John and Sarah Cocker

Jacob and Elizabeth Bellett

1-Jacob Bellett was born on 21 Jan 1765 in Shoreditch, England, died on 2 Dec 1813 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 48, and was buried in St Davids Park. Jacob married Ann Harper on 5 Nov 1791 in Norfolk Island. Ann was born in 1772 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England and died on 10 Sep 1842 in Sorell at age 70. They had nine children:

Convict Jacob Bellett arrived on Norfolk Island in 1791 and started farming. In December 1808 they were evacuated to Van Diemen’s Land. They first had 45 acres at Queensborough and later were granted 40 acres at Glouster (Sorell). Jacob and Ann had nine children. Their first born child was Elizabeth in 1792. She married Robert Alomes in 1809 who at that time was a Sergeant the Royal Marines. Susannah married John Birchall, Jacob married Mary Fisher, Mary married James Garth, Ann married Edward Garth, William married Catherine Erwin and George married Jirrima Larson.

2-Elizabeth Harper Bellett was born on 18 Jan 1792 in Norfolk Island, died on 24 Dec 1866 in South Arm at age 74, and was buried on 26 Dec 1866 in St Barnabas, South Arm. Elizabeth married Robert Alomes on 21 Aug 1809 in St David's Church, Hobart. Robert was born in 1770 in Dublin, Ireland, died on 31 Aug 1853 in Clarence, Tasmania at age 83, and was buried on 5 Sep 1853 in Rokeby. They had 11 children: Emmaline, Elizabeth Carter, William Frederick, Jacob Ernest, Mary Carter, Robert Charles, John James, Edward, George Thomas, Amelia Matilda and Elizabeth Ann. Their story is told here:

2-George Bellett was born on 3 Mar 1812 in Sandy Bay and died on 16 Mar 1883 in Sorell at age 71. George married Jemima Larson on 11 Feb 1835 in Clarence Plains. Jemima was born on 24 Nov 1818 in Clarence Plains and died on 6 Aug 1891 in Sorell at age 72. They had at least two children: James and Eliza.

3-James Bellette was born on 21 Feb 1838 in Sorell, Tasmania. James married Fanny Radford, daughter of John Radford and Mary Ann Buxton, on 29 Sep 1855 in Spring Bay. Fanny was born on 1 Mar 1840 in Little Swanport. They had 11 children: Charles Sydney, Clare, Fanny, Harriet Eliza, Mary Ann, Frederick James, Albert George, Alfred, Florence Louise, James Eugene and Annie Alice.

4-Charles Sydney Bellette was born on 18 Dec 1855 in Spring Bay, Tasmania and died on 3 Sep 1862 in Spring Bay, Tasmania at age 6.

4-Clare Bellette was born on 15 Jul 1857 in Sorell, Tasmania and died in 1928 at age 71.

4-Fanny Bellette was born on 22 Nov 1858 in Spring Bay, Tasmania and died on 3 Mar 1860 in Sorell, Tasmania at age 1.

4-Harriet Eliza Bellette was born on 13 May 1860 in Sorell, Tasmania. Harriet married Charles Martin Quin, son of Charles Quin and Selina Martin, on 21 Apr 1879 in Glamorgan, Tasmania. Charles was born on 3 Dec 1857 in Glamorgan, Tasmania.

4-Mary Ann Bellette was born on 15 Mar 1862 and died in 1915 at age 53. Mary married Hubert Quin, son of Charles Quin and Selina Martin. Hubert was born on 2 Apr 1856 in Spring Bay, Tasmania. They had one daughter: Amy.

5-Amy Quin was born on 20 Aug 1887 in Glamorgan, Tasmania.

4-Frederick James Bellette was born on 21 Feb 1864 in Glamorgan, Tasmania. Frederick married Mary Maud Quin, daughter of Charles Quin and Selina Martin, on 25 Dec 1884 in Glamorgan, Tasmania. Mary was born on 20 Jun 1863 in Glamorgan, Tasmania.

