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Thomas Sandell Foot and Elizabeth Ridout

Convict Thomas Sandell Foot was born in 1802 in Donhead, St Andrew Wilts, England, was christened on 3 Oct 1802 in Donhead, St Andrew Wilts, England, and died on 1 Apr 1866 in Ballarat, Victoria at age 64. Thomas married Elizabeth Ridout on 7 Dec 1825 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Elizabeth was born about 1805, was christened on 16 Oct 1807, and was buried on 14 Oct 1882 in St. Andrews Anglican Cemetery, Perth.  Another name for Elizabeth was Betsey And Possibly Bridget.

The Foot/e genealogy extends as far as 1500's and the Ridout family, back to William the Conqueror. The Dorset and surrounding counties of England are well represented by both families in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Thomas Foot was tried at Tollard, Royal Dorset & convicted of machine breaking at Salisbury, Wiltshire on 27 Nov 830.  He was sentenced to seven years transportation to Van Diemen’s Land and he sailed from Portsmouth per the Eliza 2 on 6 Feb 1831 and arrived in Hobart Town 29 May 1831. The ship was of 538 tons and built in India in 1806. There were 224 male convicts aboard all of whom survived the 112 day journey. There were 6 guns aboard and a contingent of Royal Marine guards consisting of: 35 privates, 2 Corporals, 2 Sergeants, Lieutenant Lewin and Captain Moore. The Master was John S. Groves and the Surgeon Superintendent was William Anderson.

In 1831 Thomas made a successful application to bring his wife and 4 daughters out; they arrived in 1833.  Thomas Foot was pardoned in 1840 and he departed Tasmania on the Swan 6 Oct 1845 from George Town to Port Phillip - presumably in search of work. He died in Ballarat, on 1 April 1866. Elizabeth Foote, aged 77, was buried at Perth, Tasmania on 4 Oct 1882.

They had four children:

2-Amelia Matilda Foot was born in 1825 in Dorset, England, was christened on 7 Aug 1825 in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, England, died on 12 Apr 1912 in 70 Osborne Street, Williamstown, Victoria at age 87, and was buried on 13 Apr 1912 in Boroondara General Cemetery, Kew, Victoria. Another name for Amelia was Albenia. Amelia married Frederick Jones, son of William Jones and Elizabeth Webb, about 1841 in The Manse Morven (?St. Andrews Presbyterian). Frederick was born in 1819 in Bristol, St James, Somersetshire, England and was christened on 24 Oct 1819 in Bristol, St James, Somersetshire, England. They had 13 children: Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Matilda Amelia, Arthur Tasmin, Arthur Tasman, Frances, Ada Sabrina, Maria Louisa, Lewis Frederick, Herbert Harry, Ernest Frank, Florence Rose and Percy James.

3-Elizabeth Jones was born on 30 Nov 1841, was christened on 1 Jan 1842 in Perth, and died on 10 Jan 1842 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Elizabeth Jones was born on 16 Aug 1843 and died in 1931 in South Melbourne at age 88. Elizabeth married James Scott on 4 Apr 1868 in Victoria.  They had five children: Kate Amelia, William, Elizabeth Ada, Mabelle Hatie and Louisa.

4-Kate Amelia Scott died in 1954 in Victoria. Kate married William Cole, son of John Cole and Agnes Shore, on 6 Feb 1894 in Launceston, Tasmania. William was born on 12 Sep 1874 in Launceston, Tasmania and died in 1946 in South Melbourne at age 72.

4-William Scott was born in 1873 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died in 1873 in Emerald Hill, Victoria.

4-Elizabeth Ada Scott was born in 1876 in Victoria and died in 1971 in Victoria at age 95. Elizabeth married someone Ellis.

4-Mabelle Hatie Scott was born on 4 Jun 1878 in Launceston, Tasmania and died in 1954 in Victoria at age 76. Mabelle married William Miller Trewartha. William died in 1945 in Carnegie, Victoria.

4-Louisa Scott was born in 1882 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died in 1882 in Carnegie, Victoria.

3-Matilda Amelia Jones was born on 20 Dec 1845, was christened on 20 Jan 1846, and died on 14 Apr 1858 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 12.

3-Arthur Tasmin Jones was born on 1 Dec 1847, was christened on 16 Jul 1848, and died on 11 Mar 1849 in Evandale, Tasmania at age 1.

