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Jacob Standring

Jacob Standring, son of James and Ann Standring, was born on 9 Mar 1827 and baptised 1 Jun 1827, Bury, St Mary Manchester Father James.

He had two prior convictions:

 Lancaster Criminal Register

1. County General Sessions Salford 1 March 1841     

Jacob Standring, Age 14, larceny, 2 months and whipped

2. County General Sessions Salford 5 July  1841       

Jacob Standring, Age 14, larceny, 6 months


When the 1841 Census for Jacob Standring  was conducted he was recorded as a weaver, held in  Leicestershire, Manchester, District New Bailey House of Correction.

His convict conduct records show:

Jacob Standring

Born 1827 (Estimated from age 15yo at 1843)

Place of Birth: Bury

Conviction 4 July 1842

Offence Detail: stealing a drawer containing 2/8

Offence Tried With:  my uncle Benjamin transported to Sydney for 15 years

Prior Convictions: once for meat 2 months; 6 months for money drawer; 14 days for vagrancy

Prosecutor: A shop keeper at Bury

Sentence:  7 years

Sentenced Court: General 2 sessions

Place Of Sentencing: Lancaster, Salford

Sailed Days: 118

Sailed From: Sheerness

Route: Cape

Ship Master: Geo. Barlow

Ship Name: Asiatic

Ship Surgeon: And. Sinclair

Arrived 23 Sep 1843

Embarked: 188M/Deaths: 2M/Landed:186(VDL)M

To Colony

VDL convict records

23 Sep 1843

Ship: Asiatic

Surgeons Report Character: good

Physical description

Height Calculated Total Inches: 58

Height Feet: 4 Foot 10 Inches

Complexion: ruddy

Head; round

Whiskers: none

Hair: Dark Brown

Visage: round

Forehead: Medium

Eyebrows: dark brown

Eyes: light brown

Nose: Medium

Mouth: medium

Chin: Medium

Remarks: Scar corner of right eye, Scar left eyebrow, scar Left hand wart back right hand large wart under

Family Relationships

Mother Hannah; 5 brothers:. John, William, Samuel, James, Daniel; 1 sister: Rachael

Literacy: reads

Marital Status: Single

Religion: Protestant

Trade: Labourer

He was granted a ticket of leave on 24 April 1849. In the 1846 convict muster 1846 he was in probation gang.  By the 1849 muster 1849 he was free.