John and Ellen Crothers
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Samuel Robinson and Mary Elizabeth Dwyer

1-Convict Samuel Robinson was born in 1830 in Knutsford, Cheshire, England and died in George Town, Tasmania. Samuel married Mary Elizabeth Dwyer on 26 Dec 1853 in Launceston. Mary was born in 1829 in County Clare, Ireland and died on 10 Oct 1890 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 61. They had a son: William.

2-William Robinson was born on 9 Oct 1854 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 27 Apr 1929 in Cape Barren Island, Tasmania at age 74. Another name for William was Holt. William married Ellen Smith, daughter of John Tasman Smith and Jane Janice Maynard, on 25 Sep 1877 in the home of Mrs Margaret Mansell, Bridport. Ellen was born in 1860 in Tin Kettle Island, Tasmania and died on 5 May 1936 in Trousers Point, Flinders Island, Tasmania at age 76. They had one son: Tasman Smith.

3-Tasman Smith Robinson was born on 25 Jun 1896 in Ringarooma, Tasmania and died on 24 May 1980 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 83. Tasman married Dora May Garrett on 21 Feb 1918 in Trousers Point, Flinders Island, Tasmania.  They had a son: Geoffrey William.

4-Geoffrey William Holt was born on 21 Oct 1927 in Flinders Island and died on 25 Jul 1997 in Launceston at age 69. Geoffrey married Marjorie Avis Crothers, daughter of Arthur Gordon (Cocky) Crothers and Hilda Myrtle Whitmore, on 14 Oct 1950. Marjorie was born on 13 Jul 1929 in Scottsdale and died on 6 Aug 2003 in Launceston at age 74. They had three children: Maree Elizabeth, Christopher and Peter Arthur.

5-Maree Elizabeth Holt was born on 27 May 1952. Maree married Robbie Sanders.

5-Christopher Holt was born on 12 Aug 1953 in Launceston. Christopher married Roslyn.

5-Peter Arthur Holt was born on 28 Jan 1955.