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Robert Bailey and Mary Boswell

1-Convict Robert Bailey was born in 1797 in Stow Bedon, Norfolk, England and died on 3 Jul 1875 in Campania, Tasmania at age 78. Robert married convict Mary Boswell on 20 Jul 1829 in Launceston, Tasmania. Mary was born in 1810 in Wells, Somersetshire, England.

Robert was tried on 23 Feb 1820 at Norfolk and sailed from Portsmouth on the Guilford, arriving on 28 Oct 1820.

Mary Boswell, a native of Birmingham, England was a gypsy. Her father was a travelling tinker. She was convicted on 13 March 1828  at the Stafford Assizes for horse stealing in company with John Price.  She departed on 13 September 1828 from Downs, Ireland on the ship Harmony Voyage:   In 1835 assigned to her husband Robert Bailey.

Robert and Mary had seven children:

On 3 Mar 1852 at Richmond Robert married Janet Houston. Janet was born on 1 Jan 1819 in Scotland and died in Tasmania on 15 Sep 1897.  Robert and Janet had about fourtteen children:

2-William Houston Bailey was born on 3 Mar 1847 in Native Corners, Campania and died on 16 Oct 1924 in Campania, Tasmania at age 77. William married Dinah Louise Elliot on 11 Jun 1868 in Dulcot, Tasmania. Dinah was born on 11 Nov 1848 in Sigle Hills and died on 28 May 1927 in Campania, Tasmania at age 78. They had twelve children:


3-Robert Frederick Freeman Bailey was born on 5 Mar 1875 in Campania, Tasmania and died on 1 Dec 1951 in Wivenhoe, Tasmania at age 76. Robert married Silvia Mabel (Silvi) Appleby, daughter of William Henry Appleby and Eleanor Walker, on 5 Feb 1908 in Methodist Church, Penguin. Silvia was born on 15 Feb 1888 in Exton, Tasmania and died on 15 Nov 1960 at age 72.  Another name for Silvia was Silvi. They had seven children: Marjorie Joan, William Robert, Jack Trevor, Allan Murray, Raymond Burdwood French, Robert Sidney and June Silvia.

Their story is told here: