James and Margaret Hally

Descendants of John Deveraux

1-John Deveraux was born about 1775 in Shelbeggan, Wexford, Ireland. He was a Captain in a Yeoman Battalion, was charged with high treason for aiding and assisting in the 1798 Irish rebellion at Vinegar Hill in Wexford, Ireland.  He was sentenced to life transportation at Cork and arrived in Sydney in 1802 aboard the Atlas.

He w alleged to be involved in the Irish Uprising at Castle Hill in March 1804 and was sent to Norfolk Island on the Lady Nelson where he met Harrietta McCarty who he married in St Davids Church, Hobart Town, Van Diemens land on 13 Jun 1808. Harrietta was born in Feb 1789 in Sydney, New South Wales and died on 21 Jun 1860 in Bridgewater, Tasmania at age 71. They had eight children:

2-Harriet Devereux 1808- 1870

2-Alexander Devereux 1811-

2-Charles Devereux 1813-

2-Mary Ann Devereux 1815- 1857

2-Ann Devereux 1818- 1840

2-Phillip Devereux 1822- 1910

2-John William Devereaux 1823- 1870

2-Petrus Deveraux was born on 6 Dec 1825 in Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land and died on 15 Jul 1886 in Brighton, Tasmania at age 60. Petrus married Mary Anne Lowe, daughter of George and Norah Lowe, on 13 Jul 1847 in Richmond, Tasmania. Mary was born on 3 Nov 1819 in Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land. They had ten children:

3-Harriet Devereux

3-Alexander Devereux

3-Peter Arthur Devereux

3-Elizabeth Ada Devereux

3-William Henry Devereux

3-Susan Mary Devereux

3-Louise Ellen Devereux

3-John Frederick Devereux

3-Edwin James Devereux

3-Phillip Deveraux was born between 1852 to 1856 and died on 3 Mar 1891 in General Hospital, Hobart at age 39. Phillip married Kate Hally on 29 Jan 1885 in St. Matthews, Pontville. Kate was born on 13 Sep 1864 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 1 May 1926 in South Melbourne, Victoria at age 61.