Francis French and Mary Oliver ... Elizabeth French and Isaac Diprose

Samuel Frederick Oliver Diprose and Louisa Joanna Krushka

4-Samuel Frederick Oliver Diprose was born on 24 Mar 1858 in Forest Creek, Tasmania and died on 20 Jul 1945 in Invermay, Tasmania at age 87.

Samuel married Louisa Joanna Krushka on 11 Apr 1878. Louisa was born on 2 Aug 1860 in Richmond, Tasmania and died on 2 Oct 1929 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 69. They had three children:

5-Roy Tasman Diprose was born on 8 Jul 1896 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 17 Jan 1961 in Ringarooma, Tasmania at age 64. Roy served in the First World War.

Roy Tasman Diprose
Weekly Courier 13 Jan 1916: Private Roy Diprose, son of Mr. S. F. Diprose, Pleasant Banks, Ringarooma.

 Roy married Ena Catherine Ranson. Ena was born on 14 Apr 1896 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 28 Jul 1976 in Ringarooma, Tasmania at age 80. They had one daughter: Elvie Ena.

6-Elvie Ena Diprose was born on 1 Nov 1924 and died on 14 Feb 2011 in Scottsdale, Tasmania at age 86. Elvie married Albert Mervyn Forsyth. Albert was born in 1926 and died on 26 Aug 1988 at age 62. They had one son: Geoffrey Roy.

7-Geoffrey Roy Forsyth was born on 2 Oct 1953 and died on 15 Aug 1992 at age 38.

5-Ruby Gladys Diprose was born on 31 Jul 1898 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 10 Dec 1997 at age 99. Ruby married George Valentine Tucker. George was born on 14 Feb 1889 and died on 6 Nov 1966 at age 77. They had one son: Stanley Diprose.

6-Stanley Diprose Tucker was born on 19 Jul 1922 and died on 3 Aug 1988 at age 66. Stanley married Beryl Jean Bakes on 21 Sep 1946. Beryl was born on 27 Jan 1922 and died before 2003.

5-Una Edeline Diprose was born in 1905 and died on 2 Mar 2004 at age 99. She never married.