4-Albert George Bellette was born on 15 May 1866 in Glamorgan, Tasmania, died on 8 Jul 1953 in R. Hobart Hos at age 87, and was buried on 10 Jul 1953 in Port Arthur. Albert married Sarah Jane Little, daughter of Francis Thomas Little and Elizabeth Eaton, on 18 Nov 1895 in Coppington. Sarah was born on 26 Jul 1867 in Carlton, died on 19 Jun 1951 at age 83, and was buried in Port Arthur. They had five children: Vinton, Harry Vilnie Mandavi, Hedley (Eddie), Frank and Ernie.

5-Vinton Bellette was born on 19 Aug 1896 in Hobart and died in 1908 in Tasman at age 12.

5-Harry Vilnie Mandavi Bellette was born on 3 Feb 1898 in Tasman, died on 25 Aug 1975 in St John's Hosp Hobart at age 77, and was buried on 27 Aug 1975 in Cornelian Bay. Harry married Zena Gathercole. Zena was born circa 1906, died on 9 Feb 1962 in the Royal Hobart Hospital aged about 56, and was buried on 12 Feb 1962 in Cornelian Bay. They had one daughter: Margaret.

6-Margaret Bellette. Margaret married James Mitchell.  They had four children: Anthony, Matthew, Robert and Paul.

7-Anthony Mitchell.

7-Matthew Mitchell.

7-Robert Mitchell.

7-Paul Mitchell.

5-Hedley (Eddie) Bellette was born on 25 Nov 1899 in Tasman. Hedley married Vera Lilian De Jersey.  They had six children: Ivan Hedley, Eileen Jean, Mona Dulcie, Maxwell Hedley, Stanley and Allen Roy.

6-Ivan Hedley Bellette. Ivan married Betty Joan Rabe.  They had six children: Rosemary Joy, Ruth Allison, Alan George, Estelle Joan, Noel Ivan and Julie Ann.

7-Rosemary Joy Bellette. Rosemary married Bernard Carl Herget.  They had three children: Mark Ivan, Jason Carl and Stuart Matthew.

8-Mark Ivan Herget.

8-Jason Carl Herget.

8-Stuart Matthew Herget.

7-Ruth Allison Bellette. Ruth married John William Salmon.  They had three children: Nicole Anne, Rebecca Allison and Matthew Lloyd.

8-Nicole Anne Salmon.

8-Rebecca Allison Salmon.

8-Matthew Lloyd Salmon.

7-Alan George Bellette.

7-Estelle Joan Bellette.

7-Noel Ivan Bellette. Noel married Noeline Ferry.  They had one son: Aaron Ivan.

8-Aaron Ivan Bellette.

7-Julie Ann Bellette. Julie married Michael Hyland. Michael was born on 5 Dec 1957. They had three children: Emma, Luke and Nathan.

8-Emma Hyland was born on 19 Feb 1985.

8-Luke Hyland was born on 2 Sep 1986.

8-Nathan Hyland was born on 6 Sep 1988.

6-Eileen Jean Bellette died on 3 Dec 2000 in Hobart Nursing Home and was buried on 7 Dec 2000 in Port Arthur. Eileen married Ronald Frank Chapman.  They had three children: Paul Robert, Kaye Janette and Dale Ronald.

7-Paul Robert Chapman. Paul married Lee Dianne.  They had one daughter: Bridgette Annie.

8-Bridgette Annie Chapman.

7-Kaye Janette Chapman. Kaye married Kenneth Hinss.

7-Dale Ronald Chapman.

6-Mona Dulcie Bellette. Mona married Allan Sebastian Page-Dhu.  They had two children: David De Olivera and Glen.

7-David De Olivera Page-Dhu. David married Susan Jane McBurnie.  They had one daughter: Larissa.

8-Larissa Page-Dhu. 7-Glen Page-Dhu.

