasmania. Mathias married Mary Winifred Murphy on 3 Oct 1898 in Lyell, Tasmania. Mary was born about 1868. They had a son: Edward Mathias.

3-Edward Mathias Handley was born on 16 Dec 1899 in Queenstown, Tasmania.