John and Janet McHugh
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Janet McHugh and James Reuben Marshall

2-Janet McHugh was born on 4 Feb 1866 in Port Sorell, died on 9 Dec 1924 in Devonport, Tasmania at age 58, and was buried in Old Devonport Cemetery.  Janet was also known as Jessie.  Janet was less than two years old when her mother died and she was cared for North Motton couple John and Martha Eagle, who had no other children. 

 Janet married James Reuben Marshall, son of John Marshall and Eliza Ann Carling, on 10 Dec 1896 in North Motton. James was born on 10 Nov 1870 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 8 Sep 1949 in Devonport, Tasmania at age 78, and was buried in Old Devonport Cemetery.  Known also as Jim or Jack, James was also an expert axeman:

The Burnie Advocate Friday 18 Nov 1927 Page 73

Choppers, Past and Present.
(By "The Wild Irishman.")

It must be quite thirty-five years since the first Axemen's Carnival was inaugurated by the Hon. H. A. Nicholson, M.L.C. The carnival was held on the old show-ground, near the Latrobe station, and crowds came from all parts of the island to see the champion axe men of Australia compete. Many thought that our Tasmanian chopper would have to play "second fiddle" to some of the axemen from over the water, but, amidst great excitement old Tom Reeves, of Barrington, won the first championship of Australia from Dan Vince, of Huon, who shortly after, like many of his calling, lost his life while felling a tree.

Old Tom Reeves was perhaps one of the biggest-hearted men Tasmania has ever produced, and on more than on occasion he "cleaned up" a programme of chopping and foot-running events in the one afternoon. When Tom went to Melbourne to chop, his moustache, which was probably the longest in Australia, created a sensation, and I think if the old chopper had been willing he could have earned good money on the vaudeville stage.

Enter, Jim Marshall.

Next carnival saw the arrival of 'the "Lightning Axeman," Jim Marshall, who was probably the best man at both classes of chopping, underhand and standing blocks, Tasmania has ever produced. I always give Tom Pettitt the honor of being the best with axe and saw, but Marshall was undoubtedly a champion with the axe and I once saw him concede up to 75 secs, in a big handicap through two foot blocks to over a hundred competitors, being only beaten by a second or two by the limit men. If ever a man chopped like a machine that afternoon, it was Jim Marshall, the chips literally pouring out of the block.

Janet and James had six children:

3-John Edward Marshall was born on 24 May 1898 in Upper Castra, Tasmania and died on 24 Nov 1985 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 87. Another name for John was Jack. John married Lucy Piper, daughter of John Frederick Piper and Alice May Long. Lucy was born on 23 Jul 1899 in Port Frederick, Tasmania, died on 12 Nov 1965 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 66, and was buried in Ulverstone Cemetery. They had one son: Raymond L. (Mick).

4-Raymond L. (Mick) Marshall was born about 1929 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, died on 9 Jul 1986 in Ulverstone, Tasmania aged about 57, and was buried in Ulverstone Cemetery.

3-James Reuben Marshall was born on 28 Jun 1899 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, died on 21 Jan 1985 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 85, and was buried in Ulverstone Cemetery. James married Annie Louisa Hephzibah Tongs, daughter of Samuel Tongs and Ada Mary Bishop, on 16 Jun 1923 in Ulverstone, Tasmania.  Samuel Tongs was the grandson of convict John Tongs. Annie was born on 20 Jun 1897 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, died on 4 Mar 1976 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 78, and was buried in Ulverstone Cemetery. They had four children: Bevis James, Beverley, Kevoral Reuben and Graham Maitland.

4-Bevis James Marshall.

4-Beverley Marshall.

4-Kevoral Reuben Marshall.

4-Graham Maitland Marshall.

3-Bernard Robert Marshall was born on 29 Sep 1900 in Upper Castra, Tasmania and died on 3 Oct 1997 in Deloraine, Tasmania at age 97. Bernard married Daisy Myrtle Foster, daughter of Robert Foster and Sarah Ann Piper, on 25 Jul 1928 in Wesley Vale, Tasmania. Daisy was born on 30 Sep 1896 in Port Frederick and died on 11 Nov 1984 in Tasmania at age 88. They had three children, son: Brian Bernard and two daughters.

Daily Telegraph Saturday 21 July 1923 p. 12


Wearing a gown of ivory French crepe-de-chine and radium lace, wide folded 'belt floating panels finished off with hand-made tulle flowers and opal trimmings, Miss Hephzibah Tongs made a charming bride on June 16 when she exchanged matrimonial vows with Mr Reuben Marshall of Wesley Vale, second son of Mr and Mrs J. Marshall. The bride is the third daughter of Mrs and the late Mr S. Tongs, Ulverstone, and she wore a beautiful embroidered veil - the gift of her mother, which was held in place with a wreath of orange blossom.