3-Arthur Tasman Jones was born on 17 Nov 1849 in Perth and died on 13 Jun 1937 in Toorak, Victoria at age 87. Arthur married Sarah Miles, daughter of James Miles and Sarah Wyatt,  on 26 Dec 1876 in Dandenong, Victoria. Sarah was born in 1857 in Brighton, Victoria and died in 1943 in Richmond, Victoria at age 86. They had two children: Arthur James and Bertie Basil.

4-Arthur James Jones was born on 29 Jan 1878 in Cranbourne, Victoria. Arthur married someone.  They had a son: Arthur Laurence.

5-Arthur Laurence Jones was born on 6 Apr 1908 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania and died on 13 May 1989 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 81. Arthur married Ruby Maud Williams on 10 Oct 1930 in St. Pauls Church of England, Derby.  They had two children: Ashley and Glenna Estelle.

6-Ashley Jones. Ashley married Joan Ruth.

6-Glenna Estelle Jones. Glenna married Peter Vincent Webberley.

4-Bertie Basil Jones was born on 5 Mar 1888 in Lefroy, Tasmania and died on 18 Jun 1983 in Toorak, Victoria at age 95.

3-Frances Jones was born on 18 Dec 1851 in Evandale, Tasmania, died in Jul 1941 in New Town at age 89, and was buried on 25 Jul 1941 in Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. Frances married Charles Morris Cooley, son of Thomas Todd Cooley and Margaret Paterson Aberdeen Edmondston, on 7 Apr 1870 in St. John's Church of England, Launceston. Charles was born on 30 Sep 1842 in Hobart, Tasmania, died on 26 Feb 1908 at age 65, and was buried on 28 Feb 1908 in Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. They had 11 children: Charles Frederick, Florence Ada, Amelia Matilda, Arthur Morris, Percy Raymond, Edith Frances, Hector William, Louis Harold, Vera May, Ina Aberdeen and Reginald Clyde.

Jubilee History of Tasmania V2 Part II P15

Charles M Cooley: Mr Cooley is a native of New Town, Tas, being the youngest son of the late Mr TT Cooley of that place and born in 1842. At the age of 8 he went to serve his apprenticeship at the drapery business and spent a short time in Melbourne. After 5 years he was compelled to relenquish his business in consequence of ill health.

For some time he carried on the line of New Town Omnibuses in conjunction with his father and brother, John. This business was established about 1857. Mr Cooley finally took over the business in 1875 and has conducted it with success since that date. The line extends from Hobart to Glenorchy. About 30 horses and ten buses are required for the trade.

In 1870 Mr Cooley married the third daughter of Mr Frederick Jones, Launceston, the result of the union being eight children.

4-Charles Frederick Cooley was born on 14 Feb 1871 in Launceston, Tasmania, died on 15 Oct 1922 in Midlands Highway at age 51, and was buried on 16 Oct 1922 in Hobart, Tasmania. Charles married Elizabeth Campbell Tonks on 6 May 1896 in Brighton, Tasmania. Elizabeth was born on 6 Dec 1868 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 21 Aug 1930 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 61.

4-Florence Ada Cooley was born on 26 May 1873 and died in Apr 1952 in New Town at age 78.

4-Amelia Matilda Cooley was born on 4 Sep 1874. Amelia married William Jeffrey, son of William Jeffrey and Agnes Kelly,  on 8 Sep 1896. William was born on 14 Mar 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania.

4-Arthur Morris Cooley was born on 13 Jun 1876 and died on 10 May 1938 at age 61. Arthur married Cathrine Louise Becher in 1936 in Sydney, New South Wales. Cathrine was born in 1903 in Sydney, New South Wales and died on 3 Sep 1951 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 48.

4-Percy Raymond Cooley was born on 21 Jul 1880.

4-Edith Frances Cooley was born on 25 Apr 1882. Edith married Douglas Herbert Johnston on 16 Sep 1911 in New Town. Douglas was born on 27 Apr 1883 in Hobart, Tasmania, died on 17 Dec 1962 in New Town at age 79, and was buried on 19 Dec 1962 in Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania.

4-Hector William Cooley was born on 8 Jun 1884.

4-Louis Harold Cooley was born on 30 Aug 1886 in Hobart, Tasmania and was buried on 4 Jan 1943 in Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. Louis married Florence Ada.

