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Henry James Vicary and Frances Charlotte

3-Frances Charlotte Maclaine was born on 11 Jun 1828 in Waterford, Ireland, died on 2 Sep 1884 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 56, and was buried in Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

Frances married Henry James Vicary, son of Captain Michael Vicary and Eliza Murray, on 8 Jun 1854 in St John the Baptist Church, Buckland. Henry was born on 23 Nov 1815 at sea near Barbados, "Duncombe", died on 25 May 1868 in Spring Bay at age 52, and was buried in Rostrevor, Spring Bay.

They had six children:

  • Donald Robert
  • Francis Edith
  • Alice Catherine
  • Diana Amy
  • Fanny Eliza and
  • Henry John Maclaine.

4-Donald Robert Vicary was born on 14 Mar 1855 in Spring Bay and died on 20 Aug 1939 in Taroona at age 84. Donald married Sarah Ann Ridgers on 13 Aug 1884 in Bothwell, Tasmania. Sarah was born in 1866 and died in 1948 in Tasmania at age 82. They had nine children: William Henry, Ronald Percy, Gordon Trevor, Ruby Jean, Clifton Trevor, John Harold, Daisy Pearl, Donald and Doreen.

5-William Henry Vicary was born on 13 Nov 1885 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-Ronald Percy Vicary was born on 13 Nov 1887 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-Gordon Trevor Vicary was born on 8 Sep 1889 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-Ruby Jean Vicary was born on 17 Jun 1892 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-Clifton Trevor Vicary was born on 6 Jun 1893 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-John Harold Vicary was born on 11 Apr 1896 in Tasman, Tasmania.

5-Daisy Pearl Vicary was born on 25 Nov 1900 in Koonya, Tasmania.

5-Donald Vicary was born on 24 Jun 1907 in Quarantine Station, Browns River Road, Hobart.

5-Doreen Vicary was born on 24 Jun 1907 in Quarantine Station, Browns River Road, Hobart.

4-Francis Edith Vicary was born on 16 Feb 1857 in Spring Bay, died on 18 Aug 1934 in Tasmania at age 77, and was buried in Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. Francis married John Headlam, son of Charles Headlam and Eleanor Bayles, on 7 Jan 1879 in St Georges Church, Battery Point. John was born in 1844 in Campbell Town, Tasmania, died on 10 Apr 1920 in Woodbury, Tasmania at age 76, and was buried in St Peters, Oatlands, Tasmania. They had eight children: Amy, Lionel Vicary, Clifton John, Ellenor Beatrice, Keitha Frances, Malcolm, Jean and Myra Grace.

Charles Headlam (1816-1898), pastoralist, was born on 22 November 1816 at Eggleston, County Durham, England, youngest of the six children of John Headlam and his wife Ann, née Slade. The family arrived at Hobart Town in the Skelton (Captain Dixon) on 22 November 1820. They lived at first in Hobart where John Headlam ran a school; he was granted 775 acres (314 ha) on the Macquarie River in 1823 but appointed a manager to look after his land which he called Egleston. He continued teaching in Hobart and later in Launceston till 1830 when he took his family to Egleston; aged 67 he died on 11 March 1843.

Charles took over the management of Egleston. His skill with stock and his business ability enabled him to expand the original holding of 775 acres (314 ha) until he became the largest landholder in Tasmania, his properties covering 80,000 acres (32,375 ha). In addition to Egleston which had grown to 8600 acres (3480 ha), he occupied the well-known estates of Charlton, Lemont, Woodbury and Nant, and several large properties in the lake district. His sheep numbered up to 60,000, and to cope with them he was the first in Tasmania to introduce shearing machines which were installed in the Egleston woolshed in the early 1890s. He was appointed a territorial magistrate on 11 May 1847 and later district coroner. In September 1852 he wrote to the Colonial Secretary advocating the continuation of transportation of convicts for he was then finding difficulty in obtaining sufficient men to work his properties. He served for many years on the Campbell Town Municipal Council and on the Water and Road Trusts. On 14 June 1842 he had married Eleanor, only daughter of John Bayles of Rokeby on the Macquarie River. Headlam died at Egleston on 14 October 1898 and was buried in the Presbyterian cemetery at Kirklands. He was survived by six sons, who inherited his properties, by four daughters and by some fifty grandchildren.

5-Amy Headlam was born on 5 Jun 1879 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania and died on 22 Feb 1890 in Tasmania at age 10.

5-Lionel Vicary Headlam was born on 18 Jun 1880 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania and died on 15 Jan 1903 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 22.

5-Clifton John Headlam was born on 4 Sep 1881 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania.

5-Ellenor Beatrice Headlam was born on 1 Mar 1883 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania.

5-Keitha Frances Headlam was born on 18 May 1885 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania. Keitha married Burbury Vernon.

5-Malcolm Headlam was born on 18 Feb 1889 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania and was buried in 1955 in St Peters Anglican Cemetery, Oatlands. Malcolm married Hilda May Burrill, daughter of James Burrill and Annie Salmon. Hilda was born on 13 May 1889 in Oatlands, died in 1978 at age 89, and was buried in St Peters, Oatlands, Tasmania.

5-Jean Headlam was born on 18 Jan 1895 in Oatlands and died in 1962 at age 67. Jean married her first cousin Colin McKenzie Pitt OBE, son of Charles Frank Pitt and Emilie Virgini Headlam, in 1923 in Campbell Town, Tasmania. Colin was born on 23 Nov 1890 in Campbell Town, Tasmania and died on 16 Apr 1953 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 62.

Examiner (Launceston), 6th September 1940.

Mr. Colin M. Pitt, Secretary for Lands, was appointed to the dual position of surveyor-general and Secretary for Lands at a meeting of the Executive Council today. In 1929 when the Government decided to proceed with the construction of the West Coast road, Mr. Pitt was detailed to carry out an exploratory survey. He was afterwards entrusted with the duties of engineer in charge and supervised the work of the contractors for the road construction. Mr. Pitt showed professional qualities of a high order and in 1923 received the O.B.E. (civil division). He was appointed Secretary for Lands in 1938.

The Hobart Mercury 20 November 1953.

A tribute to the Surveyor-General who pioneered the survey and construction of the road to Queenstown was paid by the Minister for Lands and Works (Mr. Reece) yesterday at Mt. Arrowsmith, when a cairn was unveiled to his memory. The Surveyor-General was Colin Pitt. The cairn is unique in Tasmania, being in the form of a big conglomerite boulder typical of the country formation. It has been set on the side of the road at King William Saddle, 2,720ft. above sea level. This is the highest point on the road. The cairn was unveiled by Mr. W. Ticknell, road patrolman for the area, who worked with Mr. Pitt during the survey and construction of the road.

5-Myra Grace Headlam was born on 2 Sep 1898 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

4-Alice Catherine Vicary was born on 16 May 1859 in Spring Bay and died on 7 Oct 1951 at age 92. Alice married John Crispe Cottrell on 27 May 1878 in St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Hobart. John was born about 1847 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 29 May 1879 in Timaru, New Zealand aged about 32.

4-Diana Amy Vicary was born on 21 Sep 1861 in Spring Bay and died in 1932 in St Kilda Melbourne at age 71.

4-Fanny Eliza Vicary was born on 26 Feb 1865 in Spring Bay and died in 1934 in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria at age 69.

4-Henry John Maclaine Vicary was born on 11 Aug 1867 in Spring Bay, Tasmania Henry married Lucy Amelia Page, daughter of John James Page and Eliza Ann Ison, on 14 Aug 1890 in Horton, now Circular Head. Lucy was born on 25 Aug 1869 in Oatlands and died in 1917 at age 48. They had two children: Owen Henry and Barry Forbes.  Both served in the First World War.

5-Owen Henry Vicary was born on 30 Jun 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Owen Henry Vicary
 He served in the British Army.  He married English Gladys and migrated to New York, USA at age 28.

5-Barry Forbes Vicary was born on 26 Mar 1895 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Barry Forbes Vicary
Lieutenant Barry Forbes Vicary, Auxiliary Mechanical Transport Company 2, Head-Quarters