William and Ann Harris

Isaac Boxall and Ann Ball

John Boxshall was born on 23 Dec 1752 in Ewhurst, Surrey and died on 5 Aug 1831 in Ewhurst, Surrey at age 78. John married Sarah Cook on 21 Nov 1773 in Ewhurst, Surrey. Sarah was born in Jan 1753 in Ewhurst, Surrey and died on 22 Oct 1841 in Ewhurst, Surrey at age 88. They had a son: William.

2-William Boxshall was born on 20 Oct 1776 in Ewhurst, Surrey and died on 27 Oct 1825 in Dorking, Surrey, England at age 49. William married Elizabeth Knight, daughter of James Knight and Jane Tidy, on 7 May 1798 in Dorking, Surrey, England. Elizabeth was born on 2 Apr 1780 in Wooton, Surrey, England and died in 1854 in Surrey, England at age 74. They had a son: Isaac.

3-Isaac Boxhall was born on 20 May 1811 in Dorking, Surrey, England and died on 17 May 1860 in Perth at age 48. Isaac was sentenced "to be transported beyond the seas for the term of his natural life" for stealing. He was transported on the Isabella, a London built brig, which arrived in Van Diemen’s Land on 13 Nov 1833. His trade was as ploughman, groom, or coachman and he was assigned to Thomas Archer Esq. at Woolmers, Lake River, Van Diemen’s Land.

In 1837 he sought permission to marry convict Ann Ball. Isaac married Ann Ball, daughter of John Ball and Mary Parfait, on 23 Feb 1838 in Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania. Ann was born in 1812 in Cloford, Frome, England, died on 20 Mar 1898 in Longford, Tasmania at age 86, and was buried on 23 Mar 1898 in Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania.

Ann was tried at the age of 22 in Somerset, England and sentenced to 14 years transportation. She arrived on the Edward on 5 May 1834. Isaac and Ann had ten children: