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Ancestors of Frank William Adams

Robert Dudley Sidney Powys Herbert Adams was born on 9 Jul 1829 in England and died on 5 Apr 1912 in Balmain, New South Wales at age 82. Robert, born Robert Dudley Sidney Powys Herbert was a businessman and journalist author in colonial Australia .

He was born on board the Rotterdam Packet, in which his mother was travelling to England. He was for a time private secretary to the Hon. Sidney Herbert, the War Minister. He had a short career in the Royal Navy, and studied law for a time.

He married Lavinia Amelie GoodrichH in 1846. Robert and Lavinia eloped to Australia and made their home on the foreshore near Sydney Cove. They arrived in New South Wales aboard the Rajah of Sarawak on 21 Sep 1851, changing their surname from Herbert to Adams on arrival.  Robert worked as a customs agent and was later a well known business man working at Circular Quay, engaging in commercial and pastoral pursuits. Between 1860 and 1880 he wrote a series of articles on "Australian Finance and Resource" for the English press and magazines, also for the colonial press, numerous political sketches , reviews, and essays, also two poems, the "Psalm of Time" and "Song of the Stars" (the latter subject suggested to him by the late Prince Albert ). He also worked as a journalist for the Empire and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Robert married Lavinia Amelia Goodrich, daughter of George F. Goodrich and Maria M., Comtess de Vilme Hautemont in 1847 in England. Lavinia was born in 1827 in England and died in 1908 in Balmain, New South Wales at age 81. They had seven children: Florence Lavinia, Sydney Richard, Percy Robert, Frederick Sigismund, Willoughby F., Euston L. and Audley Augustus.

2-Florence Lavinia Adams died in 1935 in Balmain, New South Wales. Florence married William Henry De Loitte, son of William Salmon De Loitte and Bessie Maria Marlay, in 1878 in Sydney, New South Wales. William was born on 7 Mar 1840 in Sydney, New South Wales and died in 1905 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 65.

2-Sydney Richard Adams was born on 30 Jun 1847 in London, England and died on 1 Mar 1931 in Grafton, New South Wales at age 83.

2-Percy Robert Adams was born in Apr 1850 in London, England and died about 1928 aged about 78.

2-Frederick Sigismund Adams was born in 1856 in Balmain, New South Wales and died in 1937 in Balmain, New South Wales at age 81. Frederick married Catherine L. Damright. Catherine was born in 1856 in Scotland and died in 1931 in Yarra Junction, Victoria at age 75. They had a son: Robert Damright.

3-Robert Damright Adams was born in 1877 in Sydney, New South Wales. Robert had a relationship with but did not marry Jessie Biggs. Jessie was born in 1879 in St. Kilda, Victoria.

Jessie married William Adams (no relation to Robert Damright Adams), born 28 Jan 1875 in Franklin, Tasmania and died 10 Jan 1931 Yallourn, Victoria on 25 Feb 1900 at Gladstone, Tasmania. They had six children.

Robert Damright and Jessie had one son: Frank William.

4-Frank William Adams was born on 13 Oct 1898 in Gladstone, Tasmania and died on 23 Nov 1978 in Footscray, Victoria at age 80. Frank married Agnes Melvina Ellings, daughter of Richard Charles Ellings and Julia Maud Cocker, on 25 Dec 1922 in Pioneer, Tasmania. Agnes was born on 5 Nov 1903 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 4 Oct 2003 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 99.  Another name for Agnes was Melvie. They had four children: Pamela Jean, Brian Richard Frank,

2-Willoughby F. Adams was born in 1858 in Balmain, New South Wales and died about 1935 aged about 77.

2-Euston L. Adams was born in 1860.

2-Audley Augustus Adams was born about 1863.