4-Vera May Cooley was born on 6 Jun 1889 and died in Sep 1963 in Sandy Bay at age 74. Vera married Arthur Blackburn Smith on 17 Feb 1920 in St John's Church of England, New Town, Tasmania.

4-Ina Aberdeen Cooley was born on 3 Mar 1892 in Hobart, Tasmania and died in Jan 1978 in Glenorchy, Tasmania at age 85.

4-Reginald Clyde Cooley was born on 29 Jul 1894 in Hobart, Tasmania. Reginald married Edna Frances Macdonald on 26 Feb 1919 in St James Church, New Town.

3-Ada Sabrina Jones was born on 4 Jan 1856 in Launceston, Tasmania and died in 1927 in East Malvern, Victoria at age 71. Ada married James Martin, son of James Martin and Helen Sinclair, in 1884 in Victoria. James was born in 1857 in Collingwood, Victoria and died in 1923 in Prahran, Victoria at age 66. They had two children: Vernon Crambe and Muriel Ada.

4-Vernon Crambe Martin was born in 1886.

4-Muriel Ada Martin was born in 1891.

3-Maria Louisa Jones was born on 25 Jul 1857 and died on 28 May 1858 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Lewis Frederick Jones was born on 28 Oct 1859 and died on 19 Dec 1946 in the Launceston General Hospital at age 87. Lewis married Florence Adelaide Galley on 17 Sep 1904 in St Lukes Church of England, Zeehan.  They had one son: Lewis Frederick.

4-Lewis Frederick Jones was born on 10 Sep 1913 in 3 Dunn St., Hobart, Tasmania and died in 1989 in Ellesmere Cemetery, Scottsdale, Tasmania at age 76. Another name for Lewis was Bill. Lewis married Ezele.

3-Herbert Harry Jones was born on 20 Sep 1861 in Launceston, Tasmania, died on 2 Dec 1925 in 132 Riversdale Rd. Hawthorn at age 64, and was buried in Brighton Cemetery. Herbert married Elizabeth Nancy Cook, daughter of Edward Cook and Harriet Jane Eyre, on 2 Apr 1890 in Richmond, Victoria.  They had one daughter: Dorothea Trevor.

4-Dorothea Trevor Jones was born in 1891 and died in 1944 in Hawthorn, Victoria at age 53.

3-Ernest Frank Jones was born on 27 Apr 1864 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Florence Rose Jones was born on 5 Dec 1866 in Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Percy James Jones was born on 30 Apr 1870 in Launceston, Tasmania.

2- Sarah was christened on 21 Sep 1828 in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, England. Sarah married Joseph Browne on 2 Aug 1849 in Longford, Tasmania.  They had three children: Thomas Nowland, Henry Francis and Harriet Madeline.

3-Thomas Nowland Browne.

3-Henry Francis Browne.

3-Harriet Madeline Browne.

2-Margaretta Foot was christened on 16 Dec 1829 in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, England, died on 23 Dec 1906 in Perth, Tasmania at age 77, and was buried in Perth. Margaretta married William Shaw, son of Joseph Shaw and Hannah, on 10 Nov 1845 in Launceston, Tasmania. William was born about 1815 in Staffordshire, England, was christened on 11 Jun 1815 in All Saints, Dilhorne, Stafford, England, and died on 20 Oct 1884 in Launceston, Tasmania aged about 69. They had two children: Arthur William and Walter Hugh.

3-Arthur William Shaw was born on 29 Oct 1846 in Longford, Tasmania.

3-Walter Hugh Shaw was christened on 18 Jun 1848 in Longford, Tasmania.

Margaretta next married Michael Walker, son of John Walker and Mary Ann Clarke, on 18 Mar 1893 in Westbury, Tasmania. Michael was born on 27 Apr 1813 in Sturston, died on 9 Oct 1900 at age 87, and was buried in Westbury, Tasmania.

2-Sabrina Foote was christened on 12 Feb 1831 in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, England and was buried on 7 Dec 1914 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Sabrina married John Dean.  They had four children: Sabrina Elizabeth, Alfred Joseph, Charles Edward and Frank Walter.

3-Sabrina Elizabeth Dean.

3-Alfred Joseph Dean.

3-Charles Edward Dean.

3-Frank Walter Dean.