William and Ann Harris
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George Harris

George Harris was born on 18 Feb 1861 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 5 Nov 1918 in Emu Bay, now Burnie, Tasmania at age 57.

George married Mary Robinson, daughter of Cornelius Robinson and Margaret Hartnell. Mary was born on 3 Aug 1864 in Horton, now Circular Head and died on 2 Nov 1918 in Wivenhoe, Tasmania at age 54. They had eight children:

4-Hannah May Harris was born on 28 Sep 1881 in Emu Bay, now Burnie, Tasmania.

4-William Robert Harris was born on 7 Dec 1883 in Emu Bay, now Burnie, Tasmania.

4-Martha Ann Harris was born on 11 Aug 1885 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Martha married Reginald Andrew Pollard, son of Reverend William Pollard and Mary Ann Howard Carmichael, on 9 Oct 1911 in Registrar's Office, Burnie, Tasmania. Reginald was born about 1888 in South Australia and died on 27 Dec 1963 in Albert Park, Melbourne aged about 75. They had six children: Stella, Reginald Andrew, Muriel Alice, Amy Isabel, Doreen and John Harold.

5-Stella Pollard was born on 6 Sep 1911 in Burnie, Tasmania.

5-Reginald Andrew Pollard was born on 16 Oct 1912 in Burnie, Tasmania.

5-Muriel Alice Pollard was born on 24 Jan 1914 in Burnie Baptist Church and died about 1999 in Frankston, Victoria aged about 85. Muriel married James George Waldock.

5-Amy Isabel Pollard was born on 5 Jul 1916 in Burnie, Tasmania. Amy married Henry Jonas Paulberg.

5-Doreen Pollard was born on 12 Jun 1919 in Burnie, Tasmania. Doreen married Arthur Mathias Brich.

5-John Harold Pollard was born on 3 Jan 1922 in Burnie, Tasmania. John served in the Second World War and married Audrey Margaret Dowling.

4-Elsie Harris was born on 14 Feb 1888 in Ulverstone.

4-Mercy Harris was born on 23 Dec 1889 in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

4-George Alfred Harris was born on 6 Mar 1892 in Ulverstone.

4-Frederick Francis Harris was born on 7 Sep 1894 in Emu Bay, now Burnie, Tasmania.

4-Beatrice Maud Harris was born on 25 Mar 1902 in Burnie, Tasmania. Beatrice married Charles Henry Smith on 23 May 1923 in St Georges Church, Burnie. Charles was born in 1893 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 26 Sep 1963 in Burnie, Tasmania at age 70.