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William Francis Blake French and Annie Badcock

4-William Francis Blake French was born on 3 May 1834 in Fowey, Cornwall, England and died on 1 May 1899 at age 64. William married his first cousin Annie Badcock, daughter of John Badcock and Ann French, on 23 Dec 1858 in Westbury, Tasmania. Annie was born on 28 Mar 1834 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 9 Apr 1912 at age 78.

They had 14 children:

5 -Clarence William French was born on 2 Oct 1859 and died on 11 May 1877 at age 17.

5-George Rowland French was born on 4 Sep 1860 and died on 2 Apr 1889 at age 28. George married Alice Ada Walker, daughter of Samuel George Walker and Sarah Crawford, on 24 Sep 1884 in Westbury, Tasmania. Alice was born on 22 Jun 1866 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 22 Jun 1926 at age 60. They had three children: Harold Mervyn, Bertha Alice and Annie Eliza Mary.

Their story is told here as part of the Walker family. 

5-Walter Henry French was born on 27 Feb 1862 and died on 17 Nov 1940 at age 78. Walter married Amelia Sophie (Millie) Smith. Amelia was born on 16 Dec 1865 and died on 18 Jun 1943 at age 77. They had a son: Walter Bruce.

6-Walter Bruce French was born on 7 Jan 1898 in Westbury, Tasmania and died in 1984 in Launceston at age 86.  An 18 year old farm laburer, he served with the 40th Battalion in the First World War and returned to Australia on 21 Dec 1917.

Walter Bruce French

 Walter married his 2nd cousin, once removed, Melvie Amelia Charelston, daughter of James Braid Charleston and Martha Selina French, on 20 Apr 1921 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Melvie was born on 27 Mar 1896 in Sheffield, Tasmania.

5-Henrietta Mary French was born on 15 Apr 1863 and died on 12 Jul 1954 at age 91. Henrietta married John Robert Smith. John was born on 23 Feb 1868 and died on 3 Jun 1953 at age 85.

5-Robert John French was born on 13 Sep 1864 and died on 1 Aug 1890 at age 25.

5-Ernest Richard French was born on 26 Nov 1865 and died on 13 Jun 1928 at age 62. Ernest married Ellen Louisa McKay. Ellen was born on 14 May 1873 and died on 28 Nov 1939 at age 66. They had children including: Lyndon Ernest, Annie Elizabeth and Clarence Charles.

6-Lyndon Ernest French was born on 30 Jun 1893. He served in the First World War. 

Lyndon Ernest French
Weekly Courier 11 Sep 1919: Lieutenant L. E. French, M.M., son of Mr. E. R. French, of Bridgenorth   (See also photos below)

He married Charlotte Eliza Luck on 27 May 1922 at the Holy Trinity Church of England in Launceston.

6-Annie Elizabeth French was born on 20 Sep 1895 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 29 Dec 1978 at age 83, and was buried on 2 Jan 1979 in Launceston. Annie married Ernest Edward Webb, son of Frederick Edward Thomas Webb and Ann Duncan, on 10 Aug 1920 in Invermay, Launceston. Ernest was born on 20 Jul 1894 in Sorell and died on 13 Dec 1934 in Launceston at age 40.  Her served in World War 1. They had nine children: Coral Ann, Trevor Ernest, Rita Irene, Lindsay Bertram, Mollie Joyce, Ila Rose, Max George, Ronald Clarence and Ernest Edward.

7-Coral Ann Webb was born on 4 Jun 1922 and died on 7 Mar 2002 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 79. Coral married Alan Alfred Bartlett.

Coral next married Mal Nash.

7-Trevor Ernest Webb was born on 16 Nov 1923 and died on 11 Jan 2001 in Gold Coast, Queensland at age 77. Trevor married Daphne Merle Shipp.

7-Rita Irene Webb was born on 24 Aug 1925 and died on 6 Jul 1993 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 67.

7-Lindsay Bertram Webb was born on 1 Sep 1933 in Launceston and died on 1 Jul 2000 in Launceston at age 66. Lindsay married Elizabeth Louise (Beth) McHugh, daughter of Andrew John McHugh and Winifred Alice Riley, on 11 Feb 1956. Elizabeth was born on 29 Apr 1934 in Nurse Munnings, Canning Street, Launceston. They had four children: David Andrew, Anne Elizabeth, Susan Lynne and Denise Julie.

8-David Andrew Webb was born on 16 Nov 1956. David married Sheryl Debra on 15 Mar 1980. Sheryl was born on 3 Aug 1960. They had two children: Kristy Lee and Nicola Louise.

9-Kristy Lee Webb was born on 31 Aug 1982.

9-Nicola Louise Webb was born on 21 May 1984.

8-Anne Elizabeth Webb was born on 25 Sep 1958. Anne married Peter John Anderson. Peter was born on 15 Mar 1964. They had three children: Madeline Rose, Lindsay Trevor and Luke Steven.

9-Madeline Rose Anderson was born on 4 Jan 1996.

9-Lindsay Trevor Anderson.

9-Luke Steven Anderson.

8-Susan Lynne Webb was born on 14 Dec 1959. Susan married Richard Vernon Deacon on 5 Jan 1980. Richard was born on 8 Jun 1959. They had two children: Katrina Elizabeth and Christopher.

9-Katrina Elizabeth Deacon was born on 27 Jul 1986.

9-Christopher Deacon was born on 23 Feb 1989.

8-Denise Julie Webb was born on 8 Jun 1961. Denise married David Brian McLaughlin on 25 Feb 1984. David was born on 18 Nov 1961. They had three children: Callan William, Trent Lindsay and Isobelle.

9-Callan William McLaughlin was born on 18 Oct 1989.

9-Trent Lindsay McLaughlin was born on 14 Jul 1993.

9-Isobelle McLaughlin.

7-Mollie Joyce Webb. Mollie married Francis William Kettle.

7-Ila Rose Webb. Ila married Arnold Keith Stubbs.

7-Max George Webb. Max married Molly Grace Bellinger.

7-Ronald Clarence Webb. Ronald married Nancy June Franklin.

7-Ernest Edward Webb. Ernest married Colleen Margaret Malone.

6-Clarence Charles French was born on 14 Oct 1897 in Deloraine.  He served in the First World War.


Weekly Courier Images
1. 7 Jun1917: Left to right: Private Clarence French, Private Lyndon French, sons of Mr. E. R. French od Bridgenorth. Private Clarence French is in hospital in England, suffering from trench feet.

2. 9 Dec 1915: In camp at Claremont. Back Row From left: Corporal Willing. Second row:  A. G. Hodgman, F. G. Hayes, C. C. French. In front: L. E. French, F. R. Hodgman, N. Selby

3. 13 Jan 1916: Private C. C. French, Bridgenorth

5-Maurice Samuel French was born on 22 May 1867 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 21 Nov 1923 at age 56. Maurice married Grace Sophia Appleby, daughter of William Henry Appleby and Eleanor Walker, on 29 Apr 1891 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Grace was born on 26 Oct 1873 and died on 6 Sep 1898 at age 24. They had four children: Robert Walton, Vincent Victor, Daisy Victoria and Henrietta Amy.

Robert, Daisy and Vincent French
Robert, Daisy and Vincent French

6-Robert Walton French was born on 8 Apr 1892 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 26 Feb 1957 at age 64, and was buried in Somerset.  Robert served in the First World War.

Robert Walton French

 Robert married Pearleta Hilda Rose Smith, daughter of William George Smith and Mary Bradmore, on 22 May 1914 in Launceston. Pearleta was born on 21 Oct 1889 in Westbury, Tasmania, died in 1969 at age 80, and was buried in Somerset. They had five children: Eunice Mary, Grace Emma, Gloria Perletea, Norman Robert Lee and Shiela Walton.

