John and Janet McHugh

Family of Stuart Gordon Clements

1-William Clements was born in 1828 in Hackney, Middlesex, Engalnd. William married Marian Maria Stokes on 28 May 1851 in Hackney, Middlesex, Engalnd. Marian was born in 1834 in Hoxton, Middlesex, England. They had two children: Walter Frederick and Edwin Thomas.

2-Walter Frederick Clements was born on 4 Jan 1859 in Somers Town, Middlesex, Enagland and died on 20 May 1917 in Devonport at age 58. Walter married Martha Tipper, daughter of convict Joseph Tipper and Elizabeth Brown, on 1 Mar 1899 in Launceston. Martha was born on 8 Mar 1870 in Deloraine, Tasmania. They had three children: Frederick Walter, Clifford John and Stuart Gordon.

3-Frederick Walter Clements was born on 4 Mar 1900 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 4 Jun 1970 in Tasmania at age 70. Frederick married Edith Mart McBain Clayton. Edith was born on 24 Oct 1897 in Port Frederick.

3-Clifford John Clements was born on 24 Jul 1902 in Port Frederick.

3-Stuart Gordon Clements was born on 12 Oct 1908 in Devonport, died on 28 Nov 1952 in Tasmania at age 44, and was buried in Devonport. Stuart married Clara Grace Marshall, daughter of James Reuben Marshall and Janet McHugh, in 1936. Clara was born on 5 Aug 1908 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 7 Nov 1992 in Tasmania at age 84. They had three children: Mary Janet, Jeanette Ruth and Robyn Clare.

2-Edwin Thomas Clements was born on 14 Jan 1868 in St George, East London, England. Edwin married Agnes Maud Shute on 15 Dec 1890 in Devonport. They had eleven children: Muriel, Ruth, Clyde, Edith, Leonard, Marjorie, Keith, Doreen, Jack, Maurice, & George

Edwin came to Tasmania in 1888 during a time of recession.  Edwin set up a business as a produce merchant in Formby Road, Devonport, in Jan 1901. From those humble beginnings he built a firm with branches all over the state using the slogan "The Farmer's Friend". He dealt in potatoes, chaff and other produce. The firm became Clements and Marshall Pty Ltd in 1921. In an interview published in The Advocate on 21 Nov 1962 he said that in the beginning he used a bicycle to cover his round then graduated to a pony and trap. He thought he was made when in 1910 he was able to buy a car.

Edwin Clements was warden of Devonport from 1935-38. He was responsible for building the Devonport Oval. A total abstainer for most of his life, when he reached his nineties he found that a little whisky and milk at bedtime helped him to sleep. He retired to Brighton, Victoria, in 1942 and died there on 7 Nov 1965 aged 97. His funeral left the St Leonard's Presbyterian Church for the Springvale crematorium.