Francis French and Mary Oliver ... Elizabeth French and Isaac Diprose

William Francis John Diprose and Ellen Reeves

4-William Francis John Diprose was born on 2 Aug 1861 in Forest Creek, Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 5 Jan 1932 in Scottsdale, Tasmania at age 70. William married Ellen Reeves, daughter of John Reeves and Mary Ann McMasters, on 26 Sep 1884. Ellen was born on 2 Aug 1862 in Port Sorell and died on 11 Dec 1951 in Scottsdale at age 89. They had one daughter:

5-Amy Caroline Diprose was born on 12 Sep 1891 and died on 12 Jun 1969 at age 77. Amy married Thomas Joseph Berwick on 7 Jun 1916. Thomas was born on 13 Sep 1887 and died on 4 Apr 1975 at age 87. They had one son: Neil Thomas.

6-Neil Thomas Berwick was born on 29 Feb 1920 and died before 2004. Neil married Marjorie Thompson, daughter of Lawrence William Thompson and Florence Madge Cocker, on 8 Jan 1949. Marjorie was born on 9 Oct 1928 and died on 2 May 2012 in Scottsdale, Tasmania at age 83.