6-Maxwell Hedley Bellette. Maxwell married Dorothy Jean Reynolds.  They had two children: Wayne and Karen Lorna.

7-Wayne Bellette. Wayne married Karen Young.

7-Karen Lorna Bellette. Karen married David Taylor.

6-Stanley Bellette. Stanley married Rose.

6-Allen Roy Bellette. Allen married Naomi Mundy.  They had two children: Angela Joan and Christopher Ron.

7-Angela Joan Bellette. Angela married Trevor Paul Whyatt.  They had three children: Alina Jane, Nevin Paul and Lisa.

8-Alina Jane Whyatt.

8-Nevin Paul Whyatt.

8-Lisa Whyatt.

7-Christopher Ron Bellette.

5-Frank Bellette was born on 27 Jan 1905 in Tasman and died on 25 Feb 1906 in Tasman at age 1.

5-Ernie Bellette was born on 29 Oct 1906 in Tasman, died on 19 Jul 1991 in Howrah at age 84, and was buried on 20 Jul 1991 in Cornelian Bay Crematorium. Ernie married Lorna Belle U. Lorna was born circa 1917, died on 30 Nov 1979 in Hobart aged about 62, and was buried on 4 Dec 1979 in Cornelian Bay Crematorium. They had one daughter: Carleen Lorna.

6-Carleen Lorna Bellette was born in Hobart. Carleen married Nerimantas Leo Bartninkaitis.  They had four children: John, Ross, Michael and James.

7-John Bartninkaitis.

7-Ross Bartninkaitis.

7-Michael Bartninkaitis.

7-James Bartninkaitis.

4-Alfred Bellette was born on 23 May 1868 in Boomers Creek, Tasmania. Alfred married Mary Bryan.

4-Florence Louise Bellette was born on 20 Mar 1870 in Glamorgan, Tasmania and died on 6 Oct 1944 in Murdunna, Tasmania at age 74. Florence married Walter Dalton on 25 Jan 1886 in Sorell, Tasmania. Walter was born on 26 Nov 1857. They had a daughter: Florence.

5-Florence Dalton was born on 26 Oct 1904 in Sorell, Tasmania, died on 27 May 1991 in Hobart Nursing Home at age 86. Florence married Thomas John Young, son of John Frederick Young and Mary Theresa Wright, on 14 Sep 1923 in Hobart. Thomas was born on 27 Aug 1900 in Forcett, Tasmania, died on 14 Feb 1974 in Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart. They had seven children: Charles, Mavis Joan, Florence (Mary), Valma (Tippy), Gerald, Walter (Bob) and Terrence Dalton.

6-Charles Young.

6-Mavis Joan Young. Mavis married Henry Ernest Penny.  They had five children: Patricia, Anthony, Elizabeth, Bronwyn and David.

7-Patricia Penny.

7-Anthony Penny.

7-Elizabeth Penny.

7-Bronwyn Penny.

7-David Penny.

6-Florence (Mary) Young. Florence married Roy Thornbury.  They had six children: Kevin Roy, Alma, Nancy, Susie, Lola and Elizabeth.

7-Kevin Roy Thornbury.

7-Alma Thornbury.

7-Nancy Thornbury.

7-Susie Thornbury.

7-Lola Thornbury.

7-Elizabeth Thornbury.

6-Valma (Tippy) Young. Valma married L.A. (Pat) Murray.  They had four children: Pamela, Margaret, Rhonda and Lexie.

7-Pamela Murray.

7-Margaret Murray.

7-Rhonda Murray.

7-Lexie Murray.

6-Gerald Young.

6-Walter (Bob) Young.

6-Terrence Dalton Young was born on 17 Jul 1927 and died on 2 May 1999 at age 71.

4-James Eugene Bellette was born on 28 Nov 1871 in Boomers Creek, Tasmania. James married Eliza Jane Hall.

