John and Sarah Cocker

Charles Duke and Margaret Jones

1-Convict Charles Duke was born in 1803 in Northampton, England and died on 26 Nov 1872 in Greens Creek, Tasmania at age 69. Charles arrived in Tasmania aboard the convict ship Henry Porcher, having been sentenced to 7 years for housebreaking. The ship left Portsmouth, England on 14 July 1836, and arrived in Hobart Town on 15 November 1836. Charles received a ticket of leave in December 1849, a conditional pardon on 4 January 1842, and a certificate of freedom on 30 April 1852.

Convict Margaret Jones arrived in Tasmania aboard the convict ship Royal Admiral, having been sentenced to 10 years for stealing 20 sovereigns (she admitted stealing 12). The ship left Woolwich, England on 5 May 1842, and arrived in Hobart Town on 24 September 1842. Margaret received a ticket of leave on 11 November 1845, and a conditional pardon on 3 July 1849.

Charles married Margaret Jones on 11 Oct 1843 in Trinity Church Launceston, Tasmania. Margaret was born in 1821 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales and died on 4 Dec 1894 in Sassafras at age 73. They had nine children:

2-Mary Temperance Duke  1844 - 1925

2-Charles Duke and Margaret Jones

2-Emily Duke  1847 - 1919

2-George Henry Duke  1850 - 1898

2-Elizabeth Duke  1853 -

2-Henrietta Duke  1853 -

2-Charles Duke  1856 -

2-Phoebe Duke  1857 -

2-Edith Duke  1859 -

2-Elizabeth Duke  1867 - 1945

2-Elizabeth Duke was born about Mar 1867 in New Ground, Tasmania and died on 22 Mar 1945 in Paloona aged about 78. Elizabeth married Robert Allison, son of Henry Allison and Margaret Flaherty, on 26 Oct 1897 in Railton, Tasmania, Australia. Robert was born on 14 Oct 1856 in Latrobe and died on 4 Aug 1927 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania at age 70. They had one son: Maurice Wesley Campbell.

3-Maurice Wesley Campbell Allison was born on 13 Jan 1903 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 24 Dec 1966 in Latrobe, Tasmania at age 63. Maurice married Christina Maria Moore, daughter of Malcolm Samuel Moore and Annie Louisa Cocker, on 26 Jun 1937 in Sheffield. Christina was born on 4 Jan 1915 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 24 Oct 1966 in Devonport at age 51. They had three children: Lyall, Neil and Tony.