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Elizabeth Mabel (Corrie) Crothers and Robert McClenaghan

3-Elizabeth Mabel (Corrie) Crothers was born on 9 Oct 1888 in Ringarooma and died on 12 May 1917 in Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania at age 28.

Elizabeth married Robert McClenaghan, son of George McClenaghan and Eliza Tyndall, on 27 Dec 1911 in The Deanery, Launceston. Robert was born in 1879 in Ireland and died on 17 Jul 1915 in Fingal, Tasmania at age 36. They had one daughter: Jean Mabel.

4-Jean Mabel McClenaghan was born on 15 Oct 1912 in Queen Alexandria Maternity Hospital, Battery Point and died on 24 Aug 1979 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 66.

She was living at Mathinna when mother, Elizabeth Mabel died. Her mother had been brought to Hobart. The identity of cousin in whose house at 164 Liverpool Street her mother died is unknown. She was aged 4 and a half when her mother died and initially lived with her gramdmother, Julia where she was very unhappy, She was sometimes sent to bed without tea and then Ruby and other sisters would put biscuits under her pillow.

She stayed there for 7 months and then went to live with the Walkers, her father's first cousins, to Sheffield, then West Kentish, and then Fingal when her father's mother died in 1920. She then went to Wynyard  at the age of 11. She attended Wynyard Primary School and lived with the Walkers in Saunders Streetand later on the Seabrook farm of Bill Walker, who had married a McClenaghan. She was brought up by Eileen Walker, 14 years older, who remained a spinster, looking after her mother. She left school during the depression

Sources:  Book - Come Out of the Creek - by Lexie (Alexandra) McClenaghan 1987 daughter in law of Jim, brother of Robert.

Jean married Leo Edwin Kerr Smith, son of Edwin Andrew Kerr Smith and Agnes Theresa Drew, on 28 Jan 1939 in Hobart.  Leo had a fruit and vegetable shop in Hampden Road, Battery Point - it's now an antique shop, a few buildings up from the corner. It had stables behind it. Leo died on 24 Aug 1979.

They had three children: Margaret Mary, Robert Edwin (Bobby) and Aileen Mollie.

5-Margaret Mary Smith. Margaret married Frank Charlesworth.  They had two children: Philip and Adrian.

6-Philip Charlesworth.

6-Adrian Charlesworth.

5-Robert Edwin (Bobby) Smith was born about 1941.

5-Aileen Mollie Smith was born in 1943 and died on 3 Nov 1960 in Ross at age 17.