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Comment:Congratulations on a great website!
I am very interested in the history of Bowmanhirst, Brownlee House and the lands of Brownlee.
See my website at http://www.brownlee.com.au/Pages/Brownlee%20House%20ownership.html
Ian Brownlee
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Name: david kettlewell, 27 May 2011, 11:04 pm
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Comment:I am a researcher of 69 Sqdn RAF between May 1944 and May 1945. I notice with interest that your family includes Walter Harvey. F/Sgt W.R.Harvey flew on 6 ops as a bomb-aimer with 69 Sqdn between 4 Apr and 3 May 1945. On the nights of two of F/S Harvey's operations one of the Squadron's aircraft "failed to return", a substantial percentage loss so late in the war especially as the Sqdn typically sent out only 4 reconnaissance aircraft a night. The Sqdn's heavy losses were comparable to Bomber Command. Please contact me, dakettlewell@gmail.com. Should you wish I feel you could be of great help to my research. Thank you. David Kettlewell

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Comment:Love your site. My grandmother was Jean black, married to Alexander Marshall, son of William Marshall and Elizabeth Waddell. Elizabeth was the daughter of Alexander Waddell, son of Robert Waddell and isobel gibb. Any further information would be appreciated. Sincerely, patricia

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Comment:I once knew a tail gunner - Frank Reid, RAF sgt, wellington's.  wimpey sqn 69, now passed on. 

Name: Gordon Weare, 3 Jun 2013, 2:20 pm
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Comment: My friend and neighbour in New Zealand here was a tail-gunner with 69 Sqn Wellington [wimpey]. Sgt Frank Read, he was from Leeds, England originally. Was a school headmaster near Dunedin, Otago. He died in Seattle, Washington, USA, not long after arriving there, after some 34 years here. Gordon Weare.

Name: David William Purton, 23 Feb 2015, 10:07 am
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Comment:Greetings from a very wet and cold Somerset. I found this site whilst researching Purton family history. I think that my Grandmother was a Harvey, I believe that she was either born or lived in Mere Dorset, which is only a couple of miles from where I live. I often pass through Mere and I would love to have an old address so that I can visit the road where they lived. |I would be happy to take some photos of the area and forward them on if anyone is interested.

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Comment:Add to heroes list Norman George Harvey Service Number: 1695 Rank: Private Roll title: 3 LHR [Light Horse Regiment] - 11 to 14 Reinforcements (October 1915 - February 1916) Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918 Date of embarkation: 23 November 1915

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Comment:My mother, Verona Mabel Jones (nee Purton) was a cousin of Barbara Bolt. I understand that before she left New Zealand Barbara was keen to have the names of Rona's children and subsequent descendants. I don't know if this ever happened. Could this message please be passed on to Barbara if at all possible as I may be able to help. Many thanks Craig Jones, daughter of Rona Jones and great great grandson of Shadrack Purton

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Comment:Great Great Great grandson of Shadrack Purton. NZ

Name: Lyn THOMSON, 17 Aug 2015, 10:35 pm
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Comment:cheers Lyn Bethia Pearn born 1876 married Herbert PARSONS PARSONS Bethia D: 06 Oct 1965 - 89yrs - SP: Herbert Ernest - See: Parsons, Herbert Ernest - MOLE CREEK METHODIST - DELORAINE - DEVONPORT - DL05/0208 PARSONS Herbert Ernest D: 26 Aug 1930 - 58yrs - SP: Bethia - See: Parsons, Bethia - MOLE CREEK METHODIST - DELORAINE - DEVONPORT - DL05/0208 Bethia BYARD born 1843 died in Launceston Digger - Tasmanian Federation Index Surname: PEARN Given Names: Bethia Event: D Father/Spouse Surname: Mother/Spouse Given Names: Date: 1927-07-15 Sex: F Place: Public Hospital LAUNCESTON Registration Year: 1927 Registration Number: 387

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Comment: "It was believed that TB sufferers who were artists had bursts of creativity as the disease progressed. It was also believed that TB sufferers acquired a final burst of energy just before they died which made women more beautiful and men more creative." Did you know that George Orwell wrote "1984" when he was dying of TB on the island of Jura in the Hebrides.

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Comment: Thanks for your link to Longmuir of Mary Harvie (as below)as I'm tracing the Longmuir family. May I have a clue please so that I can find the 1871 census entry. Any suggestions by readers on tracking down Mary between 1861 and 1875 when recorded as a widow on her son's marriage certificate would be appreciated; also on tracing the father of her son. Mother of John Longmuir “Longmore” (1854- 1929) was Mary Harvie “Longmore” (widowed) in 1861 census. “In 1871 census, John was a carter living with an uncle” (this record not found). Mary Harvie, daughter of James Harvie (1790- 1860) and Jean Tudhope (1788-1865), was baptised in Dalziel Parish, Lanark on 11 Nov 1821. Her son John Longmuir was born on 2 Jul 1853 in Cambusnethan Parish to John Longmuir and Mary Harvie. His father may be the John Hervie “Hosie” Longmuir of 3 Cotton St who died 3 Feb 1860 in Abbey Parish Renfrew. On the death certificate of John Longmuir (1854-1929) his parents are John Longmuir deceased railway engine driver and Mary Harvie deceased.

Name: Carol Roe, 25 Jan 2016, 1:37 pm
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Comment:Further to my message of 14 Jan 2016, I've found the 1871 census record on John Longmuir under the name John Langmuir.

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Comment:William James Wilson was the eldest child of Janet and Andrew Wilson and was born in the year 1900 not 1835 as you have recorded.

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Comment: You may like to add these historic quotes about Samuel Lapham “The establishment has been under the direction of Mr. Lapham, superintendent, from the formation of the station in August, 1842. Mr. Lapham is a person of a benevolent disposition, singularly mild and unassuming, and has displayed much activity, diligence, and energy in the many years of his direction of the station.” Report on the Treatment of Prisoners in Great Britain and Van Diemen’s Land by Rev. Henry Phibbs Fry 1847. “The Superintendent, Samuel Lapham, was one of the most higly regarded penal officers in Van Diemen’s Land and appears to have been a humane man as well as a good administrator. He, and his senior assistant James Boyd, made Darlington undoubtedly the best run station in the colony. Lapham was transferred to Port Arthur in charge of William Smith O’Brien, the Irish political prisoner, in October 1850, but within a month he was dismissed from the convict service by Hampton on the grounds that: 'In confiding to your charge a prisoner of the description a trust was unhappily reposed in you for the faithfuand proper charge of which you were altogether incompetent'. It was believed by both O'Brien and Lapham that htis dismissal was the result of Lapham's kindly treatment of O'Brien. Lapham fought he dismissal, but his appeal was unsuccessful. Ref: Page 266 Ian Brand 1989 The Convict Probation System: Van Diemen’s Land 1839-1854. Regards Jenni Burdon

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Comment:You have the wrong John Harvey listed as the husband to Janet Gibb. The birth record you have for John Harvey is the correct birth in Rutherglen in 1835 for the son of Wm Harvie and Issabel Reston. The challenge is... We have a verified death date for that John Harvie. HARVIE, JOHN parents: WM HARVIE / ISSABEL RESTON Male, Death date: 29/03/1736 Parish #654/20 109 Parish: Rutherglen. They had a second son John born in 1756 and he also died 25 April 1760 in Rutherglen. I think the parents of your James Harvie born in Carluke are from Carluke and not Rutherglen. In looking at the OPR records it is verified that John Harvie married Janet Gibb 2 Dec 1769 in Carluke. I searched OPR births and there is only one John Harvie in Carluke that was born early enough to be married in 1769. "HARVIE, JOHN parents: THOMAS HARVIE/MARION GILCHRIST FR737 (FR737) Male, Event date: 10/02/1845 Parish #629/ 30 139 Parish: Carluke" Just above this record is the record for their oldest child John born in 1773 in Carluke to John Harvie & Janet Gibb. I also found this record for Janet Gibb...."GIBB, JANET parents: ROBERT GIBB/MARY WEIR FR100 (FR100) Female, event date: 23/02/1746 Parish #629/ 10 93 Parish: Carluke" If these are the right parents for James Harvie, that makes sense that they married in Carluke and raised some of their children there.

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Comment:Hi, I've not seen this site before, and was pleased to see the information on my Grandparents, Nellie May Harvey and James Howard Saward. I can add some information on their family. There were two other children: my mother Valerie (born 27.6.1929, died 29.2.2016) and James (born 1935?) Kind regards, Rod

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Comment:Hi My Mothers maiden name was Dowsett and Frank Herbert Dowsett and his family were related although distantly, but I have done some research into the Dowsett's of Tasmania. Would you be interested in comparing notes?

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Comment:Hi there, I have been commissioned by Tasmanian PWS to write the history of some of the people who lived on Maria Island. One couple in particular are Samuel and Susan Lapham. I have noticed that you have a photo of the couple. Please can you tell me who holds the original of that image? if not, then perhaps the source of the image? Thanks for your help, Regards, Robyn

Name: Michael James Harvey, 13 Feb 2020, 1:53 pm
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Comment:Dear family, My name is Michael James Harvey, son of Michael Bruce Harvey son of Bruce Edward James Harvey son of Edward Thomas Harvey. My great grandfather with Percy Harvey being my Great uncle. Bruce Edward James Harvey paid around 35k back in the very early 1970’s to an historian to do up a compete family tree. There were/ are 2 original copies ie hard cover, large books. Along with these books came my grandfathers coat of arms. As I’m sure you guys are well aware only one person can use a coat of arms as it is indicative with being a heir. My father Michael Bruce Harvey now owns that coat of arms and one day it will belong to me. If you want to know what it looks like look up the Earl of Bristols shield. My fathers is exactly the same, red with a diagonal white stripe going from bottom right to top left with what resembles a three leaf clover. The one my father owns has a black leopard/ tiger with yellow spots on the very top, it has a crown around its neck with a gold chain. In its law it hold a fourth 3 leaf clover. Forgive me as I cannot at this stage after being up most of the night recall exactly what these leaves are... Directly underneath that is a rope that is red and white then a knights helmet. With some amazing filigree of silver and gold. Andrew. If you check your face book messenger I have sent you not only a photo of my fathers coat of arms but an excerpt of the book titled branch of Martha. (Walker) There is a lot of very useful information there for yourself and our family. It contains photos and very detailed information about their personal lives. I will have a complete copy of this very large, extremely detailed book shortly. I cannot find my copy. Thankfully another family member has one with the original will of the Earl. I cannot find the name of James Harvey’s fathers father... The lands and estates have been held in chancery for many of years. I don’t want to take the land of the cousins and family that have tended and looked after the land according to the last will and testament of James Harvey grandfather. There was a falling out, the grandfather of James Harvey was so disappointed that his sons moved to Tasmania that he left a condition in the will that for the rightful heir to claim it all back they must live on the land for minimum of 12 months. After that all the coin apart from upkeep and payments to the crown along with peerage will be given back to their rightful heirs. I am very impressed with this site, and I will indeed ensure you all can have access to this very detailed family history. I do recall something about the battle of Hastings in 1066..? And how us Herveys were Norman’s owing great lands in France, England and Scotland with it being said that the king recognised his family is is herveysayimg a key role in helping him secure his victory. I would very much love to connect with anyone who is family. As my father has always taught me “Son, a man is only as good as his word and the only thing we can truly leave our children with is a good name” my son Sorren at 14 is all ready a perfect gentleman. Towering over me at almost 6”3. If any family would like to contact me please feel free as I truly embrace very strong family morals. The more I learn about our history the more proud I am to be first and for most my fathers son, but just as important, knowing that no matter what the last name shall be. We are family. Many blessing, much love and respect, Michael James Harvey Jnr. 0426 024 941 sorrenlee@gmail.com James Harvey’s fathers father was an Earl. This information came from the records held in Scotland. Great Uncle Percy was indeed correct about us having royal blood. We use to be Herveys. The motto is even the very same... je n’oublierai jamais French of course which means we or I shall never forget. My father knew his whole life being told by his grandfather and tainted sadly by his father that the estates, homesteads and castles will one day be his if he chooses. That is very much the case. I have been working with a historian in Scotland about all this for a couple of months now.

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Comment:Thank you for this site. It was a great help adding the Butler family to a tree I'm doing for the Radcliff family in Tasmania.

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Comment:Could you tell me where Lucie Amelia Page died? Sandra