As she left the church two pretty horse shoes were placed on her arm by Mrs A. Collins and Miss H. J Purton, of Gawler. The bridegroom's gift, a diamond ring and a shower bouquet of choce white flowers, asparagus and maidenhair ferns with streamers, of white satin, completed her toilette. There were a number of guests and interested spectators to witness the ceremony, which took place in the afternoon at the Methodist Church, Ulverstone, which was prettily decorated by the girl friends of the bride. Miss D. Lloyd presided at the organ as the bridal party entered the church. 'The Voice that breathed o'er Eden' was sung. During the signing of the register Miss A. Thorne sang '0, Perfect Love,' and as the bridal party retired, the Wedding March was rendered. The Rev. H. Clarke performed the ceremony. The bride was given away by Mr. Mervyn Ward, the adopted son of the bride's mother. Miss Clarice Coldhill, of Burnie, cousin of the bride, was a dainty figure in blue shot satin and pretty black satin hat. She carried an early Victorian posy of pink stocks, roses and autumn leaves with pink satin streamers. The gift from the bridegroom was a diamond neck let. The little maid of honor, Miss Alma Hunter, the bride's niece, looked sweet in a white voile filu lace frock, and carried, a white embroidered satin cushion, upon which the bride knelt The gift from, the bridegroom was , set of child's cutlery. All the bouquets were made and presented by the bride's cousin, Mrs A. L. Shadbolt, of North Motton. Mr Bernard Marshall, brother of the bridegroom, performed the duties of best man. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a gold watch chain. The wedding, reception was held at the residence of the bride's mother, Hollydene, George-street, Ulverstone.

 The bride and bridegroom received their congratulations in the dining room, and the wedding breakfast was served in the dining room. The rooms and tables were artistically and tastefully decorated in autumn shades by Mrs E. F Hunter, of Ulverstone, the central figure being the three-tier wedding cake on a silver stand which was very much admired, and was made by Mr J. H. Stanton, Devon port. The usual toasts were enthusiastically honored, and telegrams of congratulation were received from the mainland. The bride's mother received the guests, who included the relatives and intimate friends of the bride, in a smart grey silk skirt, and crochet coatee, black and white boa, and black satin hat ornamented with silk flowers, and carried a posy of red and white chrysanthemums and autumn leaves. Mrs E. F. Hunter, of Ulverstone, sister of the bride, wore a tailored costume of white coating silk. Mrs L. D. Chilcott, of Gunn's Plains, sister of the bride, wore a gown of white georgette and crepe-de-chine. The presents were numerous and useful, and included several cheques, When Mr and Mrs Marshall left, amidst showers of confetti and good wishes to spend their honeymoon on the North West Coast, the bride wore a smart nigger brown, gabardine coat frock with braided floating panels heated in post office red and silver beads, and black fur stole and Oriental satin hat with post office red and gold tissue trimmings.

4-Brian Bernard Marshall was born on 18 May 1932 in Latrobe and died on 14 Jun 1994 in Gladstone, Queensland at age 62.

3-Jessie Irene Marshall was born on 29 Sep 1902 in Upper Castra, Tasmania. Jessie married Stephen John Clarke, son of Thomas Clarke and Mary Harrison, on 10 Oct 1923 in East Devonport, Tasmania. Stephen was born on 16 Feb 1895 in Mersey, Devonport.

3-Linden Mervyn Marshall was born on 16 Oct 1905 in Upper Castra, Tasmania, died on 14 Sep 1980 in Devonport, Tasmania at age 74, and was buried in Devonport cemetery. Another name for Linden was Dick. Linden married Jean Annie Cameron, daughter of Alexander Joshua Cameron and Sarah Anne Louise Kaine, on 19 Oct 1929 in East Devonport, Tasmania. Jean was born on 2 Sep 1903 in Tarleton Street, East Devonport, Tasmania.

3-Clara Grace Marshall was born on 5 Aug 1908 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 7 Nov 1992 in Tasmania at age 84. Clara married Stuart Gordon Clements, son of Walter Frederick Clements and Martha Tipper, in 1936. Stuart was born on 12 Oct 1908 in Devonport, died on 28 Nov 1952 in Tasmania at age 44, and was buried in Devonport. They had three children: Mary Janet, Jeanette Ruth and Robyn Clare.

4-Mary Janet Clements. Mary married Geoffrey Ferguson Landsmeer, son of Robert Henry Ferguson Landsmeer and Kate Ferguson.  They had one son: Colin Stuart.

5-Colin Stuart Landsmeer.

4-Jeanette Ruth Clements.

4-Robyn Clare Clements.