7-Eunice Mary French died on 19 Mar 1997 in Wynyard, Tasmania and was buried on 21 Mar 1997 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Eunice married Maxwell Gorden Wells.  They had two children: Anthony Norman and John Wayne.

8-Anthony Norman Wells. Anthony married Valerie Boutcher.  They had four children: Wayne Anthony, Trudy Ann, Ricky and Jamie.

9-Wayne Anthony Wells.

9-Trudy Ann Wells.

9-Ricky Wells.

9-Jamie Wells.

8-John Wayne Wells was born on 1 Oct 1946. John married Jillian Upton.  They had four children: Dwayne, Craig, Sherie and Michael.

9-Dwayne Wells was born on 7 Feb 1963.

9-Craig Wells was born on 19 Jan 1967.

9-Sherie Wells was born on 13 Apr 1969.

9-Michael Wells was born on 3 Aug 1970.

Eunice next married Clarence Herbert Atkinson. Clarence was born in 1912, died in 1975 at age 63, and was buried in Lawn Cemetery, Wynyard, Tasmania. They had two children: Rodney Terrance and Margaret Melvina.

8-Rodney Terrance Atkinson. Rodney married Edith Sigrid Hildergard.  They had two children: Terance and Peter.

9-Terance Atkinson.

9-Peter Atkinson.

8-Margaret Melvina Atkinson was born on 9 Sep 1949. Margaret married John Leslie Deal. John was born on 18 Dec 1946. They had three children: Gregory, David and Mark.

9-Gregory Deal was born on 19 Dec 1966.

9-David Deal was born on 5 Mar 1969.

9-Mark Deal was born on 15 Dec 1970.

Margaret next married Donald Keith Woodbury.

7-Grace Emma French was born on 11 Jul 1915 in 85 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania and died on 25 Dec 1989 at age 74. Grace married Thomas Lionel Lamprey, son of Frederick Lamprey and Minnie May Smith, on 16 Mar 1943. Thomas was born on 30 Aug 1911 and died on 29 Aug 1992 at age 80. They had two children: Robert Frederick and Sandra Loraine.

8-Robert Frederick Lamprey was born on 26 Sep 1946. Robert married Leaths Phyllis Hendricks. Leaths was born on 26 Aug 1945. They had four children: Stephen John, Sharon Maree, Teena Grace and Tania Phyllis.

9-Stephen John Lamprey was born on 5 Jun 1963. Stephen married Tina Maree McGrail. Tina was born on 12 Oct 1962.

9-Sharon Maree Lamprey was born on 11 Sep 1965.

9-Teena Grace Lamprey was born on 1 Sep 1969.

9-Tania Phyllis Lamprey was born on 15 Oct 1970.

8-Sandra Loraine Lamprey was born on 2 Oct 1948. Sandra married Michael Lindsay Ryan. Michael was born on 8 Feb 1952.

Sandra next married Ron Vincent Meers. Ron was born on 20 May 1956. They had one daughter: Nikki Grace.

9-Nikki Grace Meers was born on 27 Nov 1980.

7-Gloria Perletea French was born on 29 Jun 1916 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston, died on 29 Dec 1991 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 75, and was buried on 2 Jan 1992 in Launceston. Gloria married Kenneth Roden Hill, son of Henry William Hill and Elizabeth Louisa Jones. Kenneth was born on 21 Apr 1912 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, died in May 1962 at age 50, and was buried on 8 May 1962 in Launceston. They had three children: Maurice Kenneth, Barry Henry and Wayne Keveral.

8-Maurice Kenneth Hill was born on 19 Jan 1940. Maurice married Edith Aileen (Sally) Mahar. Edith was born in 1943. They had three children: Beverley Ann, Linda Maree and David Kenneth.

9-Beverley Ann Hill was born in 1960. Beverley married Andrew Johnson.

9-Linda Maree Hill was born in 1962.

9-David Kenneth Hill was born in 1964.

8-Barry Henry Hill was born in 1943. Barry married Gwen Grances Reardon. Gwen was born in 1945.

8-Wayne Keveral Hill was born on 20 Sep 1946. Wayne married Lynette June Atkinson. Lynette was born on 24 Apr 1948. They had two children: Melanie Jane and Natalie Ann.

9-Melanie Jane Hill was born on 16 Aug 1974.

9-Natalie Ann Hill was born on 13 May 1980.

Gloria next married Cyril Poke. Cyril was born in 1910.

7-Norman Robert Lee French was born on 2 Jun 1927 and died before 2003. Norman married Betty Winsome Jago, daughter of Oscar Josiah Jago and Thelma Edith Aylett. Betty was born on 5 Aug 1927 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia, died before 2003 in Latrobe, and was buried in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. They had six children: Caroline Ann, Kerry Oscar, Suzanne Grace, Gary Norman, Robert Lee and Shane Kenneth.

8-Caroline Ann French was born on 19 Dec. Caroline married Raymond George Bonney.  They had five children: Alana Suzanne, Linda, Kevin, Douglas and Katrina.

9-Alana Suzanne Bonney.

9-Linda Bonney.

9-Kevin Bonney.

9-Douglas Bonney.

9-Katrina Bonney. Katrina married John Ralston, son of Murray Burns Ralston and Judy Garland. John was born on 27 Mar 1965.

8-Kerry Oscar French was born on 6 Nov 1943, died on 7 Mar 2003 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 59, and was buried on 12 Mar 2003 in Launceston. Kerry married Loris Ellen Catlin about Dec 1961. Loris was born on 15 Aug 1943, died on 27 Jun 1984 in Launceston at age 40, and was buried on 29 Jun 1984 in Launceston. They had five children: Michelle Antoinette, Helen Lorie, Fiona Ida, Lee Kerry and Kenneth Victory.

9-Michelle Antoinette French was born on 4 Jul 1962. Michelle married Robert Norman West. Robert was born on 18 Nov 1958. They had two children: Kelly Michelle and Cheyenne Robert.

10-Kelly Michelle West was born on 17 Aug 1979.

10-Cheyenne Robert West was born on 3 Feb 1982.

9-Helen Lorie French was born on 28 Aug 1963. Helen married Mark Andrew Miller. Mark was born on 28 Feb 1962.

9-Fiona Ida French was born on 12 Dec 1968.

9-Lee Kerry French was born on 25 Oct 1970.

9-Kenneth Victory French was born on 12 Apr 1974.

8-Suzanne Grace French was born on 2 May 1945. Suzanne married Leslie Henry Townsend. Leslie was born on 1 Oct 1948. They had four children: Michael Glen, Grant Leslie, Brett Gregory and Belinda Ruth.

9-Michael Glen Townsend was born on 2 Feb 1964.

9-Grant Leslie Townsend was born on 13 Jun 1966.

9-Brett Gregory Townsend was born on 20 Sep 1967.

9-Belinda Ruth Townsend was born on 4 Apr 1971.

8-Gary Norman French was born on 18 Oct 1953. Gary married Joy Maree Clements. Joy was born on 24 Jan 1954. They had two children: Clayton Lee and Lara.

9-Clayton Lee French was born on 27 Dec 1981.

9-Lara French was born on 4 Nov 1983.

8-Robert Lee French was born on 17 Sep 1959. Robert married Joanne Lee.  They had two children: Karla Christopher and Bradley Christopher.

9-Karla Christopher French was born on 11 Mar 1984.

9-Bradley Christopher French.

8-Shane Kenneth French was born on 30 Jun 1963. Shane married Cindy Lee Hills. Cindy was born on 19 May 1964.

7-Shiela Walton French. Shiela married Raymond Morton Smith.  They had two children: Maureen Frances and Kevin Robert.

8-Maureen Frances Smith. Maureen married Tibor Gibson.  They had two children: Marika Rose and James Raymond.

9-Marika Rose Gibson.

9-James Raymond Gibson.

8-Kevin Robert Smith. Kevin married Carole Frances Underlin.  They had three children: Jason Shaun, Troy Aaron and Nathan Paul.

