Francis French and Mary Oliver ... Elizabeth French and Isaac Diprose

Alice Matilda Diprose and John Arnold Austin

4-Alice Matilda Diprose was born on 22 Apr 1863 and died on 3 Apr 1931 at age 67. Alice married John Arnold Austin on 19 Apr 1880. John was born in Launceston to John Austin and Maria Baker on 24 Apr 1841 and died on 17 Jan 1915 at age 73. They had one son:

5-Clarence Edgar Austin was born on 24 Oct 1886 and died on 21 Nov 1956 at age 70. Clarence married Maybella Agnes Smith. Maybella was born on 3 Jan 1890 and died on 20 Aug 1981 at age 91. They had one daughter: Daphne Emma.

6-Daphne Emma Austin was born on 29 Oct 1916 in Burnie, Tasmania, died on 18 Dec 2004 in Tasmania at age 88, and was buried on 21 Dec 2004 in Perth General Cemetery, Perth, Tasmania. Daphne married Oscar Cray Murfet. Oscar was born on 25 Sep 1908 in Tasmania, died on 14 Feb 1977 in Perth, Tasmania at age 68, and was buried on 16 Feb 1977 in Perth General Cemetery, Perth, Tasmania. They had one son: Maurice William.

7-Maurice William Murfet was born on 3 Sep 1941 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 16 Oct 2005 in Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia at age 64, and was buried on 19 Oct 2005 in Cooloola, Queensland, Australia.