George Jones and Sarah Lawson

The Normoyle Family

 Margaret was born about 1809 in Ireland and died on 1 Sep 1894 in Hobart aged about 85. Margaret married John Normoyle.  John died before Margaret emigrated to Tasmania with her children. They had six children:

2-John Normoyle was born about 1834 and died in Sydney, New South Wales. John married Julia Kelly on 15 Apr 1861 in Hobart, Tasmania. Julia was born about 1839. They had four children: Not Recorded, Not Recorded, Not Recorded and Catherine.

3-Not Recorded Normoyle was born on 15 Jan 1866 in Morven, now Evandale, Tasmania.

3-Not recorded Normoyle was born on 15 Jan 1868 in Morven, now Evandale, Tasmania.

3-Not Recorded Normoyle was born on 17 Mar 1870 in Morven, now Evandale, Tasmania.

3-Catherine Normoyle was born on 5 Mar 1876 in Hobart, Tasmania.

2-Mary Normoyle was born about 1836.

2-Thomas Normoyle was born about 1838, died on 24 Jul 1928 aged about 90, and was buried on 25 Jul 1928 in Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

Thomas had a relationship with Ellen Bridget Lynch.  They had one daughter: Anne Bridget.

3-Anne Bridget Normoyle was born on 12 May 1872 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Thomas next had a relationship with Annie Cusack.  They had one daughter: Margaret.

3-Margaret Normoyle was born on 4 Jan 1873 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 13 Mar 1924 in 9 Stoke Street, New Town, Tasmania at age 51.

Thomas married Eliza Jane Mary Guy, daughter of William Guy and Catherine Royston, on 6 Jul 1887 in Hobart, Tasmania. Eliza was born about 1865. They had five children: Raymond Vincent, Hypatia Rosalie, Joseph, Leo Adrian and Ida Eileen.

3-Raymond Vincent Normoyle was born on 25 Jul 1888 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 15 Oct 1912 in Launceston General Hospital, Launceston at age 24.

3-Hypatia Rosalie Normoyle was born on 27 Feb 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Joseph Normoyle was born on 9 Nov 1894 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 13 Feb 1895 in Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Leo Adrian Normoyle was born on 16 Jun 1898 in Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Ida Eileen Normoyle was born on 12 Feb 1902 in Patrick Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

2-Johanna Normoyle was born about 1843. Johanna married Joseph Osborne on 4 Feb 1865 in Hobart, Tasmania. Joseph was born about 1844.

2-Dennis Normoyle was born about 1846 in Limerick, Ireland, died on 28 Mar 1922 at home, 4 King Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania aged about 76, and was buried in Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

Dennis had a relationship with Jessie Maude Wignall, daughter of John Wignall and Ann Lawson. Jessie was born on 6 Apr 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania and died in 1927 in South Melbourne, Victoria at age 73. They had one son: William John.

2-Michael Normoyle was born about 1848 and died about 1932 in Rozelle, Sydney, New South Wales aged about 84. Michael married Catherine Burke on 24 Jan 1876 in Hobart, Tasmania. Catherine was born about 1851. They had a son: John. Catherine died and Michael re-married Amelia Emma White, nee Jones.  They had several children.

3-John Normoyle was born on 10 Sep 1879 in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Normoyle family arrived on 1 Jul 1857 on the ship Prompt from Liverpool with their widowed mother Margaret aged 48. John was aged 23, Thomas aged 19, Mary aged 17, Johanna aged 13 and Michael aged 9. Michael died about 1939 in Sydney, NSW. Thomas Normoyle is named as the father of Anne Bridget Normoyle, an illegitimate child born 12 may 1872 in the district of Deloraine. There are newspaper reports of this, the mother Bridget Ellen Lynch of Elizabeth Town successfully sued Thomas and was to receive 3 shillings per week maintenance for her daughter. At the time of the birth, Thomas was a Police Constable. He also fathered a second illegitimate daughter Margaret Normoyle at Deloraine on 4 Jan 1873 to Annie Cusack. He was probably the same Thomas Normoyle, a bookseller who stated his age as 25 when he married Eliza Jane Mary Guy by licence on 6 Jul 1887 at St David's Cathedral in Hobart.

On 27 Feb 1894 at the Police Court in Hobart, Thomas was convicted of manslaughter of George Henry Knight at New Town, a postman who was having an affair with Thomas' wife and he was sentenced to gaol for 2 years. He was said to be a married clerk who could read and write. However, he seems to have had his sentence remitted after 16 months.

On the 28 Feb1894, Eliza Normoyle was also convicted, for 6 months, at the Police Court in Hobart for attempting suicide, she had been in hospital before her court appearance. She was said to be a married woman who could read and write, of Roman Catholic religion and born at Port Cygnet, Tasmania. The children of Thomas and Eliza were taken care of by his mother. Thomas Normoyle died 24 July 1928, his late residence being 19 Petty St, Hobart. He left a will with some of the proceeds going to his wife and two daughters. He was formerly of 11 Henry St Hobart.

The Misses Normoyle (Mary and Johanna) of Cedric St, North Hobart placed a newspaper thank you message on 11 Aug 1928 re condolences received for their late brother. Margaret Normoyle, spinster of New Town Hobart, died on 25 Mar 1924- Letters of Administration were granted about 8/4/1924 to Thomas - like his brother Dennis seems to have acquired considerable financial assets and which were left to a number of organisations in Hobart but not to their illegitimate children.