9-Jason Shaun Smith.

9-Troy Aaron Smith.

9-Nathan Paul Smith.

6-Vincent Victor French was born on 24 May 1894 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 7 Apr 1938 at age 43. Vincent served in World War 1.

Vincent Victor french        Vincent Victor french

1. Courier Weekly 5 Oct 1916: Private Vincent French (reported missing in France since August 26), son of Mr. Maurice S. French, Gravelly Beach

2. Courier Weekly 15 Aug 1918: Private Vincent French, brother-in-law of Mrs. Robert W. French, Whitemore. Private French has been a prisoner of war in Germany for two years.

Vincent married Amy McKenzie. Amy was born in 1892 and died on 20 Jan 1972 at age 80. They had three children: Maurice Vincent, Kenneth Edward and Victor Stuart.

7-Maurice Vincent French was born on 21 Jan 1922.

7-Kenneth Edward French was born on 16 Feb 1934. Kenneth married Beverleen Florence Everett. Beverleen was born on 4 Jan 1937. They had two children: Kathleen Gladys and David Kenneth.

8-Kathleen Gladys French was born on 27 Dec 1961.

8-David Kenneth French was born on 14 Jan 1963.

7-Victor Stuart French was born on 16 Feb 1934. Victor married Mary Moore Rooney McCluskey. Mary was born on 15 Feb 1937. They had four children: Helen Shirley, Ian David, Stuart Vincent and Fiona May.

8-Helen Shirley French was born on 20 Oct 1959. Helen married David Ian Lorimer. David was born on 5 Jul 1955. They had two children: Kylie Helen Mary and Katrina Janet.

9-Kylie Helen Mary Lorimer was born on 27 Dec 1978.

9-Katrina Janet Lorimer was born on 5 Jul 1982.

8-Ian David French was born on 13 Jun 1963.

8-Stuart Vincent French was born on 1 Mar 1965.

8-Fiona May French was born on 20 Jul 1974.

6-Daisy Victoria French was born on 16 Jun 1896 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 18 Jun 1966 at age 70. Daisy married Hubert Leonard Bessell, son of Alfred Bessell and Elizabeth Tallant. Hubert was born on 14 Dec 1888 in Launceston. They had three children: Percival Vincent, Francis Hazel and Leonard Hubert.

7-Percival Vincent Bessell was born on 24 Sep 1914 and died on 13 Sep 1979 at age 64. Percival married Thora Hingston. Thora was born on 16 Jan 1916. They had five children: Helen Yvonne, Cheryle Joy, Sandra Judith, Vicki Maria and Garth Wesley.

8-Helen Yvonne Bessell was born on 27 Aug 1941. Helen married Raymond Banks. Raymond was born on 25 Sep 1935. They had three children: Michael Johns, Mathew Vincent and Jason Charles.

9-Michael Johns Banks was born on 18 Dec 1961.

9-Mathew Vincent Banks was born on 10 Sep 1963.

9-Jason Charles Banks was born on 7 Sep 1969.

8-Cheryle Joy Bessell was born on 31 Oct 1945. Cheryle married Allan Robinson. Allan was born on 8 Apr 1942. They had three children: Mark Philip, Angela Joy and Lisa Jane.

9-Mark Philip Robinson was born on 20 Feb 1964.

9-Angela Joy Robinson was born on 29 Jun 1966.

9-Lisa Jane Robinson was born on 21 Jan 1968.

8-Sandra Judith Bessell was born on 3 May 1947. Sandra married Geoffrey Maxwell. Geoffrey was born on 28 Oct 1940. They had two children: Kylie Maxwell and Stephen Robert.

9-Kylie Maxwell was born on 23 Oct 1971.

9-Stephen Robert Maxwell was born on 27 Jun 1972.

8-Vicki Maria Bessell was born on 27 Oct 1948. Vicki married Raymond Kelly. Raymond was born on 24 Mar 1949. They had one son: Christopher Jones.

