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Ruby Ida Crothers and Leonard Reeves Lethborg

Eileen and Ruby Crothers3-Ida Ruby Crothers was born on 19 Jun 1892 in Ringarooma and died on 9 Aug 1959 in Winnaleah, Tasmania at age 67.

 Ida married Leonard Reeves Lethborg, son of Arthur Thomas Lethborg and Mary Reeves, on 12 Apr 1925 in Launceston, Tasmania.

 Leonard was born on 10 Jul 1894 in Springfield, died on 4 Jul 1969 in Winnaleah, Tasmania at age 74, and was buried on 7 Jul 1969 in Branxholm, Tasmania.

They had four children:

4-Mary Eileen Lethborg was born on 16 Nov 1925, died on 10 Dec 1999 in Scottsdale at age 74, and was buried on 14 Dec 1999 in Ellesmere Cemetery, Scottsdale, Tasmania. Mary married Maxwell Stevens on 24 Dec 1947 in Church of England, Winnaleah, Tasmania. Maxwell was born on 31 Dec 1922. They had five children: Glen, Ross, Kevyn Lance (Dick), Wendy and Neville (Boas).

5-Glen Stevens was born on 9 Jul 1948. Glen married Heather. Glen next married Vicki Richards on 27 Feb 1970 in Scottsdale. Vicki was born on 3 May 1949. They had three children: Danny, Tammy and Peta Louise.

6-Danny Stevens was born on 14 Jan 1972. Danny married Tania.

6-Tammy Stevens was born on 18 Apr 1973.

6-Peta Louise Stevens was born on 14 Jan 1975.

5-Ross Stevens was born on 29 Sep 1953. Ross married Patricia Ann (Patsy) Kerrison on 2 Jun 1979 in St Barnabas, Scottsdale. Patricia was born on 4 Dec 1951. They had three children: Darren, Brent and Cherie.

6-Darren Stevens. Darren married Carolyn.

6-Brent Stevens. Brent married Tania.

6-Cherie Stevens was born on 5 Oct 1981.

5-Kevyn Lance (Dick) Stevens was born on 9 Jul 1956. Kevyn married Deborah Karen Millwood on 1 Oct 1978 in St Barnabas, Scottsdale. Deborah was born on 25 Apr 1959. They had two children: Leigh Gregory and Curt Adam.

6-Leigh Gregory Stevens was born on 8 Apr 1978.

6-Curt Adam Stevens was born on 10 Jan 1982.

5-Wendy Stevens was born on 14 Jan 1958. Wendy married Robert Leslie Neil Fisher on 17 Oct 1969 in St Marks, Launceston. Robert was born on 15 Feb 1950. They had two children: Julie and Gary.

6-Julie Fisher was born on 12 Mar 1970. Julie married David Medhurst.

6-Gary Fisher was born on 28 Nov 1972. Gary married Kerri.

5-Neville (Boas) Stevens was born on 19 Sep 1961. Neville married Jacqueline Maree Wheeler on 30 Jun 1988 in Derby, Tasmania. Jacqueline was born on 21 Mar 1969. They had three children: Brogan Loren, Alex Edwin Rex and Zali.

6-Brogan Loren Stevens was born on 17 Jun 1990.

6-Alex Edwin Rex Stevens was born on 21 Jan 1994.

6-Zali Stevens.

4-Rhoda Lethborg was born in Sep 1927 in Scottsdale, died on 9 Mar 1931 in Winnaleah, Tasmania at age 3, and was buried in Branxholm, Tasmania.

4-Iris Lethborg was born on 27 Dec 1928 in Scottsdale. Iris married A. Leslie (Noel) Charleston, son of Les Charleston, on 15 Nov 1952 in Methodist Church, Launceston. Noel was born on 19 Dec 1929 and died on 19 Sep 2000 in the Launceston General Hospital at age 70. They had two children: Rodney and Kaye.

5-Rodney Charleston was born on 11 Nov 1954. Rodney married Leonie Beth McKerrow on 29 Mar 1975 in Church of England, Scottsdale, Tasmania. Leonie was born on 15 Nov 1952. They had three children: Natalie Ann (Charleston), Simone Rosalie (Charleston) and Mark (Charleston).

6-Natalie Ann (Charleston) Castle was born on 30 Jan 1978.

6-Simone Rosalie (Charleston) Castle was born on 6 Sep 1981.

6-Mark (Charleston) Castle. Mark married someone.  He had two children: Joshua and Alyssa.

7-Joshua Castle.

7-Alyssa Castle.

Rodney married Glenys.

5-Kaye Charleston was born on 23 Apr 1957. Kaye married Rohan Fisher. Kaye next married Robert John Walker on 14 Nov 1980. Robert was born on 5 Nov 1954. They had three children: Megan Jane, Kym Louise and Simone.

6-Megan Jane Walker was born on 9 Jun 1981.

6-Kym Louise Walker was born on 31 Dec 1983.

6-Simone Walker.

4-Aileen Lethborg was born on 17 May 1930 in Scottsdale, died on 27 Jun 1930 in Winnaleah, Tasmania, and was buried in Branxholm, Tasmania.

Ida had a baby when she was 17 (Grace May) and she was adopted by George and Sarah Warner in November 1925 when she was 5 years old.

4- Grace May was born on 23 Jun 1919 in 111 Cimitere Street, Launceston, Tasmania, died on 21 Aug 1986 in Burnie Hospital at age 67, and was buried on 25 Aug 1986 in Burnie Lawn Cemetery.  Grace married Mac Thomas Broomhall, daughter of James Broomhall and Mary Widger. Mac was born on 23 Apr 1912, died on 12 Aug 1985 at home, 7 Park St. Burnie, Tasmania at age 73, and was buried on 15 Aug 1985 in Burnie Lawn Cemetery. They had one son: Edward Mac James.

5-Edward Mac James Broomhall was born on 12 Sep 1941. Edward married Noel Margaret Stanley in Launceston. Noel was born on 20 Nov 1942. They had seven children: Tobias Laban James, Caleb Edward Ruthven, Raphael Jacob Jessop, Tahirih Samei Jane, Lua Amporn Chusiri, Zachary Cyrus Kalim and Zebedee Anandan Fahid.

6-Tobias Laban James Broomhall was born on 27 Aug 1968. Tobias married Mareeka Batchelor. Tobias next married Nicole Jane Craddock on 19 Apr 1988.  They had one son: Dorien Edward.

7-Dorien Edward Broomhall was born on 27 Oct 1990.

6-Caleb Edward Ruthven Broomhall was born on 18 Oct 1969. Caleb married Deborah Stacey.  They had two children: Blaine Samuel and Hespa Amy Violet.

7-Blaine Samuel Broomhall was born on 28 Jan 1990.

7-Hespa Amy Violet Broomhall was born on 9 Dec 1999.

6-Raphael Jacob Jessop Broomhall was born on 6 Jan 1971. Raphael married Rebecca Sully.  They had two children: Jessica Bonnie Elizabeth and Caitlin Ellie Grace.

7-Jessica Bonnie Elizabeth Broomhall was born on 11 Feb 1990.

7-Caitlin Ellie Grace Broomhall was born in Oct 1991.

6-Tahirih Samei Jane Broomhall was born on 13 Nov 1972.

6-Lua Amporn Chusiri Broomhall was born on 9 Aug 1973.

6-Zachary Cyrus Kalim Broomhall was born on 12 Mar 1975.

6-Zebedee Anandan Fahid Broomhall was born on 19 Jul 1978