John and Sarah Cocker

George Butler and Sarah Jarman

1-Convict George Butler was born on 6 Oct 1818 in Mapleton, Yorkshire, England and died on 2 Aug 1907 in Sheffield at age 88. George was convicted for stealing pair of boots (third conviction) and arrived on 23 Mar 1839 aboard the Pyramus.

George married Sarah Jarman, daughter of George Jarman and Mary Ann Bryan, on 2 Aug 1848 in Trinity Church Launceston, Tasmania. Sarah was born on 18 Sep 1834 in Barton, St. David, Somerton, Somerset, England and died on 7 Feb 1918 in Nook, Tasmania at age 83. They had 14 children: Isabella, Eli, Josiah, Elizabeth Mary, Mary Ann, Thomas John, Albert Edward, Clara Jane, Caroline Amelia, Ann Matilda, Frances Emily, Louisa Sarah Mary, Florence Ethelene and George Hezekiah.

2-Isabella Butler was born on 22 Oct 1849 in Longford Cemetery.

2-Eli Butler was born on 12 Sep 1853 in Westbury, Tasmania.

2-Josiah Butler was born on 28 Feb 1856 in Westbury, Tasmania.

2-Elizabeth Mary Butler was born on 18 Jul 1857 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

2-Mary Ann Butler was born on 3 Nov 1858 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

2-Thomas John Butler was born on 29 Dec 1860 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Thomas married Alice Jane Keep, daughter of Charles Keep and Jane Carey,  in 1887 in Nook, Tasmania. Alice was born on 29 Dec 1864 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania.

2-Albert Edward Butler was born on 28 Apr 1863 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Albert married Ann Eliza Keep, daughter of Henry Keep and Sarah Carey,  on 20 Apr 1887 in Nook, Tasmania. Ann was born on 6 May 1865 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania.  Another name for Ann was Hannah.

2-Clara Jane Butler was born on 28 May 1865 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania and died on 6 Dec 1932 in Spreyton at age 67. Clara married William Henry Keep, son of Charles Keep and Jane Carey on 31 Jan 1884 in Sheffield. William was born on 1 Mar 1860 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 10 Jul 1943 in Latrobe, Tasmania at age 83. They had eleven children:

3-George Charles Keep 1884 - 1966

3-Jane Keep 1886 - 1928

3-Hilda Keep 1887 - 1971

3-Ernest Henry Keep 1889 - 1973

3-Grace Melvina Keep 1891 - 1956

3-Elsie May Keep 1893 - 1973

3-Emily Selina Keep 1895 - 1966

3-Ethel Magdalene Keep 1898 - 1940

3-Leonard Joseph Keep 1900 - 1991

3-Brida Evelyne Keep 1903 - 1981

3-Olive Pearl Keep 1904 - 1989

3-Grace Melvina Keep was born on 9 Apr 1891 in Sheffield and died on 11 Mar 1956 in Devonport at age 64. Grace married Edwin Leslie Bennett, son of Thomas Bennett and Sarah Cocker,  on 4 Oct 1914 in South Spreyton. Edwin was born on 18 Jun 1883 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania, died on 15 Jan 1978 in Devonport at age 94, and was buried in 1978 in Devonport. They had two children: Joyce Lesley and Loris. Their story is told here.

2-Caroline Amelia Butler was born on 24 Oct 1867 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania. Caroline married John William French, son of Daniel French and Harriette Christina Beams, on 21 Sep 1887 in Nook, Tasmania.  They had ten children:

3-George Hezekiah Daniel French 1888-1938 

3-Amy Evelyn Euphemia French 1890-1975

3-Frances Eleanor French 1892-1892 

3-Herbert Lionel William French 1893-

3-Clyde William Raymond French 1895-1967

3-Eric Edwin Alexander French 1898-1970 

3-Daphne Florence May French 1899-1968

3-Vera Katherine Grace French 1900-1965 

3-Doris Charlotte Ada French 1902-1988 

3-William James French 190`1970

2-Ann Matilda Butler was born on 16 Oct 1869 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania.

2-Frances Emily Butler was born on 12 Aug 1871 in Nook, Tasmania. Frances married Whitton George Shadbolt on 20 Sep 1893 in Nook, Tasmania. Whitton was born about 1859.

2-Louisa Sarah Mary Butler was born on 30 Mar 1874 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania.

2-Florence Ethelene Butler was born about 1877 in Nook, Tasmania. Florence married John Henry Lyons on 21 Nov 1900 in Nook, Tasmania.

2-George Hezekiah Butler was born in 1879 and died on 28 Aug 1888 in Sheffield, Tasmania at age 9.