4-Annie Alice Bellette was born on 23 Aug 1873 in Lisdillon, Glamorgan. Annie married David Gillespie Cooper.

3-Eliza Billett was born on 11 Aug 1842 in Sorell, Tasmania and died on 14 Jun 1927 in Lilydale, Tasmania at age 84. Eliza married John Yard on 11 Aug 1859 in Home George Billett at Cherry Tree Opening (Pawleena), Tasmania. John was born in 1824 in Somerset, England and died on 6 Feb 1884 in Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania at age 60.  He was also known as John Franklin.

John Yard , alias John Franklin, a farm labourer aged 18, was sentenced at Taunton Somerset on 17 Oct 1842 to transportation for 15 years for breaking into the house of Mr. Hartill of Taunton and stealing clothes. He had been before the courts on two previous occasions for stealing. He was a single Protestant, able to read and write and with bad gaol reports. He departed England aboard the Cressy on 22 April 1843 to arrive in Hobart on 20 August 1843.

His record was bad and he was repeatedly in trouble but finally received ticket of leave in 1853. John was sentenced to seven years gaol for stealing 120lb of flour from his father-in-law, George Billett in December 1864. Two of the daughters of Eliza and John Franklin, Caroline and Mary, were admitted to the Girls' Industrial School in Hobart on 13 October 1873.

They had four children: Caroline, Ann, Arthur George and Mary Catherine.

4-Caroline Franklin was born on 17 Nov 1859 in Sorell and died in 1900 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 41.

4-Ann Franklin was born on 16 Feb 1861 in Sorell.

4-Arthur George Franklin was born on 23 Dec 1862 in Sorell and died on 17 Dec 1939 in Copping, Tasmania at age 76.

4-Mary Catherine Franklin was born on 4 Jul 1864 in Sorell.

Eliza next had a relationship with Edward Mundy, son of convicts George Monday and Sarah Free, in 1867. Edward was born on 2 Feb 1836, was christened on 2 Feb 1836 in Clarence, Tasmania, and died on 14 Dec 1922 in the New Town Charitable Institution, Hobart, Tasmania at age 86. They had one son: Henry Joseph.

4-Henry Joseph Mundy was born on 6 Oct 1867 in Sorell and died on 30 Jan 1948 at age 80. Another name for Henry was Harry Franklin. Henry married Jane Nankervis, daughter of Thomas Nankervis and Ann Hood, on 11 Jan 1900 in Lilydale, Tasmania. Jane was born in 1873 in Daylesford, Victoria and died on 5 Aug 1948 in Scottsdale at age 75. They had one son: Frederick Henry.

5-Frederick Henry Franklin was born on 12 Dec 1912 in Tasmania and died on 16 Jan 1993 at age 80. Frederick married Margaret Mary Dolbey, daughter of Ernest Ephraim Dolbey and Amy Miller. Margaret was born on 8 Oct 1910 in Lilydale, Tasmania and died in 1994 at age 84. They had many children.

Eliza next had a relationship with Henry Edward Mundy, son of George Monday and Sarah Free. Henry was born on 29 Jan 1824 in Clarence Plains and died in Aug 1904 in Lilydale, Tasmania at age 80. They had eight children: Adelaide Maud, James George, Melvina, William Edward, Clara Amelia, Charles Thomas, Ernest and Minnie.

4-Adelaide Maud Mundy was born on 11 Nov 1869 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-James George Mundy was born on 24 Sep 1871 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-Melvina Mundy was born on 17 Oct 1873 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-William Edward Mundy was born on 29 Sep 1875 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-Clara Amelia Mundy was born on 19 Dec 1876 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-Charles Thomas Mundy was born on 20 Oct 1878 in Sorell, Tasmania.

4-Ernest Mundy was born on 30 Sep 1886 in Launceston, Tasmania.

4-Minnie Mundy was born on 13 Nov 1893 in Launceston, Tasmania.