9-Christopher Jones Kelly was born on 8 Aug 1972.

8-Garth Wesley Bessell was born on 16 Apr 1954. Garth married Sandra Tiberts. Sandra was born on 4 Jul 1952. They had one daughter: Rachel.

9-Rachel Tiberts.

7-Francis Hazel Bessell was born on 26 Jun 1915. Francis married Leo Frances Connolly. Leo was born on 16 Apr 1915 and died on 27 Dec 1976 at age 61. They had two children: Darrel Francis and Maureen Joyce.

8-Darrel Francis Connolly was born on 10 Nov 1946. Darrel married Jennifer Kathleen Parka. Jennifer was born on 8 May 1943. They had two children: Natalie and Michael.

9-Natalie Connolly was born on 30 Jun 1969.

9-Michael Connolly was born in Dec 1971. Michael married Jo-Anne Connolly. Jo-Anne was born on 31 Dec 1973.

8-Maureen Joyce Connolly was born on 16 Apr 1949. Maureen married Raymond Joseph Howard. Raymond was born on 14 Jul 1948.

Francis next married Robert Henry Butcher. Robert was born on 7 Sep 1916 and died on 3 Dec 1985 at age 69.

7-Leonard Hubert Bessell was born on 6 Feb 1917 and died on 13 Jul 1981 at age 64. Leonard married Lorna Mayer. Lorna was born on 22 Sep 1922. They had three children: Jennifer, Ross Leonard and Brenda.

8-Jennifer Bessell was born on 5 Oct 1946. Jennifer married Derek Allan William Smyth. Derek was born on 15 Jan 1946. They had two children: Edward Ross and Michael Richard.

9-Edward Ross Smyth was born on 29 Sep 1975.

9-Michael Richard Smyth was born on 28 May 1977.

8-Ross Leonard Bessell was born on 11 Oct 1949.

8-Brenda Bessell was born on 9 Aug 1956. Brenda married Phillip George Bailey. Phillip was born on 19 Feb 1956.

6-Henrietta Amy French was born on 18 Feb 1898, died on 16 Oct 1898, and was buried on 18 Oct 1898 in General Cemetery, Deloraine, Tasmania.

5-Matilda Annie French was born on 27 Aug 1868 and died on 4 Jun 1940 at age 71. Matilda married William Andrew Scolyer on 21 May 1890. William was born in 1865 and died on 9 Jul 1935 at age 70.

5-Silas Charles French was born on 14 Jan 1870 and died on 4 Jun 1870.

5-Rhoda Florence French was born on 5 Aug 1871 and died on 27 Nov 1938 at age 67. Rhoda married Herbert Smith. Herbert died on 25 Jun 1949.

5-Edith Emma French was born on 6 Sep 1872 in Westbury, Tasmania and died in 1915 at age 43. Edith married John Robert Smith on 6 Jun 1894 in Westbury, Tasmania. John was born on 23 Feb 1868 and died on 3 Jun 1953 at age 85. They had one son: Vivian Henry.

6-Vivian Henry Smith was born on 22 Jul 1906 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 27 Feb 1975 at age 68. Vivian married Florrie Azalia Jarman, daughter of Robert Stewart Arundle Jarman and Alma Rachael Walker. Florrie was born on 15 May 1909 in Parkham, Deloraine. They had one son: Graham Ronald.

7-Graham Ronald Smith was born on 6 Feb 1936. Graham married Kathleen Lovegrove. Kathleen was born on 18 Dec 1941. They had two children: Paul Anthony and Michelle Anne.

8-Paul Anthony Smith was born on 6 Oct 1967.

8-Michelle Anne Smith was born on 20 Nov 1969.

5-Jessie Rebecca French was born on 12 Dec 1873 and died on 30 Dec 1879 at age 6.

5-Amy Elizabeth French was born on 9 Mar 1875 and died on 19 Nov 1882 at age 7.

5-Rosa Alice French was born on 23 Dec 1877 and died on 5 May 1878.